Sunday Macro, 19 October

Sunday Macro   China Mainland investment abroad surges 90pc (SCMP) China’s land price gains slow in third-quarter – land ministry (Reuters) Zero Bailout Policy for Local Gov’t Debt Leaves Doubts (Caixin) China tightens rules for bond sales by local governments (SCMP) Decline in foreign reserves fuels talk of outflows in China (SCMP) Demand for land


MacroBusiness Weekend Links September 27-28, 2014

‘..It all boils down to application of the 3KZ…’ China Qingdao, Fuzhou Offer Better Mortgage Terms to Spur Property Sales (Caixin) Gov’t Again Tries Trimming the Fat by Slashing Pay of SOE Executives (Caixin) China uncovers US$10b in fake trades (SCMP) With China Set to Open Stock Trading, Investors Lay Groundwork (NY Times) Xi Jinping’s


Weekend Links 20-21 September 2014

  China China’s job market said ‘severe’, finding work difficult – survey (SCMP) China debates how to impose carbon caps ( …and a call to Australia may not help them… Amid Market Downtown, China’s Developers Dig In (Caixin) In Praise of China’s New Normal (Project-Syndicate) 500 Bln Yuan Question: Is PBOC Going to Ease Liquidity


Weekend Links September 13 – 14, 2014

China/Asia China’s money supply rebounds but still short of expectations (SCMP) China’s trade surplus reaches $49.8bn (World Finance) Gov’t Cobbles Together Funding for Slum Renovation Projects (Caixin) Chinese upbeat on economic outlook as rest of the world sees gloom (SCMP) China bank loans bounce back but more support measures may still be needed (Reuters) Beijing


MB Radio: LVO, DLS and Lindsay David discuss the great property blowoff

With ‘Hog Wild’ investors pushing Australian real estate to all time highs, as the global macro backdrop turns more ominous and the domestic economy prepares for a more austere environment, Gunnamatta spoke with David Llewellyn Smith, Leith Van Onselen, and Lindsay David, author of ‘Australia: Boom to bust’ about the dizzying ascent of Australian real


Macrobusiness Weekend Links, 2-3 August

China China reaps rewards from rebalancing push (SCMP) Beijing’s economic growth targets are too high, IMF says (SCMP) Well-Known Shanghai Businessman ‘Faces Embezzlement Probe’ (Caixin) China’s factories spring to life as global trade reawakens (Reuters) China’s Bad Dream (Project-Syndicate) Hunting Tigers in China (Project-Syndicate) China banking risks three times higher than US (Euromoney) Asia Modi’s


Sunday Macro 13 July

  China/Asia George Magnus: Asia looks vulnerable as Fed prepares to change its tune (Nikkei Asian Review)  Realty heading for market consolidation (China Daily) Second Major City Cancels Restriction on Home Purchases (Caixin) Regional party chiefs the main target of housing developers’ bribes (Want China Times)   US/Canada Chinese Businessman Is Charged in Plot to Steal U.S. Military Data


Weekend links 12-13 July

China Fears of tough action by Beijing following allegation BOC launders money (SCMP) The Renminbi’s Grand Tour (Project-Syndicate) US$22bn spent on US housing by Chinese nationals in 2013 (Want China Times) Xi Jinping’s corruption purge is pitting China’s state-owned giants against each other (Quartz) China examines state bank fund transfer allegation ( China’s debt dominoes


Sunday Macro, June 29

Sunday Macro –  Issues du jour….. China Beijing to back United States over new Fatca law against tax evasion (SCMP)  ..of course that would be a reciprocal basis for the US telling China who has what in the US system too wouldn’t it? Coming soon to a country near Australia?…. Property tycoon Zeng Wei jailed


Weekend Macro June 28

  Weekend Macro Housing, the ultimate momentum trade (Reuters) …Edward Hadas with some good points… A Cheat Sheet for Understanding the Different Schools of Economics (Pragmatic Capitalism) …very good… Russia, Iraq, China and Europe – The Four Horsemen of the Geopolitical Apocalypse  (Market Oracle) Does cheap money mean governments care about the future? (SCMP) WTO


