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RP Data December Update

From RPData-Rismark comes the December and end of year results for the Australian property market. According to today’s release of the RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index results for December 2013, capital city home values moved 1.4 per cent higher over the last month of the year. Over the fourth quarter of the year, capital city


Daily Iron Ore Update

Iron ore charts for the 2nd January 2014 and a couple of stories. First to India where the government sanctions on iron ore are having a significant affect on the market. Top Indian trader MMTC’s $80 million iron ore export terminal, ready since 2010, has never handled a cargo. Now the company wants to spend


Holiday Season Links – Jan 2nd 2014

Welcome to 2014.. still haven’t got a personal flying car, but hey maybe this is the year for it. Now links.. Global/Macro/Markets In 2013 I Learned That… – The Reformed Broker 2013: The FT’s year in charts – FT 266 and all that – Krugman Ten facts you should know about global economic inequality -Inequality


Daily iron ore update

Iron ore charts for 31/12/2013, with the last day of the year showing continued stability. As Reuters points out, it’s supply concerns based around weather that are being kind to the market and bringing in a stable ending to the year Chinese iron ore futures extended gains to hit a two-week high on Monday amid


New Years Eve Links 2013

Note: There will not be any links for New Years Day as DE intends to enjoy his New Year Eve… Possibly a little too much 🙂 On behalf of all of the crew at Macro Associates, have a great night and we will see you all again in 2014. Now today’s links.. Global/Macro Don’t fret


Daily iron ore update

Iron price update for 30th Dec 2013 shows a nice bounce across the market. The short term reason? Weather. From the Oz THE price of Australia’s key export — iron ore — will start 2014 on a firmer footing as bad weather here and abroad hits the world’s largest producers of the steelmaking ingredient. Australia’s


Holiday Season Links – 30th Dec 2013

Global/Macro Bitcoin Is Evil – Krugman The bond market is a lot less liquid than it used to be.  – Marketwatch More oil assets on the block as disposals gather pace –  FT Australia & New Zealand Aussie Bank Asks “Will Bitcoin Replace The Dollar?” – ZH Australia’s housing price rise attributed to Chinese buyers


Holiday Season Links – Dec 28th-29th 2013

Global/Macro Here’s When The Economic Crisis Actually Ended – BI PE firms may pay more than $1B in collusion case – New York Post Millions of Tons of Metals Stashed in Shadow Warehouses – WSJ The case for silver –  Market Anthropology Bullishness Jumps to Three-Year High – WSJ Australia & New Zealand Coalition’s WA slump


Holiday Season Links – 27th Dec 2013

Global/Macro Copper spikes on ‘fat finger’ trade – Market Watch Reserve Bank of India Statement on Bitcoin Dec 2013 – Reserve of India via Scribd Secular stagnation risk for EU and Japan – FT Why Kenya’s newly discovered oil reserves should slow East Africa’s pursuit of monetary union – Project Syndicate Australia & New Zealand


Investor-FHB imbalance approaches tipping point?

Cross-posted from the Land Values Research Group by Gavin R. Putland On 10 December, the ABS released housing-finance figures for October 2013 (ABS 5609.0). In the following graph, the seasonally-adjusted value of lending for “owner occupation (secured finance) – purchase of other established dwellings”, aggregated quarterly and scaled to seasonally-adjusted GDP, is shown in blue. The seasonally-adjusted


Boxing Day Links 2013

Links are lite today as quite a lot of the world is still celebrating Christmas, the OZ media were asleep yesterday and I’m suffering from a bad case of PCBGA. That’s “post-Christmas buffet gorging agony”. Yep, serious first world problems. Global/Macro Time for a little Bitcoin discussion – Digitology Australia & New Zealand Woodside stake


Christmas Day Links 2013

Merry Christmas to the Macro Business community. We’ve had a cracking year and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our readers, so a huge Christmas thank you to all of you. From the Macro Associates Team to all our supporters, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family and


Daily Iron Ore Update

Looks like it’s getting a bit rough towards the end of the year in the iron ore market. and here is why, from Reuters Chinese iron ore futures slumped more than 2 percent to a record low on Monday on faltering demand from top consumers as steel mills cut output and tight liquidity restrained their


Macquarie: 2014 no better for coal

Macquarie were out with a note yesterday and, not that it is new to MB readers, the news isn’t good for coal in 2014. Unlike its peer steelmaking raw material iron ore, hard coking coal prices have had a disappointing 2013, trading significantly lower YoY. Meanwhile, with the Q1 2014 hard coking coal settlement at


