Australian dollar


Global dead cat bounce leaves Aussie dollar behind

DXY was strong last night EUR sank: AUD/USD was left behind but the battler rebounded against others:   And EMs: Gold faded: Oil firmed: Metals too: And miners: Plus EM stocks: And junk: Treasuries eased: Bunds didn’t: Aussie bonds did: Stocks took off: Westpac has the wrap: Event Wrap US President Trump’s trade comments dominated markets


Australian dollar sinks into the inscrutable East

DXY lifted as CNY fell: AUD was slammed across the board: Gold tried and failed: Oil firmed: Metals weakened: Miners too: EM stock held on, just: And junk: Treasuries sold just because: Bunds were bid: Aussie yields hit new record lows then lifted: Westpac has the wrap: Event Wrap US President Trump tweeted that “China has just informed


Dovish RBA could smash Australian dollar

This makes plenty of sense, via Westpac: Reserve Banks of Australia and New Zealand meet swap markets pricing a May rate cut at around a 50% chance for both all we can say with confidence is that markets should react sharply to both rate decisions Westpac is forecasting no change in Australia and a rate


Australian dollar bulls charge in

It may be that the currency is sitting right at the bottom of a bearish descending triangle with critical support at 0.70 cents and 0.68 cents: But the bulls won’t go away, via Bloomie: The Aussie’s recent declines are overdone and it will strengthen about 5 per cent to 74 US cents by year-end, said


Australian dollar down despite USD fake out

The DXY breakout is turning fake out as EUR rallies: AUD fell anyway: And was mixed against DMs: Gold was soft: And oil: Metals were mixed: Miners hit: EM stocks held on: Junk partied: As Treasuries were bid: Bunds sold as German inflation was warm: Aussie bonds are marking time at the bottom: Stocks rallied


Australian dollar ignores bad data wave

Data has been poor in both China and at home today but it doesn’t matter much as the AUD has held the mid-0.70s as markets are now (rightly) banking on MOAR credit from China: Bonds caught a little bid: XJO is down moderately, not helped by Google’s after hours miss: Dalian is up going into


More ‘rise of the yuan’ drivel

Via the FT: The decline of the dollar and the rise of the renminbi could be the “story of the next cycle” thanks to a confluence of political, economic and structural shifts, a large asset manager is predicting. The widening ambit of US sanctions, epitomised by a renewed push to cut Iran’s oil exports “to


Australian dollar lifts with risk trades

DXY eased Friday night as EUR and CNY firmed: AUD bounced against DMs: Was mixed against EMs: Gold jumped: As oil sank: Metals caught a bid: But big miners were dumped: EM stocks were stable: Junk too: Treasuries were bid bigly: And bunds: Aussie bonds are still red hot: And global stocks ground higher into


Wrongly wrong on the Australian dollar!

DXY has broken out and is flying as EUR and CNY cop it: AUD has been mauled versus DMs and the technicals are ugly with a bearish descending triangle right at breaking point: It is mixed against EMs: Gold is under pressure but doing OK all things considered: Oil has flamed out: Metals are not


Goldman: Aussie dollar to rise

I hate agreeing with Goldman, especially on Australia, where it has been horribly wrong for years (being far too bullish). To be honest, the cross-over with mine and the GS view is minimal. The RBA is going to cut. And that will pressure the AUD. But I do agree that the AUD has a good


Weak AUD, strong bonds trigger ASX gains

The Aussie dollar is soft this morning: Bonds are well bid on the approach of widely expected weak CPI: Which has helped push XJO to 2019 highs: Dalian is soft: Big Iron strong despite broker downgrades: Big Gas  is soaring with oil and cartel east especially strong on the news of Labor’s Beetaloo pipeline play:


Chinese credit jump starts Australian dollar

DXY was weak Friday night, CNY and EUR strong: AUD was wild against everything: Gold was muted despite DXY falls: Oil too: Metals firmed: Big miners were mixed. BHP/RIO strong: EM stocks were soft: US junk is flying: Weirdly, as Treasuries got belted: And bunds: Aussie bonds were worst of all: As stocks fly towards


Australian dollar belted with commosites

DXY firmed last night as EUR eased: AUD flamed and fell all the way back: EMs were better too: Gold fell: And oil: Plus metals: Big miners were hit: EM stocks too: As US junk flies: Treasuries sold: And bunds: Aussie bonds are still hung up: Stocks were roughly flat: So, the AUD still can’t