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  1. Climate death spiral approaches as permafrost suddenly 1°C warmer

    The thawing permafrost releases not only carbon dioxide but also methane (CH4) — a far more potent greenhouse gas — thereby further warming the planet. And as the planet continues to warm, more permafrost will melt, releasing even more greenhouse gases in a continuous feedback loop. Thawing permafrost is an especially dangerous amplifying feedback loop because the global permafrost contains twice as much carbon as the atmosphere does today 😯


    Don’t Breed Now!

    • go and tell DBN to Nigerian/Ugandan/.. whatever government.

      In Sub-Saharan Africa fertility remains high in the large majority of countries. Although some declines have occurred, the average total fertility rate in 2005–2010 exceeded 5.1 births per woman—more than double the levels observed in Asia and Latin America.

    • I believe that the “don’t breed now” is a rather long game… if you need something quicker you need to either advocate for a war or mass suicide… Come on – let’s hear your slogans.

      • The “don’t breed now” is about saving your kids from pain, not about saving the planet. It’s too late for that.

        Anyone planning to have children now must acknowledge that they will almost certainly face lives much worse than ours. Crop failures leading to very expensive food, mass migrations making Australia a 3rd world nation, wars everywhere (even nuclear wars), chronic and intractable unemployment as the world’s economy shrinks, unbearable heatwaves that last months not days, torrential rain that leads to destructive flooding, storms that are more violent than ever seen before ripping roofs off houses, wildfires that are biblical in size and destructiveness, the collapse of cattle and sheep farming in Australia’s drying interior …. the list goes on and on and on.

        Won’t somebody please think of the children!

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Kids once they become teenagers make good post apocalypse scavengers and having some “on your side” (post societal collapse) is probably essential for survival into ones 50s.
        The more the better really.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        LOL – Rick and Morty rule!

        It’s true though, kids will be an asset, but they’ll first have to go through the feral stage in their post apocalyptal life cycle.

        edit: Due to the graphic nature of the link where the Feral Kid throws his boomerang in Mad Max 2, and partial decapitation and finger loss, I thought better of posting the link in case of being accused of spreading toxic masculinity. Stewie.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        desmo, are you aware of any studies of expected vegetative growth response to the thawing of these soils? and following on from that ……any info on the expected sequestration of C% via this link?

      • desmodromicMEMBER

        IP, this is not my primary area of expertise and I know of no such study, but the data may exist. For biological systems it is the rate of change in the climatic system that is critical–too fast and all biological systems fail. This is what is missed by the skeptics when pointing to periods in geological time when it was hotter or colder–it is irrelevant to the discussion. The Russian tundra is so vast that any compensatory change in vegetation is unlikely to mitigate rapid increase in the release of CO2 or methane, although it will with time. The rapid change will reset life on the planet, as it has in the past.

    • It’s not just educational institutions – try working in a bank!

      I got in trouble earlier this week for posting a link to a Conversation article on how “flexible working” has some bad points, to our workplace’s electronic noticeboard. Not long after I got an email from HR asking if I could take it down.

      • I worked at Telstra and women would be continually promoted into positions that they were unqualified for. It got to such a level that they created a management tier called ‘team leader’, with no additional pay or responsibility, to house them all.

        The funny thing is that these women would become so disliked due to their incompetence and being appointed over other qualified applicants (people also better regarded in the team) that the stress would get to them and they would leave the company or pump out babies endlessly! (Good for the fertility rate though).

        The core problem was that Telstra was so full of 457s, overwhelmingly men, that there were few women to choose from. If immigration was changed to ensure that a minimum of 51% of immigrants from all countries and on all visa types were female, there would be no issue. If you look at countries like Bulgaria which do not have mass immigration you will see a much greater number of women working and in management roles in IT (almost 50:50)!

    • If you’re an wh!te male working in many big companies now, you’ll soon hit what’s now known as the “diversity ceiling” and won’t get further promotions.

    • Good read there. As I was absorbing it, I recalled Gunnamatta’s comment from last week about why his Brit/Euro clients were still bullish the AUD. These could be read together as suggesting the smart money sees AUD as an alternative, not only to Euros, but also to USD. Not saying as yet I agree, but it’s on my radar to watch.

    • “Inflation kills conscientiousness”

      Capitalism 2019. No point making an effort. Just borrow as much as you can and let inflation (i.e. conscientiousness people) pay it off.

