Tim Fuller


The Australian SMSF landscape

We recently ran a webinar entitled the SMSF Asset Allocation Master Class in which, as an introduction, I thought I might provide a snapshot of the Australian SMSF landscape. The following graphs have been created from an ATO dataset who publish SMSF statistics quarterly, the most recent being Jun 2017 which was released a couple


Mega-trends on the MB Fund radar

That’s a wrap on our latest Nucleus Wealth webinar entitled ‘Long Term Trends’ where Damien and I ran through some key world trends that a focus for how stocks are positioned in the MacroBusiness fund. We shot this live with Q and A at the end. Invites for the live stream and Q and A went


Fed hikes swept away in hurricanes?

Via Karen Moley: … economists warn the US central bank will have no option to shelve any plans for hiking US interest rates this year to compensate for the hit to US economic activity after Harvey shuttered businesses and made it impossible for people to get to work. Some estimate that Harvey could slice as much as 1.5 percentage points off US GDP


Time to make financial planning tax deductable?

There has been a recent push in the planning fraternity to renew calls for upfront financial planning advice to be made tax deductible (as opposed to ongoing investment management fees etc). Tax deductibility is an interesting beast. From my experience meeting with hundreds of clients in various roles over the years, it sits at the


Spaceship deemed Space Cowboy

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, so are we going to let Graham Hand toss a few rocks for us at of one of the larger players in the online superannuation space, Spaceship: Spaceship recently said it had almost reached $100 million under management, an incredible amount for a startup. On 1 June 2017, The Australian


Would you like ethics with that?

Close watchers of Macrobusiness will be aware that after a year of set-up we recently launched a fund to implement the macroeconomic themes for readers in the market. When putting together an offer like this to such a broad readership, there are always going to be surprises. One area that offered such a surprise is the


Consolidation hands MySuper to the behemoths

There has been a recent spate of feather ruffling directed at one area of superannuation not known for high levels of excitement. The area is  MySuper and you can be forgiven for not knowing a lot about it. So why all the noise? – simply, some changes are coming to upset a typically cushy segment


Financial adviser’s undergo “remediation”

It’s been a big month for financial advice in Australia. Big 4 CEO’s have all returned from Canberra and now sit uncomfortably on their leather chairs in their corner offices. The advice regulator has continued the barrage with the timely release of a report admonishing the big instos for hiring each other’s bad apples. As luck


Desperate developers dangle insane commissions

An interesting article out yesterday revealed the largesse local developers are now showering on brokers and real estate “advisers” to help move unsold stock from upcoming off the plan apartment developments: Commission payments of up to15 per cent, free tickets to Adele concerts and luxury holidays to Greece are on offer to mortgage brokers and


Have you planned for lower income?

As covered today by Leith here and here today’s ABS release confirms what most of us suspect, that wage growth in the long term is looking pretty bleak. I won’t cross swords with the other fellas here on mega mortgage repayments and employments prospects but I thought I could chime in with some planning considerations.


Is financial advice worth it?

AMP released their results last week, bringing with it news that it was reducing its adviser numbers across the network. This comes as no surprise given the results but does continue the trend of adviser number reductions across the big players in the market. See here and here. So what’s going on? Normally the fast


Introducing Tim Fuller, super guy and new MB blogger

Find below the first post by Tim Fuller, MB’s new super blogger and planning specialist at the MB Fund. Tim found MacroBusiness after a stint in the Pilbara and liked what he read. He has since jumped from constructing gas plants to constructing no nonsense financial advice for retail and sophisticated investors. Having spent a