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  • Economic analysis without the BS

    We’re not “bulls” or “bears” and know that money can be made in a rising or falling market. When the economy or parts of it are going to do well we’ll tell you. When the economy or parts of it are going to do poorly we’ll tell you that too. MB is about analysis without the agendas.
  • Investment from 30,000 feet

    The big secret to investment is that half your returns don't come from picking the right stocks or houses to buy. Rather, it's all about timing, when to allocate money to a particular asset class. This comes down to the economy and understanding business cycles. That’s what we do.
  • Property... when and what

    MB is about sticking it to a realty-addicted mainstream business media. The mainstream media wants and needs a the property market to always be rising. We’ll tell you what's happening, when it's happening, without the spin. That way, we help you cut through the vested interests.
  • Insider Insights & Reports

    MB is about the global economy and how it affects Australia. There are no “black swans” for MB readers. They know the risks. We’ve calibrated them already. MB is about keeping your money safe and invested ahead of the events that punch big holes in other’s wealth.
  • "Australia's economic model is broken. We earn income by shipping dirt to the world then our banks leverage that income with huge offshore loans that they use to pump up house prices. It's worked nicely for 15 years but the jig is up. Australia needs change or its standard of living will tumble. It has already begun. "
    David Llewellyn-Smith is the founding publisher of The Diplomat. He is also the co-author of The Great Crash of 2008 with Ross Garnaut and a former trader.
  • "Why do we do this? Have you seen the alternative? The Australian mainstream media? It's a gaggle of press releases presented in a cling wrap of captured commentary. Unwrap it and you find nothing but one business agenda after another. Mainstream media can no longer afford to employ smart enough people to judge the difference between that and the interests of its readers."

    Leith van Onselen (aka the 'Unconventional Economist')  has previously worked as an economist at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.


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