      • Yes I found that point very interesting also. I realised that I’m a saver, I plan for the future and I’m disciplined. No wonder I’ve gone backwards in Australia haha.

    • The family were actually on their way to Sydney. They made the journey all the way from England because the wise young shirtless lad had important grave news for property investors in Australia. He was to tell them, in his wisdom, that it would be just like Ireland! That the crash is here and will only get worse and it will “knock yer feckn brains out! The Bunnings Warehouse hat was to elicit some familiarity for the Aussie specufestor so that they would listen to his wise words.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I can’t work out if the Slate article about this in the links above is satire or serious.

      • Pykies are travelling folks usually. They love out of caravans. Knacker is more like your Aussie bogan. They wear tracksuit pants (Adidas) and hang out at SPAR (7/11 of Dublin)… They don’t have much respect for your average punter and cause a nuisance. Pykies on the other hand are often a bit (inbred) live on welfare, love boxing and generally don’t pay tax / live off benefits etc..

        Never had problems with gypsies /travellers /pykies. Got punched in the face by a group of knackers and suspect they stole my Rx7 1 night in 2012. The car was found out Ballyfermot way, which was council housing towers etc..

        Got the car back and restored it. Fekkin knackers.

    • DefinitelyNotTheHorribleScottMorrisonPM

      This is why being a member of the EU is so great for Britain. Unlimited numbers of travellers and Roma can come into the country. Of course, some far right [email protected] don’t love the vibrancy.

      • The old country was a successful net exporter of ‘tziganes’ … the whooooooole Europe just quivered at the thought of being vibrantly pick-pocketed and held up at knife point… so much so that about twice a year, the French police was rounding the cockroaches up and shoving them onto planes back to the country.

        Yeah, lots of love there. I guess the unorthodox MMA displayed by the women was adding a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the mix: imagine being clobbered over the head by a gipsy woman holding a toddler by the legs and swinging it like a mace. Or being squirted in the face by breast milk….

    • they’re not suddeneeze so there should be no racey problems sending them back whence they were from.

  2. As skip might say… some would pontificate muchly on diminishing asset prices lest they reveal their neoliberal leanings… chortle

  3. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Had high hopes of bragging about a non event week and no injuries then wham a chipped tooth meaning a trip to the dentist although haroldus beat me for duration of time without visits.

    • Couple of years ago – I had a couple of wisdom teeth pulled out… 3 hours/tooth… On the bright side – I had a pretty nice boob-hat for most of that time! Swings and roundabouts. 😀

    • same happened to my son 4 weeks ago. He chipped both front teeth at a party (no fight just an accident). $850 later all good.

  4. “The Tax Office has raised the alarm over the one-third of $39 billion in property loans by self-managed super funds that are guaranteed by assets outside super, such as the family home. If the property market collapses, SMSF trustees in this situation will be hit by a double-whammy of losses to both their retirement savings and personal assets…. if selling the property didn’t cover the loan, the personal guarantee is triggered. “This means their other personal assets outside of super become at risk.”

    Now, who could possibly have foreseen this!


    • Thank you, Janet. If the assets in the fund are insufficient to cover the loan, then the loans shouldn’t happen. How has this been allowed to happen? Stupidity, eh?

      • And what if government policy is informed by a bunch of wonky ideologues pumped out of C-corp educational facilities, not to mention the ring fencing by Ideological think tanks ….

        Remember we are a nation of consumers and not citizens, only the market can deliver freedom and liberty without human agency skewing distribution. Decades of all this dogma pumped out upon the unwashed and even some of its proponents drank their own kool – aid, but yeah its all the governments fault.

    • Bring it on – although it will all cost me for other reasns. I’m sick of the BS ‘no one gave us a helping hand’ Conceited pricks who’ve benefited from a lopsided economy for 60 years.

    • One of my mates wanted to do same just before restrictions were put on SMSFs. I am glad I talked him against this idea. I normally don’t tell people what to or what not but I grew up with this guy back in Macedonia so felt free to say something and knowing I will not be blamed if he takes my advice and things don’t workout..

      • Isn’t Macedonia both a region in Greece and a country adjacent to Greece? I thought they sorted out the naming dispute recently when the country agreed to rename itself North Macedonia.

