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Super changes will hit saving strategies

Reporting on the $100K limit across multiple funds, pain and no gain for Industry Funds. The Government proposal to tax superannuation pensions on income over $100,000 seems simple and not too complicated until you look in to it in more detail as the administrators are starting to do. How will the government legislate so that


Will the young save for when they’re 80?

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) invited from Prime Minister Paul Keating to give an address at its national conference. His topic was: “The future of super: Does retirement income public policy and the design of the super system need to move in a new direction?” Keating focused on the longevity risk and


Government bonds arrive for retail investors

Legislation passed through parliament yesterday that followed through on a promise by “the world’s greatest treasurer” Wayne Swan that Government bonds will be listed for the retail market (I nearly said the ASX but now we have to be generic as we have Chi-X as well). the Treasurer took his time getting the legislation together


ATO backs off an SMSF property crunch

In November 2011, a draft tax ruling (TR2011/D3) by the ATO caused concern among Self Managed Superannuation Fund trustees and property investors in particular.  The ruling suggested that the pension tax exemption ceases automatically upon death (unless a reversionary pension was in place). Under those proposed rules, if an SMSF member died with any assets, including a


Macro Investor: Marry the right SMSF trustee

I believe it is essential to have a company as trustee and the option to have individual trustees is short-sighted and could be costly long-term. Over 70% of existing SMSF’s and 90% of new funds set up in recent years have individual trustees yet if you talk to SMSF specialist advisors they cringe at these statistics