Christmas Eve Links 2013

Santa is packing the sleigh. Hope you aren’t on the naughty list ! You can track him here and here. In other news …. Global/Macro Mainstream Economists Finally Admit that Runaway Inequality Is Hurting the Economy –  The big picture Someone needs to fight the selfish, short-sighted old – Gaurdian When Even Bloomberg Is Saying


Daily Iron Ore Update

The iron ore price tables for December 23,2013: Not much recent action. And Rio Tinto’s chief was having a plug at analysts over the weekend. From the Oz RIO Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh says erroneous forecasts that iron ore prices would slump to $US90 a tonne or lower this year showed that many analysts


Holiday Season Links – 23rd Dec 2013

Happy holiday season MB readers.  It’s lite posting for the next few weeks but, as usual, feel free to throw in your own links and comments if you have anything interesting to share. Global/Macro Weird is Normal – Francis Coppola, Piera Getting qualitative with monetary policy  – Alphaville What the Fed has been buying –


Weekend Links – Dec 21st – 22nd 2013

Just a quick note to remind everyone that as of next week MB is moving to the Christmas schedule that we have run over the last few years while most of the team are on a well earned break.  It’ll be lite posting across Xmas and New Year, with links and a possible few extras.


Weekend Links – Dec 14th – 15th 2013

Global Macro / Markets: Wall Street’s best trades of 2013.  – Quartz There is still plenty of room for global payout ratios to rise.  – FT Alphaville VCs are now betting big on the Bitcoin universe. – Dealbook The ETF Deathwatch for December 2013. – Invest with an Edge Investment Fads and Themes, 1996-2013 –


Weekend Links – 30th Nov – 1st Dec 2013

Global Macro / Markets: Olivier Blanchard: Monetary Policy Will Never Be the Same – NakedCap Howard Marks says markets are rich but not bubbly – Pragmatic Capitalism The 1990s stock bubble was much crazier than you remember – Slate On Pimco’s rough 2013  – Rekenthaler Report How to buy gold and silver at a discount


Weekend Links – 23rd-24th November 2013

Global Macro / Markets: Dow Closes Above 16000 – WSJ WTO on verge of global trade pact – FT The strange convergence of Bernanke, Hayek and Bitcoin – Rueters Energy stocks have disengaged from the price of crude oil.  – Charts We may have already seen the bottom in gasoline prices.  – Time Paulson Said


Weekend Links 16th-17th Nov 2013

Global Macro / Markets: Guess what stock has added the most points to the S&P 500 this year?  – Businessweek Why stock investors should keep an eye on high yield bonds.  – All Star Charts The case for commodities and emerging market equities: continued growth in 2014 – Market Anthropology The IPO market seems to be


Weekend links 9th-10th Nov 2013

Global Macro / Markets: Fed Anxiety Rises as QE Raises Risk of Loss With Political Cost – Bloomberg The pricing of the Twitter IPO left too much money on the table –  Dan Primack How most investors should “play Twitter.”  – Felix Salmon, Farhad Manjoo Bitcoin is by definition a fiat currency – BI North America:


Weekend Links 2nd-3rd November 2013

Global Macro / Markets: Bitcoin cashes in as its first ATM opens in Vancouver – Gaurdian Credit Suisse Dismisses London Trader Over ‘Unusual Trading’ Losses – WSJ , Bloomberg Twitter Said to Attract More Than Enough Interest for IPO – Bloomberg Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned “Rockstar” sues Google – Ars Technica Warren Buffett’s


Weekend Links – 19th-20th October 2013

Global Macro/Markets: Unemployment, labour-market flexibility and IMF advice: Moving beyond mantras – Vox How to Profit from the Shutdown Aftermath – A Dash of Insight Barclays, Citigroup, RBS FX Messages Said to Be Examined – Bloomberg U.K. judge orders Wall Street Journal not to divulge names in Libor probe – WSJ North America: What A


Weekend links – 12th-13th Oct 2013

Global Macro/Markets: Dot Com part deux: Investors are showing increasing hunger for initial public offerings of unprofitable technology companies  – WSJ US Rethinks How to Release Sensitive Economic Data – WSJ JPMorgan Taps Taxpayer-Backed Banks for Basel Rules – Bloomberg Big fund managers go into battle over tougher US capital rule – FT JPMorgan reports


Weekend Links – 5th-6th October 2013

Global Macro/Markets: U.S. default seems unthinkable but investors have options – Reuters Coal Use Falling, Proof of Progress to Low-Carbon Future – Oil Price IMF sees epic change in world economy – FT Global population growth will soon come to a stop. – FT Alphaville It’s not just people. Corporations are getting more unequal,  too.