      • My father was born in Solun (thessaloniki) and my mother in St German both are now part of Greece. We lived in what you now refer as North Macedonia. Reason behind why they moved north was because my grandparents could not identify themselves as Macedonians. So in short there is only one Macedonia. Prior to ww1 only small percentage of the “Greek province called Macedonia “ was inhabited by Greeks. Most of them moved in when most of the Macedonians were exiled (my mother and her sisters were refugees in Czech and Poland for 2 years) from Macedonia. Most of those Greeks came from turkey. We lost all our land, confiscated because did not want to lose our identity.
        Short history where I come from.
        And I still have Greek friends here as we have to move on.

      • thanks for that – such fluidity of people and states – meanwhile back in Oz the cockroaches still cannot forgive Qld for letting Greg Inglis choose to play for the mighty maroons…

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      How many of these now worthless apartments would have been used as the bank of mum and dad? Kids fail, proper bank comes after mum and dad’s now worthless property, hilarity ensues.

      Straya. Winning,

    • It sounds like both sides of government will be too busy blaming each other to step in and assist buyers of flawed apartments.

      Once exposed, ongoing strata costs and the potential for special levies should quickly put an end to the dream of getting on the property ladder and smash that sector even further.

    • Yesterday had lunch with one of my former team members from work and she shocked me with her pron RE stories.
      First, her own apartment (Breakfast Point) that is only 2 years old and the building has hundreds of defects. Residents are having regular meetings with the developer and the strata body in order to fix the issues but new ones keep coming so there is no sign of getting anything resolved in near future. Latest is that top floors (only 4 story building) started to leak when it rains.
      Next or near her there is another building that just got completed and people started moving in over the last couple of months. 600 defects already reported. ONe of the big ones is that it appears builder did not seal the park/loan area and when it rains underground car park gets filled with water. To address the issue strata has permanent water pumps to pump water on rainy days.

      • zaxxon – what I was told. She is not a person that makes sh1te up so I believe her.
        I knew she had problems with her apartment as she told me that in the past but I got surprised to learn that there are new issues popping up regularly. Hope she comes to realise that selling might be the best outcome.

      • I know a plumber in Canberra who told me a few years ago about an unsealed apartment underground car park. Rain => flood and cars full of water. Pumps now installed. I have no trouble believing stories like that.

    • It was a PITA getting defects addressed with the apartment I bought in 2001 in Brisbane. I can’t even imagine what kind of nightmare it is now.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Mmm sure …but like that wandering cutural Marxist by Linda Marrinon above, are they real Art?

      • What is real art? More importantly why do I always find a “no true Scotsman fallacy” at the end of most answers to the question

      • @ranald. I had to use Google to follow that one. Found the wikipedia entry. Interesting. Here’s the example they give there:
        Person A: “No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”
        Person B: “But my uncle Angus is a Scotsman and he puts sugar on his porridge.”
        Person A: “But no true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”
        This Wikipedia example is actually more correctly called begging the question. That is to say, using the hidden premise that scotsmen don’t use sugar to actually define what is a scotsman for the purpose of the argument. So, as I said, interesting and thanks for alerting me to the terminology.
        BTW Begging the question does NOT mean suggesting that a particular question needs asking. That is a completely recent and misguided use of the phrase and I get very annoyed with journalists who should know better using it that way. Nevertheless, language evolves and this is probably an example of that happening right before out eyes. Won’t be long and the original meaning will vanish to history books.

  5. boomengineeringMEMBER

    First time for years with water bottle, made a bit of difference, not as bad/slow as last week .Sweating like a pig on top. Must get a cage.

  6. That is one big mother of a shark. Couldn’t help notice all the shit (plastic) they were swimming in. Guess this is the new normal for us, eh?

    Raining like a bitch again, while everyone else swelters….

      • It is a product of neo liberalism, Wingy. A lack of oversight, of regulation. We’ve now got a 10c bottle tax. Yet noone is mandated to use recycled plastics or glass in the packaging of drinks and foodstuffs in Australia.
        It’s cheaper to get new bottles from China than it is to purchase stock made from recyclables. So we collect the recyclables and then throw them into storage or land fill.
        Nasty to see the environment trashed, eh?

    • is anyone familiar with this small Australian company? They claim their batteries are better than Tesla’s. If true why don’t we support them?

