Bloxo: Rate hikes by year end


From Bloxo today:

On hold at 2.50%, as demand is lifting

  • Timely indicators show that domestic demand is rising, as growth rebalances away from the resources sector: this is needed, given the expected fall in mining investment in 2014-15
  • Inflation has also passed its trough and the AUD is at a more comfortable level for the RBA
  • We continue to expect that the RBA’s easing phase is done and that rates may need to be lifted before the end of the year

Full feel good report below.

2014.02.28 The RBA Observer – On hold at 2.50% as demand is lifting PUBLIC (1).pdf by George Scott

9 Responses to “ “Bloxo: Rate hikes by year end”

  1. The Lorax says:

    Bad link. I want to read the feel good report.

  2. casewithscience says:

    Nonsense, AUD at 89.6 probably has the RBA carping themselves.

  3. Dave_Comments says:

    When in doubt, spruik.

  4. Greconomics says:

    Yup, totally agree with Bloxo.

    He also forgot to mention

    1. The car manufacturers, Alcoa and Shell have changed their minds, they’re staying and doubling their investment / workforce

    2. Mining investment isn’t collapsing, the ABS got it wrong – they’re not very good with numbers

    3. There’e no risk whatsover to the iron ore price, it’s going to break through $180 any day now

    4. There was a mistake in the Qantas press release, they’re actually ADDING 5,000 jobs

    5. The RBA is very eager to raise rates to get the $AUD back to parity with the $US

    Yup, Bloxo has got it right, yet again. Rates are going up, hard and fast!

  5. Chester says:

    Savers have right to inflation plus on cash don’t they?

    • Andy! says:

      Savers have the right to be shafted year in year out by negative real interest rates after tax. This is understated by orders of magnitude due to house price inflation being excluded from the “real” calculations (hence “real” is complete BS and heavily misleading).