Delusional Economics


Death of the Spruiker

A very well known Australian property spruiker has finally admitted the dreaded words. Our judgment is that a combination of higher interest rates, modest housing finance growth, skinnier auction clearance rates, and a surge in supply-side listings suggests that we may not see much, if any, further house price growth this year. Indeed, the second


Short looks good, Long looks bad.

The merry go round of US economics continued overnight. Equity traders went off into hyperoptimistic land on the back of perceived profits.   U.S. stocks rose, with the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index gaining the most in two weeks, after companies from United Parcel Service Inc. to AT&T Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. increased profit forecasts.


Yes Minister

The Australian Federal Minister for housing, Tanya Plibersek, is the “front person” for a home buyer and property show. Her statement: The Australian Government understands the importance of housing to people’s lives and we are working hard to help more people get into a home at a price they can afford. Since coming to government