Australian dollar


Hedgie: Australian dollar to crash to 9-year low

Via Bloomie: Australia’s dollar may drop to a nine-year low of 67 U.S. cents as the central bank is set to become even more dovish and lean more toward cutting interest rates, according to money manager Hexavest Inc. …A lot of damage has already been done to the Aussie, Vincent Delisle, co-chief investment officer at


Shaky ASX falls again

AUD has little bid today: Bonds are bid as well: ASX is falling again, worse as the day rolls on: Bullet-proof bulks keep on: Not Big Iron though: Big Gas is aflame. More ahead as oil suddenly appears plentiful and political risk skyrockets at home: Big Gold is up. This is not inconsistent with the


Markets repulsed by Australia

Yesterday we saw China’s “whatever it takes” moment, via Bloomie: President Xi Jinping vowed “unwavering” support for non-state firms over the weekend, the country’s stock exchanges committed to help manage share-pledge risks, and the government released a plan to cut personal income taxes. That follows a rare coordinated effort from top financial officials on Friday to


Australian dollar short remains epic

DXY eased Friday night: AUD firmed against DMs: And EMs: CFTC positioning remains very short: Gold was firm: Oil too: Base metals were mixed: And big miners: EM stocks fell: Junk was soft: Treasuries were sold: Bunds bought: Italy eased: With stocks: Westpac has the wrap: Market Wrap Global market sentiment: US bond yields rose, the


Australian dollar slammed as Fed hawks-up

DXY was up firmly last night. EUR was down. CNY is on the verge of breaking lower: AUD was mixed against DMs: Down against EMs: Gold is trying and failing: Oil is fading: And base metals: Big miners were mixed: EM stocks got flushed: Junk fell: As Treasury yields took off: But Bunds were bought:


ANZ: Australian dollar headed to 68 cents

A new note from ANZ is still bearish on the AUD: Recent US Federal Reserve guidance that the Fed funds rate is “a long way” from neutral and the FOMC may go beyond the neutral rate sparked financial market turbulence with bond yields rising and equities selling off. We see the Fed close to neutrality


Is a bitcoin bank run underway?

FTAlphaville says it is: The whole point of Tether, the “stablecoin” suspected of having been used to manipulate the prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is that it is a digital version of the dollar. The idea is that Tether is easier to move around than real dollars, and it can be used instead of the greenback on


Of course the US dollar is going to tumble

Via Bloomie: Ulf Lindahl, chief executive officer of AG Bisset Associates, predicts the dollar will plunge about 40 per cent against the euro by 2024. The currency manager’s reasoning is straightforward-since the 1970s, the dollar has been repeating a 15-year cycle of losses and gains, and the pattern is replaying now. To some, Lindahl’s call