Chinese new home prices resilient

New home prices in China rose in 35 out of 70 cities according to data compiled by National Bureau of Statistics, up from 31 out of 70 cities rising in September.

Of 70 cities, 18 of them saw new home prices saying flat, up from 17 in September, while 17 of cities saw new home prices falling, down from 22 in September.

Although the official home prices numbers are unreliable as the methodology is flawed, it points to the reality that the real estate market continues to be resilient with the exception of a few cities, such as Wenzhou, which saw new home prices falling in 13 out of the last 14 months, which resulted in a 17% drop of new home prices since August last year (anecdotes from Wenzhou suggest that the actual fall is likely to be much higher than this).


  1. Are there any graphs like this for Australia? Something a bit more granular than 7 cities and their graphs?