Iron ore price


Is iron ore in a “bull market”

Some days financial media is maddeningly daft, at the AFR: Call it the world’s most unlikely bull market. Iron ore advanced for a third day, taking gains to 25 per cent from a six-year low even as the world’s top shipbroker predicted renewed losses. Ore with 62 per cent content delivered to Qingdao climbed 4.6 per cent


BHP, RIO and FMG surge as futures fly

Big iron is enjoying some respite today with BHP up 2.3%, RIO up 1.3% and FMG up 6%: Idiocy spreads are still closing: Juniors are still busted with AGO unable to reclaim 5 cents: The performance is pretty disappointing when you consider Dalian is flying again up another 6 points from this morning to 369. We’ll


Why is iron ore rising?

From Bloomie: Recent weakness seen in Australian shipments is only a temporary lull on the way to further expansion, analyst Christian Lelong said in a note received on Tuesday. When operations among major Australian producers are back at full strength, and a new mine at Roy Hill opens in a couple of months, the downward


Daily iron ore price update (bounce)

Here are the iron ore charts for July 27, 2015: Spot up strongly with Tianjin benchmark up 1.4% to $51.40 a tonne. Paper markets too. Dalian was unchanged overnight. Rebar average is off the canvass. The first Valemax disgorged its tonnages in China. Amid the Shanghai crash, what gives? Andy Home captures sentiment: Chinese overproduction and


Inside Fortescue high-grading

From Deutsche: We retain our SELL on valuation (A$1.44/sh) and high debt levels. The dramatic drop in Life of Mine (LOM) strip ratios continues. Average 20 year LOM strip ratios are now expected to be 2.3:1 at the Chichester hub and 1.7:1 at Solomon. This has again been achieved through “blending and beneficiation” which has


BHP, RIO & FMG thrashed as futures fall

Big iron ore is looking very shaky today after last night’s London pounding and weakening spot. BHP is down -3% and RIO -2% with FMG down -6% and at the verge of new post-GFC lows despite an impressive quarterly update: Idiocy spreads are now galloping closed (or in FMG’s case the smart spread is widening): Juniors


The iron ore market share losers

From Mac Bank: Iron ore import volumes had already been released with preliminary trade data earlier in the month, but the full release gave an indication of partner countries. At 74.96mt, imports were essentially flat YoY and are also flat YoY YTD. This raises the prospect that Chinese iron ore imports have their first down