MB Radio 2015/16 review: No Plan B

With 2015 coming to a close amidst stronger than anticipated GDP and employment data, but with the MYEFO drawing veiled warnings from the ratings agencies about potential AAA implications, while prices for Australia’s major exports crash, Gunnamatta spoke with Leith van Onselen & David Llewellyn-Smith about how the Australian economy has fared throughout the year,


Sunday Climate Change links 13 December, 2015

Drought impact, Spring 2015, Wimmera, Victoria (ABC) As you are probably becoming aware, 195 nations, including Australia have signed up overnight to a binding climate change agreement seeking to limit change to 1.5%.  Some relevant pieces (leading up to – some are from recent weeks and one is from earlier this year) to the event


Weekend Links 12-13 December 2015

Ocean Blue, Lorne, Arthur Streeton, 1921, Geelong Art Gallery    China China to Track Renminbi Based on Basket of Currencies – NY Times…another way to devalue… China crackdown nets ex-Ping An Securities chief – SCMP Is China’s Warren Buffett, Guo Guangchang, under arrest? Trading of stocks suspended as Fosun chairman ‘uncontactable’ – SCMP Guo Guangchang,


Weekend Links 5-6 December, 2015

Fred Williams, Lal-Lal Falls, 1976, Art Gallery NSW   China Xi Unveils $60 Billion Funding Pledge at South Africa Summit – Bloomberg Think tank calls for new steps to support the housing market – China Daily Top China Cop Targets Bankers After Putting Away Security Czar – Bloomberg True global status for yuan remains a distant prospect – Nikkei Asian Review China to Start


Weekend Links 28-29 November, 2015

Port Phillip Heads China It’s Open Season on China’s Securities Firms as Probes Intensify – Bloomberg ‘Malicious short selling’ used as a weapon to attack metal short sellers – SCMP Mystery of the missing chairman: Guotai Junan case makes Western firms wary of Chinese bosses’ connections – SCMP Banks’ Total Value of Bad Loans Rises


Links 25 November, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing Harmless commodity crash accelerates as dollar soars – Telegraph, AEP Changing the financial order in Asia-Pacific – Nikkei Asian Review Steel stumbles to near record low as China demand cools – SCMP Hedge funds turn very bearish on U.S. crude – Reuters, John Kemp How the ‘great divorce’ between China and


Weekend Links 21-22 November, 2015

The Nostalgia of the Infinite, Giorgio De Chirico, 1911   China China’s crackdown on underground banks uncovers illegal money transfers of more than US$125bn – SCMP…Australian RE agents may be able to help them find some of this…. Chinese Gov’t ‘Causes an Investment Gap with U.S.’ – Caixin Shadow Banking in China: A Morphing Target


Links 14-15 November, 2015

China China banks face instability on shake-up of funding base – SCMP Chinese direct investment in US to top US$10 billion for third year in a row – SCMP Capital Flight From China: Why Investors Are Taking Their Money Elsewhere – IB Times China Doubles Margin Requirement for Stocks to Curb Leverage – Bloomberg China’s


Links 12 November, 2015

Macro & Markets World energy watchdog fears 1970s oil crunch as Mid-East regains stranglehold – Telegraph, AEP ‘Too big to fail’ banks must hold 18% safe assets – Nikkei Asian Review Who’s behaving rationally in iron ore, steel? Everybody and nobody – Reuters, Clyde Russell IEA sees oil below $80, what could go wrong? –


Weekend Links 7-8 November, 2015

More coming as time is available…….. China China grapples with strategic implications of TPP – Nikkei Asian Review Businesses struggle to deal with ‘new normal’ – Nikkei Asian Review China’s Intervention Lessons – Project-Syndicate Taiwan, China gear up for first-ever summit – Nikkei Asian Review China resumes initial public offerings after four-month break – SCMP


Links 5 November, 2015

Macro & Markets VW Discloses New Emissions Problem, Involving Carbon Dioxide – NY Times No matter where in the world you look, bonds are flashing the same ominous signals – Financial Post China commodity outlook brightens, but beware caveats – Reuters, Clyde Russell Have commodities reached an inflection point? – Mineweb When a 127-Year-Old U.S. Industry


Weekend Links Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2015

…More coming as I have time… China China has created a steel monster and now must tame it – Reuters, Home ‘Death’ of China futures trading amid tight limits and probe into short selling – SCMP China bad debt manager Huarong has mediocre start to Hong Kong trade – SCMP Not the time for a


Links 29 October, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing US. Plans to Sell Down Strategic Oil Reserve to Raise Cash – Bloomberg Gold demand rises in third-quarter on surge in coin, bar buying: GFMS – Reuters Ben Bernanke reveals the biggest threat to global economy right now – Telegraph BP braces for oil at $60 a barrel for the next


Links October 27, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing The Fed Can’t Raise Rates, But Must Pretend It Will – Emerging Equity Hedge Funds Are Getting Their Gold Bets Wrong – Bloomberg Governments shouldn’t count on low oil prices: IEA – Reuters The Great Unwind From The Massive U.S. Treasury Ponzi Scheme – Emerging Equity Asia China premier says 7% growth


Weekend Links 24-25 October, 2015

China China slashes interest rates, banks’ reserve ratio for the sixth time in a year in bid to stem slowdown after lacklustre third-quarter growth – SCMP China says outflows of money normal and not a sign of panic capital flight – SCMP Economics professor has solution for China’s millions of bachelors: let them share wives,


