Chinese non-performing loans start rising

Courtesy of Also Sprach Analyst:

The China Banking Regulatory Commission’s data released yesterday show that non-performing loans increased to RMB456.4 billion by the end of second quarter, while non-performing loans ratio remains unchanged at 0.9%.

The total amount of NPLs has been falling over the past few years and hit the lowest point in the third quarter of 2011.  Since then,  total NPLs have been increasingly slowly but steadily.

We will not be surprised to see both NPLs and NPL ratio trend higher in the future as the slowing economy negatively impacts loan quality, although we believe (and will believe) that the amount of NPLs and NPL ratio have been (and will be) understated.


Source: Bloomberg


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  1. Failed Baby Boomer

    Congratulations and acknowledgement to MB on their ongoing coverage of China. Australia is now economically plugged into China, but reading the MSM you would think China is still a remote and unimportant place.