Xtranormal European rescue

Enjoy this darkly amusing take on the European rescue from the freaks at Xtranormal. We need the relief today!


  1. “Where did they get all that money?”

    “They haven’t got it.”


    “They haven’t got that money.”

    “Alright…wait, what?”

    Pretty much sums up the whole euro situation.

    • We have to hope they boost the capital of the IMF. There is only one right way to go about global financial re-balancing and that is through multilateral agencies, like the IMF. We should not hold back. We have far more than most to lose if the global trading system comes apart, and we should be doing everything we can to see that international coordination is strengthened.

      It is misleading to talk of bailing out the IMF. The IMF is the lender of last resort, and represents the collective will of all economies. It is one of the very few instruments available for the management of our common economic destinies. Sadly, we are going to need it.

  2. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Reality is a non issue to romantics.

    Its the dream that’s important. The Great Vision.

    On the fall of communism, one American academic (hardly a surprise) was reputed to have said =

    “The nightmare is over – but let the dream continue.”

    There were just a few “technical errors” made it would appear. If these hadn’t happened – hey – it would have worked.

    They will be saying the same thing about the Euro Project before long too – before they get on to the next Great Cause.

  3. Thanks for the laughs – much needed after suffering from BNE (business news exhaustion) all week!

  4. That’s it….The answer….the,Chinese take over the Greek Islands,do a interstellar revamp/fit-out,with out-of this world landing strips ,modern overnight stay packages ,serving earths finest foods and comforts ,Great views and throw in a free fuel-up n spaceship vacuum n wash in-house,movies,casino’s,pools ,..you know the usual Intergalactic Getaway places you see?…anyway meanwhile,
    Construct a big flashing billboard out in space,reads,’Earths Finest-Cheap Rent’ __Vacancy’s , and a phone number,flash,flash.. Take bookings
    and then ,use the Money from the ‘Aliens that stay
    to pay off Euro-zones debt…with an added Bonus, the Chinese get to manage our first Intergalactic Alien-Exchange.
    Trust me….
    You get started on the billboard and I’ll establish a call center…
    See if I can’t strike some forward bookings ,somebody else let China know, in-case anything implodes,cracks-up or goes awry.. cheers JR