      • I flicked it to a mate who’s heavily skewed to the EV Lith space….. His thoughts –
        “He’s talking about solid state batteries, which are about two years away from commercialisation. Solid state lithium batteries are and will be way better than current lithium batteries from a safety/charge capacity/duration perspective and they only use circa 10% more lithium. Also, over the last 18 Months we have gone from 6 to 60 gigafactories being build and easy to retool for solid state. In short, lithium batteries have stolen the race (VHS v Betamax). If this guy’s new solid state (non-lithium base) style batteries are viable it would take circa 10/15 years to reach commercialisation. And even then they would have to be vastly superior to lithium solid state to steal the show – not to mention the mind-boggling cost of retooling battery factories. Therein lies the rub.”

        I’m not so quick to pour cold water on the tech as I don’t know enough about it. But I’ve been involved with plenty of Aussie inventions before that end up imploding & going OS if any good because they can’t get the funding here to finish, & our short sighted ways ensure it happens that way over & over again – since the 80’s at least & much earlier in the defence/computer/space tech arena’s. FWIW.

  7. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Speaking of that silly old Cutural Marxism has anyone else been “outraged” by the subtle change of Gillette’s “The best a Man can get” slogan to “The Best a man can be”
    16 million downloads in 4 days with a 2 to1 negative response from viewers.

    Were/are Gillett really trying to “engineer” a cutural change on their target audience/market (Us blokes)?

    • No they realise that in any economy there are finite resources and when it comes to marketing the most finite resources available is people’s attention. By kicking the hornets nest of social justice they have managed to get people talking about their brand. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad attention, it’s attention. Nike did the same with the black fella kapernac (sic?) Who took a knee it outraged a lot of folks, but their stock price and sales went up.

      They do it because it ultimately makes them money and to some extent (myself included) we fall for it. We share it around and talk about it, when in reality it would have been better to just ignore it and not buy their products (which would have been a far better way to send a message).

      To quote my sister however…

      But it’s not lost on me that a dude who sent me unsolicited dick picks shared the video on Facebook being like “well done Gillette, great ad”

      And that ladies and gentlemen is the type of person the ad appeals to, the fake moralist.

      • Totally agree triage but it’s not uncommon. Couple ladies I know have experienced some bloke sending them todger pics after a date. Needless to say there were no further dates. They couldn’t think of anything less appealing.

      • Both my sister’s have had men show them their rude bits in person and digitally when they didn’t ask for it. My youngest sister who is married was at a work Christmas party (she’s an engineer.btw) and another bloke she works with pulls out his Johnson flashes it at her and says, I bet it’s larger than your husband’s. He was facing the bar at the time and my sister was in shock and looked around to see if anyone else noticed…

        She didn’t know what to do after that. In a way she would have preferred to say nothing and ignore the situation. But since she works with him I said the problem is, if he thinks he got away with it or you didn’t care is that he may try something like it again.

        So she informed HR and said I don’t want to make a big deal of this. However this is what happened etc.. the guy has been moved to another project.

      • I’m the least likely to jump up and down and scream “muhsojony” (misogyny) but I do feel that dick picks have no place for women. Now, sending them to your mates in a creative fashion when you’re on the piss – thats another story

      • I don’t understand these dick pic dicks. Surely no clue or care about what’s respectable for either side of the transaction. Is it a Power thing or do they think they’re Reusa?

    • Speaking of that silly old Cutural Marxism has anyone else been “outraged” by the subtle change of Gillette’s “The best a Man can get” slogan to “The Best a man can be”

      Just the usual array of professional trolls powered by your tears and their attached snowflakes with persecuted white dude syndrome.

      Like I said the other day, it presents good behaviour as good and bad behaviour as bad. The rest is you.

      When it comes to advertising I believe the saying is “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I didn’t notice one reference to “Race” or skin color in that entire clip Smithy.
        What are you on about, your seeing things that are not even there.
        Do “People of colour”, not have opinions on the feminist concept of “Toxic Masculinity” also?
        Or are you saying its a totally “White dude” thing?
        Sounds a bit racist mate.

      • It’s even worse, Smithy – it’s actually Best Man Can Be, subtle, but still terrible as.
        Probably more successful than if they’d done nothing at all, so give them a tick.
        What’s everyone got against Gillette anyways? They make money, so what?

      • You are a complete plucking self-appointed moralist Richard head aren’t you!!!

