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  1. migtronix says:

    God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God

    Adam & Eve are a fable but the sky fairy is still good to go? This guy is up to something…

  2. migtronix says:

    [,,,]Edward Snowden, which show that the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency covertly collected snapshots of millions of Yahoo users’ video chats between 2008 and 2010. And yes, the screenshot trove includes “substantial quantities of sexually explicit communications,” according to the report.

    Your tax dollars at work, government is here to help!

  3. migtronix says:

    The slowdown in rising [read cooling] global surface temperatures is not a sign that climate change is no longer happening, the national science academies of the US and the UK have said

    Evidence? What’s that?

    • drsmithy says:

      The slowdown in rising [read cooling]

      A “slowdown in rising” is not a “cooling” unless you’ve failed high school maths.

      Evidence? What’s that?

      That would be the stuff scientists look at. As opposed to, say, newspaper articles.

      • migtronix says:

        SPOILER ALERT: The models didn’t predict this. *shocker*

      • migtronix says:

        Also physical processes exhibit a behaviour where, say the cooling process, there is a laplacian function that means first the rate of heating decelerate then stops and reverses. It’s still called cooling.

        Being wrong is a religion with you.

  4. AB says:

    The Fed thought the housing bubble was hilarious.

    Earlier this week, we considered the amount of laughter in Federal Open Market Committee meetings as a sign the Fed wasn’t fully cognizant of the coming financial storm.

    Today’s chart (via Elliot-today) adds another component to this, overlaying the Fed’s laughter with the Case-Shiller residential real-estate price index. Perhaps the best way to examine the contrast is as a function of mass psychology: The Fed appears to have become complacent, apparently relaxed and satisfied with the way it handled the aftermath of the dot-com/technology/telecom bubble that burst in 2000.

    Sure, there is some form-fitting here as the FOMC chart is adjusted 6 months to make the two correlate. Regardless, it is the sort of coincidence that would rarely be noticed in real time and is terribly significant in hindsight.

    I wonder what the Fed is laughing about now …

  5. migtronix says:

    “ore than 500 Indian migrant workers have died in Qatar since January 2012, revealing for the first time the shocking scale of death toll among those building the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup”

    Pffft who needs unions? Flawse assures me 3d and the Laberals are honest chaps.

    • notsofast says:


      Australia is in no place to criticise after what it does to people seeking safety in Australia.

      Which is just as well because you wouldn’t to do this to a member of the GCC.

  6. migtronix says:

    “WASHINGTON — The World Bank has indefinitely delayed a decision on a $90 million health care loan to Uganda that was slated to be approved on Friday in response to the country’s enactment of anti-gay legislation”

    WOW so wholesale slaughter is fine but not this?

  7. migtronix says:

    The FBI alleges Lauri Love gained access to the online systems of several branches of the Fed, including one in New York, from about October 2012 to February 2013

    Geese, Gander etcetera etcetera…

  8. AB says:

    A plague on both your houses.

    It has been said that we’re in the era of post-truth politics, when facts don’t matter, when evidence doesn’t matter. But without these things, there can be no trust at all, no fragile but essential compact between citizens and their government that respect is mutual. If trust goes, where does it lead us? To exactly where we are.

    • migtronix says:

      No sh!t this was baked into the 20/30 years ago when Anglospheric world turned to PC! Just look at that link I put up above about Uganda — so depriving a nation with huge health issues (cough Aids) of a loan to be spent in healthcare is OK because they’re anti-gay — but have they ever knocked back a loan because of, say, blood diamonds? Hardly.

      • Opinion8red says:

        Yes mig, funny how the PC and moral relativism afficionados love to preach “tolerance” of alternative views, but not practice it. Especially if it doesn’t suit them. Hypocrisy writ large.

        “What? You dare to have a different moral view on [insert topic here] to the one I promote? Well then, forget tolerance. Until you agree with me, you can just die you black bastards … DIE!”

      • migtronix says:

        @Op8: Yup!

      • drsmithy says:

        “What? You dare to have a different moral view on [insert topic here] to the one I promote? Well then, forget tolerance. Until you agree with me, you can just die you black bastards … DIE!”

        So, you think it’s OK to throw people in gaol for life for being homosexual ?

