Weekend Links 24-25 October, 2015

China China slashes interest rates, banks’ reserve ratio for the sixth time in a year in bid to stem slowdown after lacklustre third-quarter growth – SCMP China says outflows of money normal and not a sign of panic capital flight – SCMP Economics professor has solution for China’s millions of bachelors: let them share wives,


Links October 22, 2015

Global Macro & Markets If US hikes its rate, will there be another Asian currency crisis? – Nikkei Asian Review Is there a rebellion at the Federal Reserve? – Washington Post S. oil output slide looms as shale firms hit productivity wall – Reuters Jim Chanos Says Pain from Oil’s Fall Will Get Worse –


Links October 15, 2015

Global Macro & Markets Half of world’s wealth now in hands of 1% of population – Guardian The real questions we should ask about Facebook and tax – Guardian The External Debt of the Emerging Market Economies – Economonitor China heads for record crude buying year as cargoes snapped up – Reuters Weak States, Poor


Links 9 October, 2015

  Macro & Markets Oil-producing nations dip into sovereign wealth funds to fill gaps – Nikkei Asian Review $3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms as debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF – Telegraph Crude awakening: Beware oil’s ‘dead cat bounce’ – CNBC China and Europe may team up to snub TPP – CNBC Disregard


Links October 7, 2015

Macro & Markets Criticism over communication dogs Yellen – Nikkei Asian Review Deal still faces political hurdles in member countries – Nikkei Asian Review Is the TPP ‘the new gold standard’ or just ‘thin gruel’? Why the trade deal is still a work in progress – Financial Post How a ‘price spike’ threat lurks even in


Weekend Links, October 3-4, 2015

…more coming…  China Gaming revenue falls 33% on China slowdown, anti-corruption campaign – Nikkei Asian Review Slide in Manufacturing Continued in China Last Month – NY Times Hong Kong public expects property prices to fall in coming year – survey – SCMP Chinese property companies surge on PBOC cut to down payment requirement – SCMP


Links September 30, 2015

Macro & Markets Glencore’s Glasenberg, once the hunter, now the hunted – Reuters, Clyde Russell IEA chief expects $45 oil ‘for a long time’: newspaper – Reuters The Perils of Forcing a Sale of Illiquid Assets – NY Times Glencore should have prepared better for China slowdown – Guardian Gold Vs Platinum: ETF Prices Diverge


Links 29 September 2015

Macro & Markets The Three Major Trends that Shaped the Global Economy for Decades Are About to Change – Bloomberg Lip service to money laundering: Failure to apply controls a serious threat to global economy – Financial Post…very good read… Swiss watchdog opens bank probe into precious metal collusion – Reuters China carbon trading not all bad


Links 11 September 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing  China deflation risks grow, foreign central banks on alert – Reuters China elbowing US out of Pacific tuna trade – Nikkei Asian Review  Global food prices hit lowest level in over 6 years – CNBC The Reward for Being First Out in a Bond Run Is 2% – Bloomberg Food Prices Drop


Links September 8, 2015

Global Macro & Markets Bank bailouts, monetary policy, and credit default risks in the Eurozone – VoxEU Deflation and money – VoxEU Goldman tested the limits of banking morality with huge fees from 1MDB – SCMP….the ‘limits of banking morality’, now there’s a concept…. Oil prices fall on global glut fears, slowing U.S. jobs growth


Weekend links 8-9 August, 2015

James Ensor, The Frightful Musicians, 1891 China Beijing may question the yuan peg as the Fed prepares for liftoff – SoberLook Can the Renminbi Take on the World? – Project-Syndicate How China Is Winning Southeast Asia – Project-Syndicate China’s Malfunctioning Financial Regulation – Project-Syndicate China brokerages repackage margin loans into exchange-traded securities – SCMP China


Links August 6, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing Inside the Libor scandal: The story of how Tom Hayes manipulated the Libor market and ultimately lost – Financial Post Day of reckoning postponed as global recovery builds – Telegraph World’s dairy farmers do it tough as prices fall further – ABC Are we seeing a new dawn of innovation in pharma?


Weekend Links, August 1-2, 2015

China Letting China’s Bubble Burst – Project-Syndicate China’s little secret – a thriving free market in shares – SCMP China securities regulator asks for stock trading records from Hong Kong and Singapore in hunt for short sellers – SCMP Hebei’s Big Idea for Clean Coal Yields Few Results – Caixin Villain or Hero for Stock


Weekend Links July 25-26, 2015

The Death of Sardanapalus (La Mort de Sardanapale), 1827, Louvre Eugène Delacroix China Chinese Factory Gauge Weakens in Threat to Economic Recovery – Bloomberg China’s consumers embrace credit cards as regulators rebuff new industry entrants – China Economic Review China’s Live Stress Test – Project-Syndicate Cheers, Fears for China’s Next Step Overseas – Caixin China has


Links 16 July, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing Brace for More Days of Extreme Volatility, Icap’s Chief Says – WSJ Renewables outpace nuclear in economies making up 45 percent of world population: report – Reuters S., Brent curves align as oil traders caution slump may be ahead – Reuters Soldier Turned Math Wonk Shaking Up World of Commodity Trading