        Speaking as someone who spends a fair portion of his week and emotional energy in an organisation dedicated to the emotional and psychological well – being of men – including DV, addictions and all the crap that is in the sewer, let me just say this….By what piece of idiotic mental process could anyone ever think that you will make a man better by upraiding him as a toxic masculine wife bashing bullying worthless prick and making him feel as worthless and as evil as possible. Strewth!!!
        Yeah! That’s going to turn him into a better man.
        This ad is plain damned evil with evil intent. It does NOT seek to get any man to change his ways. If it did it would create positive images to fill a man’s mind with what it would look like to be a real man – with all the masculine characteristics that go with a set of testicles. Instead it portrays all characteristics of masculinity as toxic. We men aren’t perfect – but neither are we toxic. Some of us are more imperfect than others. We ALL need to work on ourselves – as do ALL people!!!!
        This ad is just simply, not only unhelpful, but downright damaging to that quest.

      • Funny how the powered by your tears/bathing in your tears phrase keeps cropping up. Along with unsupported references to white dudes among the bien-pensant.

      • Even from a marketing viewpoint this ad is moronic – pretty typical of Dee Madigan (who produced the ad) – just keep shooting her mouth off about stuff she hasn’t a clue about.
        This article is worth a read on the subject.

        Charles Taylor
        Contributor CMO Network
        I am a Professor and a student of current events in marketing

        “The shame of all of this is that Gillette surely could have devised a campaign focusing on positive encouragement of good behaviors without making sweeping generalizations about men and what it is to be masculine. The brand could have taken a lesson from the famous “Always: Like a Girl” Super Bowl ad from 2015 which delivered an almost universally well received message about female empowerment in a positive way. As it stands “The Best a Man Can Be” managed to unnecessarily alienate many of the companies customers, including many good men who largely agree with the underlying issues addressed in the ad.”

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Yeah well I aint ever buying that commie sh1t from Gillette ever again. Filthy SJW scum! Hate those people and want to see them perish for destroying our freedoms. This is why we need Trump more than ever!

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Lol,…You give me hope Reusa that one day Solidarity can be found in our country between our “Left” AND “Right” minded citizens.

      • Yous are certainly doing a good job of proving my point.

        Though I suppose it would be better stated as “the rest is the opinions your favourite talking head gave you” rather than “the rest is you”.

      • @Reusa: at last, a point on which we agree. I have gone one further by not even watching the ad.

      • Smithy,

        Your wasting your time talking to these trogs.

        Flawse, the fact you and others see the ad the way you do pretty well says it all.

        Oh, btw, I doubt anyone who understands the message believes Gillette give a sh1t!

      • Gav that ad was one of my favourites as a kid long before I ever shaved… it used to come on during the cricket. Great cheesy guitars and killer chorus!

        I reckon it is why i still buy Gillette razors.

        Although I always wondered why some of the guys on the ad still had a five o clock shadow even seconds after using the razor! Lol

        This was the other all time favourite: https://youtu.be/3N4vxMuxjKg

      • I somehow doubt we would have done as little about global heating if women ran all the companies and governments in the world.

      • Flawse,

        Did they tackle drink driving by talking about the positives of not doing so when they first started taking it seriously or some 30+ yrs down the track? No, they still tackle the negatives.

        Did they and do they still talk about the positives of not assaulting your spouse? No, they don’t, do they! It’s still the NEGATIVE impact on society, the children involved etc.

        Do they tackle the positives of not speeding and obeying the road rules in general? Again, no, they don’t. It’s the negatives, deaths, serious injuries, cost on society, the NEGATIVE effect on families etc.

        Does Danny Green’s ads tackle the “Cowards Punch” with the positives of not being a gutless prick? No, again it’s the negatives, the loss of life, serious injury and the gutless unmanly aspect of it!

        There you go, the Gillette ad points out the unmanly aspect, and asks you, as a man to step forward and reject that behaviour, except you see it as a personal affront of you. It doesn’t in any way whatsoever accuse all men of that, it asks that you take a position on it, by publicly rejecting it. Again, that says more about you and men who think like you that you see it as a personal affront and maybe that’s because you identify with that behaviour more than you realise.

        When you complain about the term toxic masculinity do you realise that toxic masculinity is what tells men they should suffer in silence, that they should be the bread winner and wear the consequences for not being able to do so, etc, etc. The strong silent type is toxic masculinity at work, the high suicide rate of younger males (note the younger female rate is also significantly increasing) is toxic masculinity at work. And on it goes.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “the high suicide rate of younger males (note the younger female rate is also significantly increasing) is toxic masculinity at work. And on it goes.”

