RPData wraps 2012

Please find below RPData’s Christmas wrap on the housing market of 2012 along with what could be in 2013.

If the video below fails to load, then the link is here

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  1. From smh.domain.com.au/real-estate-news/20121220-2bpfk.html

    A two-bedroom unit with ocean glimpses in Coral Street had been attracting a lot of interest, he said, primarily because of its $185,000 price tag. Data from Australian Property Monitors showed it had previously sold for $345,000 in 2004 and was being rented at $300 a week. But as a holiday rental, it had achieved $585 in 2007.

    Wow, great investment, huh? 😯

    • dumb_non_economist

      R2M, which b/rm do you get the ocean glimpses from and do you need to stand on a chair to get them as I might be interested?

      • First I need someone to explain how a house in Australia can sell for 345K in 2004, and now 8 years later it is “attracting interest” (i.e. not sold yet) at $185k.

        • The higher is fly, the deeper is fall!
          Australian property market = Law of Gravity. It’s amazing how it proves itself!