Exponential Demand for Data Scientists

Modern technology has come a long way, where supply is satisfying demand. Technology is enabling access to the world’s most powerful and useful tools and resources for data analysis. Development in codes such as R and Python has made innovation a breeze. Increased access to resources has created demand for data science across everyday platforms; from Facebook’s targeted content to Google’s refined search engines. All this innovation and change is ensuring data scientists are in high demand, as more companies see the value in decisions formed on big data.

Data science brings great value to organisations of any size, because data can’t be manipulated in its basic form. It’s changed the way we live and how we do business. Data can help businesses make well-informed decisions for their next grand plan, even for their everyday operations. For example, local cafés no longer rely solely on their dusty chalkboard – many incorporate hashtags and colourful Instagram images to attract their ideal target market. Monitoring posts through analytics tools and redirecting their marketing campaigns to help build more awareness of their brand has become the norm.

Data science is more than just selling to customers. Data science is used across many business functions, such as human resources, logistics, marketing, internal B2B activities and more. Leading daily brands, such as Spotify, have also begun applying big data to take their service offering to another level. Using their new tool ‘Line-In’, Spotify has created a more streamlined and enjoyable listening experience from group data.

Data scientists have the opportunity to experience diverse industry sector exposure and build a broad skill set opens many doors. Through James Cook University’s online course delivery, students studying a Master of Data Science are able to study one of Australia’s fastest accelerated part-time Masters programs – anywhere, anytime. You can balance a full-time career, while you learn and build knowledge in this ever-growing industry. Online study is paired with support from your very own Success Adviser, who guides you from day one until you graduate. Not only does James Cook University provide great flexibility and support throughout your studies, it has strong links to industry sectors and interdisciplinary academics to strengthen your learning.

Delivered over two years with sixteen units of flexible subject material, the course provides a rewarding study experience, exposing you to current industry research and theory to help you build your portfolio. You will learn the fundamentals for becoming an effective data scientist in any industry.

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Advertorial provided by James Cook University.