Weekend Sundries: 21-22 May 2022



A great day on the Albert River fishing. No Barra but got a feed of grunter, black bream and Jack. Burketown was a gem, great digs and people, and a welcome couple of days not having to pitch a tent. I also observed a large-billed heron, a bird species I hadn’t seen previously despite working in the north for several years. As always the conversation was about the state of the roads. We had intended to get to Normanton via Leichhardt Falls but couldn’t get any clear information on the condition of the road after recent rain. We decided to take the long way around via the bitumen. Same again in Normanton as our intended route via Dunbar and Chilligoe was closed. So back on the bitumen to Cairns. Many of the inland roads in southern Queensland are closed and my only option is via Barcaldine and Cunnamulla, assuming I can get through Aramac. It’s a bit like threading a needle and I’m hoping I don’t need to double back. Anyway it is now direct to Adelaide. Tibooburra will have to be the next trip.












Unorthodox but worked great attaching the coupling to hardened gearshaft.’






Ritualised Forms

Queenscliff pier and beach,  sunrise May 18



‘A couple from my new telescope – still playing with it so hopefully I’ll have some more and better photos over coming weeks while I get used to it. ‘


‘Have a couple of reasonably interesting pics.  School of fish and bird very proud of boat.  Loch Ness monster wants food’









‘some Wherrol Flat sunrises for the sundries’





Ermington Plumbing

‘Its close in Bennelong.
I’ve got my fingers crossed for Former ALP state candidate and Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale while throwing back beers at Gladesville sports.’

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  1. PalimpsestMEMBER

    I’m trying to place that hood ornament – my Uncle had one in my youth – hence yhe vagueness. Was it a Nash?

    • desmodromicMEMBER

      1953 Ford Mainline ‘single spinner’ utility. V8 motor. This example had the bench seat upholstered in crocodile skin.

      • Thanks for sharing the trip photos with us. Looks like it’s been fun times.

  2. haroldusMEMBER

    Thanks gunna.
    Sorry for the phone pic quality.
    I was surprised about that school of fish when I saw the pics, they weren’t as clear as that when I was looking at them. Anyone know what they are? It is a creek running into Lake Macquarie.

    Also it was surprising that the cormorant??? swims with its body entirely under water.

    And finally that white bird looks pretty smug with its boat.

    • Cormorants fish very well under water … for them it’s almost like flying.

      • Learned as a young kid – They’re quick enough to duck a .22 but not a .222…..

    • The almost totally submerged bird is not a cormorant but a darter or snakebird, Anhinga novaehollandiae in ornithological parlance. They spear fish with their sharp beak.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        Thanks, there are some interesting birds around there, I’ll try to get some more pics next time I’m up.

  3. Hill Billy 55MEMBER

    The sale numbers of Queensland is back up this week over 1150. This reflects sales that were started before the interest rate rise and is up almost 10% up on the prior couple of weeks. Shall be interesting to see if its maintained.

    • Thanks Boom. I programmed & made a lot of flexible joint couplings in Greenacre in the late 90’s – rough joint at that time with an influx of a mob who wanted to intimidate rather than integrate….. You know my prior history – they didn’t win but it wasn’t fun.