Links October 22, 2015

Global Macro & Markets If US hikes its rate, will there be another Asian currency crisis? – Nikkei Asian Review Is there a rebellion at the Federal Reserve? – Washington Post S. oil output slide looms as shale firms hit productivity wall – Reuters Jim Chanos Says Pain from Oil’s Fall Will Get Worse –


Links October 15, 2015

Global Macro & Markets Half of world’s wealth now in hands of 1% of population – Guardian The real questions we should ask about Facebook and tax – Guardian The External Debt of the Emerging Market Economies – Economonitor China heads for record crude buying year as cargoes snapped up – Reuters Weak States, Poor


Links 9 October, 2015

  Macro & Markets Oil-producing nations dip into sovereign wealth funds to fill gaps – Nikkei Asian Review $3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms as debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF – Telegraph Crude awakening: Beware oil’s ‘dead cat bounce’ – CNBC China and Europe may team up to snub TPP – CNBC Disregard


Links October 7, 2015

Macro & Markets Criticism over communication dogs Yellen – Nikkei Asian Review Deal still faces political hurdles in member countries – Nikkei Asian Review Is the TPP ‘the new gold standard’ or just ‘thin gruel’? Why the trade deal is still a work in progress – Financial Post How a ‘price spike’ threat lurks even in


Weekend Links, October 3-4, 2015

…more coming…  China Gaming revenue falls 33% on China slowdown, anti-corruption campaign – Nikkei Asian Review Slide in Manufacturing Continued in China Last Month – NY Times Hong Kong public expects property prices to fall in coming year – survey – SCMP Chinese property companies surge on PBOC cut to down payment requirement – SCMP


Links September 30, 2015

Macro & Markets Glencore’s Glasenberg, once the hunter, now the hunted – Reuters, Clyde Russell IEA chief expects $45 oil ‘for a long time’: newspaper – Reuters The Perils of Forcing a Sale of Illiquid Assets – NY Times Glencore should have prepared better for China slowdown – Guardian Gold Vs Platinum: ETF Prices Diverge


Links 29 September 2015

Macro & Markets The Three Major Trends that Shaped the Global Economy for Decades Are About to Change – Bloomberg Lip service to money laundering: Failure to apply controls a serious threat to global economy – Financial Post…very good read… Swiss watchdog opens bank probe into precious metal collusion – Reuters China carbon trading not all bad


Links 11 September 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing  China deflation risks grow, foreign central banks on alert – Reuters China elbowing US out of Pacific tuna trade – Nikkei Asian Review  Global food prices hit lowest level in over 6 years – CNBC The Reward for Being First Out in a Bond Run Is 2% – Bloomberg Food Prices Drop


Links September 8, 2015

Global Macro & Markets Bank bailouts, monetary policy, and credit default risks in the Eurozone – VoxEU Deflation and money – VoxEU Goldman tested the limits of banking morality with huge fees from 1MDB – SCMP….the ‘limits of banking morality’, now there’s a concept…. Oil prices fall on global glut fears, slowing U.S. jobs growth


Weekend links 8-9 August, 2015

James Ensor, The Frightful Musicians, 1891 China Beijing may question the yuan peg as the Fed prepares for liftoff – SoberLook Can the Renminbi Take on the World? – Project-Syndicate How China Is Winning Southeast Asia – Project-Syndicate China’s Malfunctioning Financial Regulation – Project-Syndicate China brokerages repackage margin loans into exchange-traded securities – SCMP China


Links August 6, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing Inside the Libor scandal: The story of how Tom Hayes manipulated the Libor market and ultimately lost – Financial Post Day of reckoning postponed as global recovery builds – Telegraph World’s dairy farmers do it tough as prices fall further – ABC Are we seeing a new dawn of innovation in pharma?


Weekend Links, August 1-2, 2015

China Letting China’s Bubble Burst – Project-Syndicate China’s little secret – a thriving free market in shares – SCMP China securities regulator asks for stock trading records from Hong Kong and Singapore in hunt for short sellers – SCMP Hebei’s Big Idea for Clean Coal Yields Few Results – Caixin Villain or Hero for Stock


Weekend Links July 25-26, 2015

The Death of Sardanapalus (La Mort de Sardanapale), 1827, Louvre Eugène Delacroix China Chinese Factory Gauge Weakens in Threat to Economic Recovery – Bloomberg China’s consumers embrace credit cards as regulators rebuff new industry entrants – China Economic Review China’s Live Stress Test – Project-Syndicate Cheers, Fears for China’s Next Step Overseas – Caixin China has


Links 16 July, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing Brace for More Days of Extreme Volatility, Icap’s Chief Says – WSJ Renewables outpace nuclear in economies making up 45 percent of world population: report – Reuters S., Brent curves align as oil traders caution slump may be ahead – Reuters Soldier Turned Math Wonk Shaking Up World of Commodity Trading


Weekend Links 11-12 July, 2015

China Global growth threat posed by China’s structural economic shift – SCMP China stabilized its markets by forcing companies and their employees to buy shares – Quartz Trade halts add to China’s Potemkin market problem – Reuters China’s market fix starts to bear fruit – Finance Asia Blinking in the face of raw capitalism –