        If they’d kept the original death penalty punishment, would that have been OK as well ?

      • migtronix says:

        Hahahaha moral relativism at its finest! Thanks for proving op8s point. Is it ok to throw someone in jail because they smoke pot? D******d

      • drsmithy says:

        Is it ok to throw someone in jail because they smoke pot?


        (Holy non-sequitur, Batman !)

      • migtronix says:

        Non sequitor: literally “does not follow”

        So, you think it’s OK to throw people in gaol for life for being homosexual Holy Non Sequitor Battyboy!

      • drsmithy says:

        Non sequitor: literally “does not follow”


        So when someone enthusiastically criticises those who think it’s not OK to throw homosexuals in gaol as “PC” “hypocrites” (where “PC” seems to mean “anyone I disagree with”), it reasonably follows that they don’t have a problem with laws meant to throw homosexuals in gaol (or hypocrisy).

        The leap to a straw man about the legality of marijuana use (I’m assuming in Australia, though that was somewhat ambiguous), however, from a discussion about homosexuals in Uganda, “does not follow”.

  9. migtronix says:

    A vast network of Nazi sympathisers apparently working to undermine Britain’s war effort against Germany was secretly controlled by MI5, according to newly-released document

    More from the department of you reality you’d rather not deal with.

  10. AB says:

    You really do have to love our new rulers. While respecting their respect for the separation of powers of course.

    I think I can end Abetz’s sentence for him:

    “While I am conscious of the separation of the executive government from the judiciary…” I really couldn’t give a f..k about it.

    Police have been rebuked by a senior Abbott government minister who has accused them of failing to enforce the law in industrial disputes or to investigate corruption while also attacking the Victorian Supreme Court for delays in penalising the CFMEU for its 2012 blockade of Grocon.

    • migtronix says:

      *cough* Banking *cough*

      Just unbelievable, truly awe inspiring in the magnitude of %$#@edupness this lot exhibits!

      Nothing but culture war garbage, burning any shred of “true conservatism” at both ends.

      • AB says:

        I have to say that I do admire them in one respect – they clearly don’t give a toss about hiding their true agenda.

        I think that’s a big difference between Abbott’s government and Howard’s. Howard kept a lid on the more…ahm…outspoken members of his team while Abbott seems to at least be tacitly encouraging them to speak their minds.

        Personally I think it will be a disaster at the next election but I thought Abbott would never win an election so I don’t listen to my own predictions any more (and neither should anyone else).

      • migtronix says:

        Thanks AB I’d being trying to put my finger on the difference but you nailed it!

        At least Howard for all his duplicity and predilections was still something of an old-school conservative. These guys are pure neocon.

      • Mining Bogan says:

        The media are in the dirty little circle with them. Don’t forget the heavyweight industry figures either. They’re in for the stay.

        There’s a four-pronged attack on common decency in this country.

    • 3d1k says:

      I guess it’s to counter Shorten’s ineffectual ‘let the police deal with it’ stance – Abetz justifying the Royal Commission.

  11. interested party says:

    And so reality rears it’s ugly head….

    Oil independence…..what a joke. Oil trending up and not a squeak.

    • 3d1k says:

      …and gas…

      • migtronix says:

        &$#@ $@**;&%¥

        That’s all I can say to you w/o offending flawses darling sensibilities

      • interested party says:

        That is another conversation entirely……we could comment on US independence on pig-shit, drones, and honest politicians to keep it in perspective too I suppose…..

      • 3d1k says:

        Mig Flawse is always a gentleman, emulation would benefit many.

        IP – shares similar increased costs of production and depletion rates.

      • migtronix says:

        Apparently so does bribery

        Last thing I need to emulate is a boomer trapped in their hypocrisy criticising other, but thanks for not jumping in to defend free and frank discussion

      • interested party says:

        Agree on that score……just harder to get a read on the big picture on gas long term. Oil is pretty straight forward.

  12. migtronix says:

    Speaking a day after the release of a new audio tape that the opposition said placed Erdogan at the center of a bribery scheme, the premier lashed out at what he called a “parallel structure” with the state. He told Gulen to return home and repeated his accusation that the recordings were doctored to frame him.