Weekend Links June 28-29

China Party boss of China’s Guangzhou investigated for graft (Reuters) Doubling of Beijing’s cancer rate spurs pollution fears (MarketWatch) China’s Real-Estate Wrongs (Project-Syndicate) Moody’s warns Hong Kong banks over increased loans exposure to mainland (SCMP) China Pulling the Plug on Foreign Mainframes (Caixin) China’s Wealthy Should Move More Money Abroad, Investment Bank Says  (Caixin) Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei


Sunday Macro, 22 June

Sunday Macro Symphony of Destruction: How Stocks, Bonds and Crude Are Reprising 2007 (SeeItMarket) Why We’re All Crony Capitalists, Like It or Not (NY Times)  The World’s Top Polluters And What They’re Doing About It ( The Real Reason Shell Halted Its Ukrainian Shale Operations ( Harley-Davidson to Introduce Electric Motorcycle (CBS) …it had better


Supplementary Sunday Links, 22 June

China Mainland home prices fall as downturn bites (SCMP) The four stages of Chinese growth (Michael Pettis) China’s property market may not be as bad as it looks (Reuters) Chan Ka-keung calms fears of higher rates after cut in Fed bond purchases (SCMP) Permanent stimulus is putting China’s economic health at risk (SCMP) PBOC Mulls New


Supplementary Sunday Links, June 15

  …maybe it is just me, but a lot of the world seems to be talking about real estate in a less than glowing sense all of a sudden… China China Real-Estate Slump Threatens Li’s Economic Rebound (Bloomberg) China No-Money-Down Housing Echoes U.S. Subprime Loan Risks (Bloomberg) China Industrial Output Climbs 8.8%, Matching Forecasts (Bloomberg)


Sunday Macro, June 15

Sunday Macro The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth (NY Times) Era of Benign Neglect of House Price Booms is Over (IMF Direct)….the horse went that a way…. Managing the revenue from natural resources—what’s a Finance Minister to do? (IMF Direct) …huh? You give it out as tax cuts and tell the punterariat to


Supplementary Sunday links June 8

  China/Asia Guangdong cracks down on hundreds of ‘naked officials’ (SCMP) ….officials with families overseas being retired: could have an impact on Australian RE? Guotai Boss Resigns amid Inquiry into Executives with Overseas Links (Caixin) Shaanxi Tells Officials Seeking Promotion to Report Assets, Major Events (Caixin) IMF urges China to focus on reforms, target 7


Weekend Links June 7-8

    China  World Bank sees risks as China rebalances (SCMP) CBRC may tap shadow banking to free up funds (SCMP) China’s hunger for foreign food groups soars ( Guotai Boss Resigns amid Inquiry into Executives with Overseas Links (Caixin)……hot tip is he has a collection of places in Sydney How Should China Ease Monetary


Supplementary Sunday Links June 1, 2014

    Just a oncer, I was sent some extra links which are pretty good reads, and scouted a few more last night   China/Asia China’s Game of Real-Estate Chicken, Who Will Blink First: Buyers, Developers or the Government? (WSJ)……basically what it is, a big game of chicken China to Cut Reserve Requirement Ratio for


Weekend Links May 31 – June 1

  China 3 Cheung Kong firms to acquire Australian gas pipeline firm Envestra (SCMP) Li Ka-Shing Group to Purchase Envestra in A$2.4 Billion Deal (Bloomberg) Super-Size Me! China’s ’Mini’ Stimulus Starts Expanding (Bloomberg) Beijing pushes ‘cocktail therapy’ economic policy (WantChinaTimes) Bigger graft crackdown for China’s energy sector still to come (WantChinaTimes) Despite U.S. Prodding, Renminbi