        I Suppose you think its “Toxic Masculinity” that is increasing the Female suicide rate to eh Dennis?
        Or is that being caused by Patrichachy instead ?

        Your the hater pal.

      • EP,

        Haven’t put the blame of an increasing female suicide rate on toxic masculinity or patrichachy.

        Btw EP, what would you point at for the increasing young male suicide rate?

      • I Suppose you think its “Toxic Masculinity” that is increasing the Female suicide rate to eh Dennis?
        Or is that being caused by Patrichachy instead ?

        Nah, it’s obviously feminism. Everyone knows that’s what’s responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world today. Just ask your favourite Youtube speakers.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Dennis, on a side note. Years ago if someone got killed in a car accident by a driver breaking the law, one rouse was to say he/she was drunk, then they would be let off because he/she didn’t mean it.

    • While I didn’t find the advert particularly challenging to my own masculinity, I did feel that this was something tailored for US audiences – I think Australians don’t like being preached at, and a more direct – “Mate, don’t be a d!ckhead” or “Don’t bash your woman” would have been more effective at conveying a message.

      What intrigues me is that there does seem to be a lot of rage about it on the internet, with plenty of men saying they’ll throw out their Gilette razors or change to Schick due to the ad. However, what happens to said men if their girifriend/wife/partner likes the ad and purchases them Gilette products? Will they refuse and put principle above a harmonious relationship?

      • Boycott P&G in general. Evil company and horrendous track history in many areas. Including destruction of forests for palm oil, carcinogenic products, cruel animal testing and I’m sure there is a laundry list of stuff after that.

        Now they have the audacity to preach to us about how to be upstanding citizens. Give me a break.

      • As has been pretty widely noted, it’s just advertising. It’s not like the company actually believes it, and therein lies a problem. Several female commentators noted that the equivalent ladies razor, although in tasteful pink, costs even more. Plus several other examples of how the company clearly shows this is, in this case, empty virtue signalling.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        And the “Winner” in this thread goes to,
        .Wait for it,
        January 19, 2019 at 10:48 am

        “Just grow a beard like a real f’ing man!”

    • EP …

      Did you not get the memo that their is no such thing as Cultural Marxism … its a right wing dog whistle …

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Ha Ha,…yep!
        I agree its a BS concept,…right up there with “White male Privilege” and Patriarchy.
        Gives “Academics” something to be “authoritative” about, even though it doesn’t even exist!
        Jobs for the “Boys” and Girls and all that, aye.

      • EP, your daughter’s already learning about WMP, all from you. By the time she’s 15 she’ll know her place in your society.

      • I agree its a BS concept,…right up there with “White male Privilege” and Patriarchy.

        Many will undoubtedly be happy to start the week knowing that sexism, racism and class issues have been resolved !

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “Many will undoubtedly be happy to start the week knowing that sexism, racism and class issues have been resolved !”

        “Going Forward” certainly isn’t going to come from demonising all members of an entire ethnic and /or Gender group.

      • Buying the razor for the father / husband of the household, or telling their man what to buy. Also, buying razors for their teenage sons.

      • Women buy most groceries, and a disposable razor falls under that rubric.

        (Of course smart men use a double-edged safety razor …. much, much cheaper)

      • Chase, yeah bs on that. I doubt that many men will be dictated to by the wife when it comes to buying Gillette if they take exception to that ad!

      • The advert is trying to appeal to the female buyer in the household.

        How ?

        Wouldn’t an misandrist ad “appealing to the women” have women doing all the positive stuff, rather than men ?

    • Never knew the male soy decaf snowflake market was was worth pursuing, thought they were just a loudly whinging minority making b1tchy comments

    • That was good purely because of the quell surprise that all companies care about is the bottom line, king dollar $$ and that sociopaths run large companies. Especially pharmaceutical giants..

      My aunt is in aged care, she does interior design for nursing homes etc.. and has told me stories that will come up at the Royal Commission into aged care that will highlight how some of these providers were bought out by bigger firms etc..

      The original firms cared about people and the outcomes for these people, but the big companies that bought them out, cared about 1 thing. Profit. My aunt is in this field because she cares about the people and making sure they have a good experience in there last year’s of their life. Realising that someday that could be her.