    Gulen is dodgy as all get out, a multi multi billionaire – one of the richest men in America hardly anyone has ever heard of – who’s been controlling Turkish politics since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

    Still, lie with dogs and fleas will bite you.

    • interested party says:

      yeah, Mig…the turds eventually float to the surface. Can’t be long before some hangings take place..

      • migtronix says:

        I wouldn’t even be surprised if the tapes were doctored, Gulen is clearly a CIA asset and they can do voice printing w/o batting an eyelid! TRUST NO ONE ;)

  13. interested party says:

    And these poor bastards……looking at dealing with the jackal pack for funding…

  14. Opinion8red says:

    Colour me shocked. That this got published in the msm.

    “The London gold fix, the benchmark used by miners, jewelers and central banks to value the metal, may have been manipulated for a decade by the banks setting it, researchers say.”

  15. interested party says:

    Slipping under the Ukraine smokescreen…..Syria still a go get. Russia still have ships in Tartus?

  16. migtronix says:

    Friday Night Comedy

    In Defense Of Free And Frank Expression

    Surveying the cataclysmic battle ground of modern European thought, astride a literary rather Napolionic chavel blanc, the masses of Wellingtons troops are still beneath sight but a ruckus dim is cast across the valley, clambering to join the fight in aide of self perpetuated censorship.

    A thousand and thousand fold again history of repression of popular thought, attained at the twilight of the Roman Empire by the single institution capable of harnessing continental wide deference – the whore of babylon – the Roman Catholic Church, whose simple and yet remarkably effective strategy was… to keep people dumb. The artifice of their ingenuity however was entwined with the one force it would in time succumb to , that of sheer and blissful ignorance! If you could read it best the scriptures and even then within the confines of the gilded halls of Bishoprics and nascent convents, whereby its spread could be contained.

    The first great movement to unshackled the mind of my European ancestors came via the infamous collage of Luthers, upon the vault-doors of Wittenburg Castle Church — imploring the putrid and decaying morass of that ancient tradition to open its eyes and place its palms firmly and resolutely atop the printing press — releasing to all and sundry the manner by which praise to He can be self motivating, that the word was more significant than the head dress. A novel idea that tore Europe asunder, created America and South Africa, leaving hundreds of thousand dead in its wake.

    It was a hard lesson learnt, for freedom of expression


  17. Opinion8red says:

    “[More than 80] Combat helicopters of Russian Western Military District head to emergency airfields during drills”

    • migtronix says:

      woah! VVP don’t f–k around! Makes the Americans look like the pusillanimous hipsters they are.

    • interested party says:

      This is getting really interesting……..all we need is one idiot to push a button……and shit, we have no shortage of idiots….
      Good find op8.

    • Opinion8red says:

      I’m following all this rather closely anxiously, I must confess. Have dear friends in Moscow, native Crimeans, whose parents are still in Crimea (Sevastopol). Worrying times for us all.

      EDIT: I should mention that video unconfirmed. Lots of conflicting reports viz. exactly where it is, origin of helicopters, etc. Some even claiming these are “airborne titushki” … local militia, using choppers hoarded from pre-Soviet times in anticipation of civil war / secession. God-only knows exactly what’s happening there…

      • interested party says:

        Mate, I hope it works out ok for you and yours.
        I worry too that this is just the tip of the iceberg….recessions/depressions have historically been preludes to bad dark times and this seems to be shaping up as no different.
        Keep well.

      • Opinion8red says:

        Thanks IP, appreciate the goodwill.

      • Gunnamatta says:


        It is definitely game on there though that would be no surprise. Anytime there is any argy bargy between Kiev and Moscow they always break out the national sentiment. I think (I used to holiday in Crimea each year – beautiful place) the sentiment is genuine. And they are armed to the teeth – as are the Transdnestrians in Moldova.

        When you are in Crimea they tend to speak Russian as opposed to Ukrainian (there isnt that much difference between them though)

      • Opinion8red says:


        Yes, you’re quite right. Simply beautiful place. And yes, the sentiment is genuine. Can’t help that Russian state TV is widely watched in Krym, and they’ve been stoking the fires of anxiety re ramifications of Maidan.

        I tried to convince my friends to get their parents to Moskva before Sochi ended, but to no avail.

        A terrible situation all round.