Weekend Links 11-12 July, 2015

China Global growth threat posed by China’s structural economic shift – SCMP China stabilized its markets by forcing companies and their employees to buy shares – Quartz Trade halts add to China’s Potemkin market problem – Reuters China’s market fix starts to bear fruit – Finance Asia Blinking in the face of raw capitalism –


Links July 9, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing US and Japan increase pressure on Europe to reach a deal with Greece – Guardian International Taxation and Global Development – Project-Syndicate Why German bonds could be even riskier than Greece’s – Market Watch Why Iran is the biggest problem for oil traders – Market Watch Oil sinks toward $56 as


Weekend Links 4-5 July, 2015

  China China’s stocks hit critical low despite government lifelines – SCMP Nearly quarter of Chinese investors ‘suffer over 50 per cent losses’ as stock market slumps, survey suggests – SCMP Gov’t Once Again Tries to Pull Stock Market out of Nosedive – Caixin Share Price Tumble Puts Tycoon Linked to Fallen Officials, Businessmen in


Links July 2, 2015

Macro & Markets China targets counterweight in gold trade with yuan fix – SCMP USDA report pushes grain futures to ‘staggering’ heights – ABC ‘Spectacular rallies’ await investors who buy Greece now – Market Watch…let’s see those cojones… Some Chinese Are Taking 22% Margin Loans to Finance Stock Purchases – Bloomberg…maybe they should invest in Greek


Weekend Links 27-28 June, 2015

China China shares tank ending nation’s longest-ever bull market – Telegraph China stock indices plummet by up to 7.9pc as investors stampede out of the market – SCMP Why China’s currency is key to resolving its economic policy “trilemma” – SCMP China’s scrapping of loan-to-deposit ratio for commercial banks raises hopes for financial reform –


Links 18 June 2015

Markets, Macro & Investing China, India are ‘changing the nature’ of gold bullion markets – Market Watch Bank of China becomes first Asian firm to help set London’s gold price – Telegraph A year after the crash, oil markets risk more trouble ahead – Reuters Robusta coffee swings to backwardation amid Vietnam supply fears –


Links June 11, 2015

Macro & Markets Internal and external balance – Michael Pettis…a superb read… Central banks can save the world – Reuters, Hadas Rout Extends to Corporate Bonds as Borrowing Costs Increase – Bloomberg What Level Will the Bund Yield Breach Next? – WSJ Global airlines to shrink size of allowable carry-on bags – CBS BP sees


Queen’s Birthday links, June 8, 2015

Asia China Merchants’ explosive private-banking growth sets up global expansion push – SCMP Finance ministers’ talks back on track – SCMP Androids invade Japan’s service industry – Nikkei Asian Review Japan’s fertility rate headed for long-term decline – Nikkei Asian Review The key to India’s economy? Look to the heavens – Nikkei Asian Review Turks


Weekend Links June 6-7, 2015

 ….updated Sunday morning… China China’s Stock Market Capitalization Set to Reach $10 Trillion – Bloomberg China’s retail investors don’t care what you think about their stock market – CER Banking on a Remote Future for Chinese Homes – Caixin Asia Growth pains for Asia’s eco-capitalists – Reuters India GDP growth is one-third statistical illusion –


Links June 3, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing The Liquidity Time Bomb – Project-Syndicate, Roubini Low Oil Prices a Tough Balancing Act for Petrostates – WSJ El Niño may deliver a boost to oil, gold, other commodities futures – Market Watch Margin Debt At Record Highs! – Short Side of Long Japan’s nuclear plan is bad news for LNG,


MB Radio: An Economy to Remember

  After the release of the 1Q 2015 Capex data by the ABS, Gunnamatta spoke with David Llewellyn-Smith and Leith van Onselen about the significance of the data for the national economy.  In a wide ranging discussion, they covered the outlook for aggregate demand, interest rates, and employment, and discussed how the economic outlook will


Links May 29, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing Questions arise about banks’ role in FIFA bribery case – Reuters…not the banks, surely?… OPEC sees rivals boosting oil output despite weak prices – Reuters Norway’s Oil Fund to Exit Coal–Energy Journal – WSJ Hedge Funds Have Taken a Shine to Silver – WSJ The Tanker Market Is Sending a Big


Links May 27, 2015

Asia China’s bid to lock in cheap iron ore – CNBC China boosts oil trading visibility, market power – Reuters, Clyde Russell Japan lesson on China debt: extend, don’t pretend – Reuters Chinese Premier Li Keqiang returns from South America with a caseful of deals – SCMP Oil rich East Timor weighs the risks of


Weekend Links May 23-24, 2015

China A cautionary tale from the muddy waters of Chinese business – Weak Chinese Demand Is Pummeling Mining Stocks Everywhere, Except in China – Bloomberg China pushing ‘build now, pay later’ model to emerging world – Bruegel Development Finance with Chinese Characteristics? – Project-Syndicate The Irresistible Rise of the Renminbi – Project-Syndicate China getting


Links 19 May, 2015

Macro, Markets & Investing Oil prices rise after Islamic State advances in Iraq – Reuters Latest economic trends: U.S., Eurozone, China – Sober Look…good set of charts… Globalisation: A woman’s best friend? Not quite so – Vox Global banks turning more local: Improved host countries’ financial stability – Vox Is the economy stationary? – Bruegel