Links 14 March 2014

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5 Responses to “ “Links 14 March 2014”

  1. migtronix says:

    Silk Road 2.0 Admin: 13.2% Of the Stolen Bitcoins Fully Repaid

    Awesome! I love a bubble with integrity!

  2. migtronix says:

    “If Bitcoin aspires to match dollars and euros for money-ness, it will need to be more than just a Mastercard for nerds”

    Yeah good try economist, last time I looked master card is much more pretend money than btc

    • AB says:

      Hey migtronix (or anyone else), I’m not sure how you’re storing your Bitcoins/Litecoins/Dogecoins but I’ve just moved to storing most of mine in paper wallets. is a great site where you can download a Javascript-based webpage to create paper wallets on a computer that doesn’t have a network connection.

      Print them out (optionally BIP38-encrypted) and throw them in a safe/safety deposit box and no worries about the coins being stolen if your computer gets compromised or lost if your wallet gets corrupted.

      • migtronix says:

        Nice one cheers AB! Always good to have options/backups :)

        Not sure if you’ve used by but it’s an Australian exchange, easy to use and awesome site.

  3. migtronix says:

    The ‘five-second rule’ that many of us secretly adhere is an actual scientific measure of how long your food is safe to eat for, according to a group of biologists.

    Good to know!!