      However these people couldn’t care less about the patients, instead treat them like cattle. How many money can they get out of them and how can they reduce operating costs by cutting down to the bone.

      When the RC kicks off some companies share prices are gonna tank..

      • Yes, Gavin, there will be a lot of nasty surprises in the evidence. I hope good change comes from it as I manage elderly uncle here in Cairns. Nice nursing home and staff (BUPA) but government has allowed them to reduce staff to patient ratios to bone and patients often left waiting in their beds for assistance. Got no-one advocating for you? You ain’t going to last – (Uncle wasn’t showering properly and it took me to get them to start bathing him properly.)
        Uncle knows he’s not in a real home.

        As an aside, – I have about $90 pw left for Uncle after nursing home takes it’s cut of his pension. That is for everything else a man needs, including clothing, shoes, etc. In reality, all of it, and some of mine, go to his smoking habit. (Nursing home gets 4 packs, as they ration him, and he gets 1 pack).
        Australia has one of the most punishing taxes on poor people in the world. Asked tobacconist, Rob, how many of his customers had given up last year when the last 12.5% tax hike came up.
        Only you was the reply. That’s how effective taxation isn’t at stopping people from smoking.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      I still cannot get out of my mind going to visit my great uncle and aunt in an aged care home a few years ago.

      I had been visiting them at their home and had lost touch because I could never raise them by phone. Then one day I got one of their sons who told me they were in an aged care place. I headed out to say gidday.

      I hadnt been there more than 10 minutes when my great aunt stated, after I asked how the place was, ‘I feel like I’m in prison’ – I was told the staff were unpleasant, that they couldnt understand the staff (90% of whom were from the subcontinent), they werent confident of the ‘care’, that didnt like the meals, and felt like they had lost their freedom. Both of them were crying.

      Without knowing anything about the industry I asked ‘Then why don’t you just move back home?’ – the tears became a flood as they related that they had sold their home to get into the place. They had owned their own home in Essendon about 5 minutes walk from the main shopping strip, and the aged care facility they were now in was five minutes drive from anything.

      They explained to me that he had had a fall and that they had been talked into going into aged care because ‘they needed help’. They had sold their place for the express purpose of paying $500k each as a bond, and both of their pensions were gleaned by the aged care joint.

      They were telling me about the experience end. I knew as soon as they mentioned the sums involved that with maybe 120 people in the facility, they were talking about the proprietor of the aged care facility sitting on maybe $60 million in bond and controlling a lot of pensions on top of that. It was not an aged care facility so much as an investment fund with an aged care branding mechanism.

      A bit of sniffing around in the days since then (my great uncle died not long after) – and my day job involves a lot of work with ex – military, pensions and healthcare – has brought me firmly to the view that the Royal Commission will be even more disturbing than the bank royal commission

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Some people think I’m fearless due to my sporting adventures but I have a fear of mosquito borne diseases and nursing homes hence the early morning rides and surfs. So far so good as some of those residents are younger than I.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        My 92 year old Neighbor, who only just last week lost his wife of 70+years, had to go through all of this when having to put his wife in aged care 18 mths ago.
        She had sever dementia and try as he did for years before was just not able to care for her himself.
        It was heart breaking listening to what he had to go through dealing with these scummy profit motivated, private aged care providers.
        No other industry requires stricter Regulation, oversight and enforcement of harsh punishments for unethic behavior.

        Like the opal tower/construction industry fiascos all these shyte outcomes were entirely Predictable from the beginning of the Neoliberal project.

      • I see a steady stream of nursing home patients shipped into ED when there is something wrong, or … the nursing home wants to save on overtime. It is surprising how many of them get sent in by ambulance the day before a public holiday with issues that have been ongoing for 2-3 weeks. Anyway, from my end it seems like the places are just factories run on grossly inadequate budgets. I will be making sure I never end up in one.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        d6, I will be making sure I don’t end up in one.
        Same here I hope to shuffle my way to Long Reef point and swim to New Zealand.
        .(footnote, knowing my bad luck end may up reaching there).

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        When not doing my day gig I do a lot of editing for investment types offshore. One guy I know quite well, when I explained the dynamics of aged care facility access and the 500k bond required therein for Australia stated it quite clearly for me….’well if they are managing 60 million just for access then managing that 60 million will be far more important than whatever else it is they are doing, or they are doing a vast amount of whatever else it is.’

