TD monthly inflation pulls a donut


The TD Securities/Melbourne Institute Inflation Gauge for August has printed a month-on-month donut with year-on-year at 2.5%. Last month it was 0.2% and 2.6%. The trimmed mean deflated 0.1% and is now 2.7% year-on-year.

Ain’t nuthin’ here to bother the RBA.

5 Responses to “ “TD monthly inflation pulls a donut”

  1. aj. says:

    Never was a word so meaningless or contrived.

    Whatever, we are pretty much used to endless lies now.

  2. The Patrician says:

    Aus houses now 55% overpiced against rent and 33% overpriced against income.

    Ain’t nuthin’ here to bother the RBA.

    • Andy! says:

      Yep as long as the biggest impact to inflation (land prices) are excluded/not weighted appropriately (ie. 80%) the print is useless at best.

  3. ceteris paribus says:

    I am now breaking even, pre-tax, on my online saver account. happy days.

  4. tmarsh says:

    ergh, I hate the nomenclature “print”.
    So contrived and self-important.