Weekend Links 17-18 May

  ASIA Getting Asia-Pacific trade bloc on track (SCMP) An Economic Roadmap for India (Project-Syndicate) Why China And Vietnam’s Dispute Is So Ominous (IB Times) Japan Is Desperate to Rescue Its Economy from an Early Grave  (Time) India Must Reverse Its Deindustrialization (Petersen Institute) CHINA New Rules of the Game for China’s Renminbi (Brookings Institute)


Weekend Links April 26-27

China Downfall of two top China Resources officials came in quick succession, say sources (SCMP) Is China Really Prepared to Shift to Market Driven Interest Rates (Institutional Investor) Albert Edwards: China Headed Toward Outright Deflation (ValueWalk) China to play big role in new regional lender (SCMP) The changing fortunes of the Chinese renminbi – is


Macrobusiness Easter Links, 18-21 April

    China Premier Li Keqiang rules out strong stimulus despite weaker growth (SCMP) Why China’s haste to internationalise the renminbi? (Bruegel) Towers where no lights burn at heart of China’s puzzle ( China must resist the temptation of economic stimulus for quick relief (SCMP) Rumours of a Chinese crash are greatly exaggerated (SCMP) Sustainability


Weekend Links April 5-6

  United Kingdom British home prices ease in March, still rising dramatically year-on-year (Euronews) Five signs the London property bubble is reaching unsustainable proportions (New Statesman) British farmland prices rising faster than prime London property (Telegraph) Houses: the greatest investment delusion known to man (Telegraph) Will we rue the day Osborne let people spend their pensions on a luxury


Weekend Links 15-16 March – The sequel

    Europe Europe’s Fast Track to Youth Employment (Project-Syndicate) ECB’s Weidmann: Euro Level Not a Policy Target (WSJ Real Time Economics) Global Investing and the European Enigma (Pragmatic Capitalism) Irish economy in surprise decline, threatens debt-cutting plan (EU Observer) Slovakia deflation puts more pressure on European Central Bank (Euronews)   Russia Ukraine. Russian debt


Weekend Links March 15-16

Europe Draghi Says ECB Forward Guidance May Help to Curb Euro (Bloomberg) Why the ECB Should Buy American (Project-Syndicate) Europe’s Middle-Age Trap (Project-Syndicate) Paralysed ECB leaves Europe at the mercy of deflation shock from China (Telegraph) Global house price league table: Spain and France languish (Telegraph)   United Kingdom London Powers U.K. House-Price Growth to


Weekend Links March 8-9, 2014

Europe Sanctions – not  Draghi: Ukrainian tensions could have serious implications for Europe Russia vs. The US: Superpowers Bluff Over Ukraine? Obama is unleashing the wrong energy weapon against Putin–he should use oil Unsterilised ECB? Ukraine tensions expose fault line in Russia’s economy Ukraine’s depressing economic bind – and sovereign default risk Europe’s Middle-Age Trap


Weekend Links February 8-9, 2014

  OK Ladies and Gentlemen, here be a load of links…   North America U.S. jobless rate forces Yellen’s hand on Fed guidance U.S. consumer credit posts biggest jump in 10 months Republicans eye U.S. debt limit vote as Lew warns of cash crunch What is ’emerging’ is that perhaps we should focus concern on


Links December 20

Australia & New Zealand A barista for everyone : Why Australia’s economy is looking far from bleak (Pascometer Fairfax) Options widen for Woodside’s Leviathan partners (Fairfax) Chinese buyers in rush for Melbourne’s prestige school zones (Fairfax) Don’t expect the Cheese Wars to end any time soon (FT) Why New Zealand’s growth may not stay so high


Links December 19

  Australia Stop taking growth for granted, says RBA’s Glenn Stevens (Fairfax) Loans for Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill iron ore mine (Fairfax) Tony Abbott says paid parental leave may face changes to get passed by Senate (ABC) Aussie Broken Link With U.S. Yield Spells Drop: Australia Credit (Bloomberg)   Europe Euro ministers agree backstop measures for failing