Amber Kinetics and the Future of Energy Storage

There is no denying that there are gaps in the energy industry. These gaps have prevented energy production from leaping into the future with more sustainable and efficient systems. Amber Kinetics energy storage solutions are at the frontier of bridging these gaps, leading energy production and consumption to a more sustainable, cost-effective, and highly efficient future.

Amber Kinetics is bridging the gap with an innovative flywheel energy storage system, or FESS. This system is the first-ever of its kind to be used in a commercial environment, lending an innovative solution to ongoing energy supply issues throughout the world, especially to wind and solar power.

What is Flywheel Technology?

Flywheel energy storage systems are comprised of flywheels. A flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that stores rotational energy or kinetic energy that can be instantly recalled from the storage system. Essentially, the system involves a spinning mass at the center, which a motor drives.

Amber Kinetics’ flywheel has been engineered with advanced technology that enables the system to store energy for various applications. The flywheel can meet the energy storage needs of the modern grid with the bonus of being a much more cost-effective system with higher efficiency rates than other energy storage solutions can possibly offer.

The Revolutionary Energy Storage Solution

Flywheel technology is set to revolutionize clean energy production in the future, beginning with Amber Kinetic’s energy storage systems in Australia. Efficient energy storage allows electricity to be saved for later where and when it is needed. Why is this important? The gaps between energy consumption and energy production are easily bridged with an effective storage solution, creating higher efficiency and more sustainable options in power. Kinetic energy storage delivers solutions that are directly accessible to companies and utilities.

Flywheel Energy Storage Systems are an effective and viable means for businesses to integrate renewable energy into the running of their businesses. Energy storage options mean that the intermittent energy produced from renewable resources can be accessed at any time. This process allows excess energy to be used efficiently, making renewable energy storage profitable for businesses. Profitable renewable energy has previously been a challenging goal for energy consumers and producers to achieve.

The integration of renewable technology has a broader impact on the environment. Energy storage solutions allow the modern grid to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with efficient electricity production. Decreasing carbon emissions from electricity, heating, and cooling requirements is one of the many benefits flywheel energy storage solutions offer to the environment.

Eco-friendly energy solutions are just the beginning of the benefits of the innovative Amber Kinetics energy storage systems. Energy storage technologies allow businesses to have constant energy supplies without significant fluctuations. Amber Kinetics’ flywheel technology is revolutionizing energy security, facilitating the uninterrupted availability of energy resources.

All companies and utilities are looking for practical means to incorporate more renewable and cost-effective energy solutions. However, they cannot access these benefits without an efficient means to do so. This is where Amber Kinetics is stepping in to provide universal energy accessibility.

The Leader in Flywheel Technology

Flywheel energy storage is the most effective and efficient means of energy storage. When compared to other storage systems, FES systems have longer lifespans with lower maintenance requirements.

Before Amber Kinetics, flywheels didn’t have longevity as energy storage solutions but with the technology and pedigree of the company, the duration of flywheels are extended from minutes to hours. This results in safe, economical, and reliable energy storage.

Apart from enabling renewable energy resources in an efficient, stable, and cost-effective manner, they keep sustainability at the heart of their business through responsible production practices and material sourcing. Amber Kinetics’ flywheels are made from 50% recycled steel without use of toxic and hazardous materials while other competitors source materials which entail additional refining stages before use. With this, the sustainable company is also less susceptible in its supply chain as they source materials that are widely available. Additionally, Amber Kinetics is committed to safe handling of flywheels at the end of the lifespan by working with customers to ensure methods to recycle the materials. This creates a more sustainable product from start to finish.

Amber Kinetics’ vision is to create a reliable energy infrastructure worldwide. The company is future-proofed to create energy infrastructures that defy today’s common understanding of energy reliability.  The company will continue to be at the forefront in cost-effective, highly efficient renewable energy technology in the years to come with its sustainable flywheel technology.