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Expert Tips for Impressive Sales Presentations

Sales presentations that close deals take a lot of work to build, but they’re achievable. Read our blog for tips regarding impressive sales presentations. 3 Expert Tips for Impressive Sales Presentations There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sales deck when creating an impressive sales presentation. You should explicitly tailor every sales presentation you give


Economists warn migrant flood will harm young workers

Australia will re-open its international borders to overseas students, skilled visa holders and working holiday makers, with Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews expecting that at least 200,000 migrant workers will arrive in Australia by July. However, economists have warned that this will harm young Australians that compete for jobs , eroding their bargaining power and


King Dollar to the moon!

Lombard with the note: Last Friday, Fed Vice Chair Richard Clarida reasserted the Fed’s declaration of independence of monetary policy from what other central banks are doing. In his speech “Perspectives on Global Monetary Policy Coordination, Cooperation, and Correlation.” he said — “Today I will make a somewhat different, and less often discussed, case questioning


Former deputy CHO advises against mandatory child vaccination

After the Victorian Government on Friday stealthily locked out unvaccinated 12-16 year olds from entering retail outlets, cafes, or attending extracurricular activities like indoor sports and dance studios, the Herald-Sun reports that the state government is considering extending vaccine mandates to 5-12 year olds: The Victorian government has left the door open to imposing vaccine


Fitch: Lower immigration will drive up wages

The ABC’s Gareth Hutchens has posted Fitch research claiming that the cut in immigration will lead to a tighter Australian labour market and stronger wage growth: [Fitch] said Australia has historically relied on immigration for growth, but since the mid-2000s net overseas migration has picked up sharply… In fact, between 2000 and 2019, Australia experienced


Victorian COVID deaths rocket

Victoria has recorded 827 new locally acquired COVID cases and a whopping 19 deaths: By comparison, NSW recorded 173 COVID cases and only two deaths: The next chart plots daily cases across the two virus jurisdictions: Active cases are plotted below: Finally, hospitalisations and ICU admissions are plotted below, which have fallen sharply: Based on


Macro Morning

Equity and bond market volatility increased overnight not due to the economic calendar but the twin catalysts of OPEC+ reconsidering their options on the back of oil reserve release plans and the re-nomination of Fed Chair Powell by President Biden. Wall Street was up before the nomination but quickly retraced with the NASDAQ oversold as


Toxic Morrison delivers vaccine chaos, again

The center cannot hold when it is occupied by a disordered personality. His method is to lie, to split and to gaslight. When what we need is a strong moral core to hold the place together. Without it, this: Maverick Queensland MP George Christensen has joined a growing group of rebel backbenchers threatening to vote


2015 called and wants its Australian dollar back

DXY is a raging rocketship as EUR crashes: The Australian dollar was weak: Oil and gold too: Base metals rallied on misplaced China stimulus hopes: As did miners: EM stocks were hit: Along with junk: As yields spiked and the curve pancaked: Stocks did not like it: Westpac has the wrap: Event Wrap US President Biden renominated Powell for


MB Subscriber’s Report: The great Australian land bubble

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released annual national and state accounts for the 2020-21 financial year, which contains insightful data on house and dwelling values across Australia’s major jurisdictions. Land values underpinning the Australian housing market experienced turbo-charged growth over the 2020-21 financial year, which land values also hitting their highest level on


The virus and forex

Nordea with the note: It used to be “two weeks to flatten the curve”, but somehow it has developed to “imprison the unvaccinated (or worse)”. Lockdownistas have been on parade also over the past week, with “ihre papieren bitte”-systems being implemented in many countries to try to boost the injection rate. Ireland has implemented a semi-lockdown


Links 23 November 2021

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Oil selloff intensifies on Covid fears and risk of US-China intervention – CNN Semiconductor chip shortage issue now in the rearview mirror, says Morgan Stanley; auto stocks surge 3% – CNBC Surging shipping costs will drive up prices for some consumer products by 10%, new UN report finds. –


Macro Afternoon

An uneasy start to the trading week for Asian stock markets as Chinese bourses continued to diverge in fortune, Japanese markets tread water while local shares continue to slump. The USD is holding strong against the major currency pairs with Euro looking to put in more monthly lows while gold is trying to hold on


Weekly COVID-19 (Coronavirus) statistics and analysis flipbook

See our Coronavirus data Dashboard for individual country data. COVID-19 statistics and cases around the World   Europe   Americas Asia     Australia   High Vaccination Nations   More COVID-19 Statistics and Analysis See our latest blog posts or podcasts here. See our Coronavirus data Dashboard for individual country data Data sources This is


NBN business model “badly broken”

Professor Mark Gregory, a telecommunications expert from RMIT University, has labelled the National Broadband Network’s (NBN) business model as “badly broken” and is calling for regulatory change: New Zealand had rolled out fibre as its preferred broadband infrastructure from the beginning and as a result “they’re offering gigabit speeds at prices that make me want


Jobseeker stinginess pushes thousands into poverty

Poverty has increased sharply over the past decade across Australia with the share of Aussies relying on ‘food banks’ nearly doubling: Guardian Australia has collated data from the past decade from the three major food relief providers nationally – Foodbank, OzHarvest and SecondBite – and spoken to organisations working in or connected to the food


Dictator Dan’s pandemic bill sent back to drawing board

Following last week’s shock blocking by former Labor power broker Adem Somyurek, the Victorian Andrews Government now requires one additional crossbench vote in the 40-member upper house to pass its controversial pandemic bill. Parliamentary insiders have suggested that Sustainable Australia’s Clifford Hayes and Transport Matters’ Rod Barton are the government’s best hopes for getting the


Developers cry as Victoria passes windfall gains tax

On Friday, the Victorian Parliament passed a windfall gains tax for properties whose value is boosted by council rezoning. The new tax will apply to properties where the value is boosted by more than $100,000, with a 50% tax on windfalls above $500,000 — unless they are subject to a Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution. As


CBA: Higher interest rates will drive property market correction

By Gareth Aird, head of Australian economics at CBA: Key Points: Australian dwelling price growth is forecast to moderate over the first half of 2022 on higher fixed mortgage rates, affordability constraints and natural fatigue after a period of extraordinary price gains. A further tightening in macro-prudential policy looks unlikely in our view given higher


Taiwan war recedes

Lombard with the note: The recent flurry of geopolitical developments over Taiwan is likely to lead to an even more grinding stalemate rather than an acceleration toward conflict with a Chinese invasion of the island, which we continue to regard as unlikely in the near to mid-term. Despite the recent Pentagon report detailing a PLA


Stay long King Dollar

Morgan Stanley joining the chorus: EUR/USD has hit our short-term target of 1.14, and we are extending it to 1.12. The USD has been grinding higher for most of the year, but the November 10 US CPI print for the month of October has sparked a more accelerated pace of EUR/USD downside in the past


New Fed chairman irrelevant

Deutsche with the note: The most important market event this week is likely to be on the future leadership of the Federal Reserve, as it’s been widely reported that President Biden is expected to announce his choice on who’ll be the next Fed Chair by Thanksgiving onThursday. Previous deadlines have slipped on this announcement, but


Global energy falls off a cliff

It’s looking good for the transitory inflationists as energy prices free fall around the world. The oil price has flamed out as the US and China combine to thwart Goldman Sachs with releases of strategic reserves. Europe’s COVID outbreak and the Chinese property bust are not helping: Even Goldman admits a surplus now looms in