RPData’s August video

RPData’s August housing market overview video was released today and is available below.

Although I don’t agree with some of conclusions there isn’t much need for additional comment as once again the data trends speak for themselves. I do wonder however, given the latest credit issuance data, if those are bulltraps I see forming/ed at the end of some of those charts.

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  1. The_Mainlander

    He used the word “fall: + “down” wow they have no choice now.


    This is bordering on honest!


  2. I wish I could be bothered watching it, but I cant…

    I admire DE for still paying attention to them, he is far more open minded than I am.

    The amount of rubbish they have talked in the past has ruined their credibility in my mind, so even when bordering on being honest – I still cant take them serious or respect their data.

    Probably not the best approach by me, but oh well

    • Stavros + 1; honesty is good, and for one I admire that. I’ve seen the RE sham in my suburb with false auction reporting, told invalid prices when you’re after a home, and it’s out of your league, and I’m sick of it. Vested interests in any asset class are rarely honest unless they are forced.

      Likewise DE thanks for following it as it must get to you as well.

    • It claims that they are 19% overpriced based on a price to income trend line that happens to be higher than Canada and nearly twice as high as the US.

      So no, only 19% overpriced doesn’t sound reasonable to me given that would still leave houses in Australia more expensive than Canada and far more expensive than the US.

      I think it’s far more likely that our bubble started earlier and prices will take longer to return to a more normal trend.