      • Faced with disability and having to go to a nursing home, i’d just take a trip to the US, buy a gun from Wallmart or wherever, and end it painlessly.

        There’s a reason euthanasia laws are always resisted here, vested interests like nursing homes and the medical/drug industry oppose it through their god-bothering lobbyists and politicians.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER


        That is not uncommon. There is a well known instance of a former senior Army officer in his late 80s (about 6 years ago) who was encouraged to go into an aged care facility in Adelaide (and I was told it was one of the nicer ones). He returned to visit his son (also ex Army) one Sunday, where after a feed he was pottering around with some boxes he had given to his son some time previously. At some point they heard a loud bang, and the son, who knew exactly what the sound was, went down the backyard and found the old man sitting in a garden seat having shot himself in the head with his old service revolver (after having found the box of bullets and gun he was looking for). In his diary he apologised to his son but said he couldnt face returning to his ‘home’ and couldnt think of any other way to reconcile his situation.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Maybe the gun solution would be better as If by miracle New Zealand was reached (rescue boat) then a nursing home may be welcoming me on arrival.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER


        If I was you and as fit as you ostensibly are – indeed I should confess I am thinking (about a decade out from ‘retirement’ I guess) I could do this myself – one option I would look at is North Cyprus. Nice pleasant beaches for half the year, no sharks that i know of in Eastern Med, apartments and houses (many with pools) are cheap, and I quite like the Turks (or if you dont like them try the Greeks on the other side of the island) good fruit and vegies, very good (in North Cyprus) medical care, a good supply of medieval, and ancient Greek/Roman, ruins . Last thing I was told (about 4 years ago so it may have changed) is that Australian pensions are paid to people living there

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Atm feel like a 20 yo, 45 BPM at rest but one has to be prepared for sudden change. Already riding slower in the hot weather and weights getting lighter whilst feeling heavier. Still riding a short board but having to climb to my feet instead of jumping to feet. So the writings on the wall.
        Thanks for the idea’s.
        Johnnythekneelo at N Curlie doing better than me in his 80’s.
        The wife used to bitch about me being way too old for her. Sitting at the dog beach a while ago a woman asked if she was with her son.(no grey hair for me YET she’s White haired).

      • [Already riding slower in the hot weather and weights getting lighter whilst feeling heavier.]

        Low test can do that, it decreases with age.

        You could get TRT, but then if you ever discontinue it, it could make a big drop in performance.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        rj2, thanks but no thanks.
        Case 1
        Put in a mill and repaired a lathe (back of house) for a guy in Mosman. His mate of similar age came around, that is jumping around like a 20 year old, sharp as nails wit to suit. He was 94 yrs old.
        Case 2
        Met a woman at Ettalong wharf, hunched over walking frame, didn’t know where she lived being assisted by her grand daughter. Thought maybe 96 or so so asked grand daughter, answer =same age as me.
        Asked the nice lady what she did ? answer = “nothing” she replied.
        The good thing about natural T is no withdrawals. Every man loses it beginning at age 25, but if one lifts heavy objects regularly the decline is lessened. When any artificial T, roid or HGH is taken your own system shuts down as it isn’t needed (use it or lose it) and when you stop, your own system can’t supply. The consequence is obvious.

      • [and when you stop, your own system can’t supply. The consequence is obvious.]

        I know.
        Most of the problems you read are about bodybuilders that have been taking mega doses, rather than a small amount that compensates for natural decline.

        However, i would still try and avoid a dependance like that.
        I’ve been running 3km on a treadmill 5 times a week for the last 2 weeks and doing weights 1-2 times a week.
        Losing fat helps a lot with lessening the dissipation of test in the system.

        Having mentally challenging and interesting hobbies helps a lot.

      • Everyone in this thread should watch the movie “What They Had” (2018)

        Excellent take on these issues.

        I have arranged euthanasia if I develop dementia. Not difficult to do (nitrogen canister is all). Suggest everyone does likewise … gives great peace of mind 💡

      • Faced with disability and having to go to a nursing home, i’d just take a trip to the US, buy a gun from Wallmart or wherever, and end it painlessly.

        I have a shotgun & ammo buried in the desert near Las Vegas. Sealed in a PVC pipe section, safe from rain, animals etc. I have the GPS co-ordinates. If all else fails …..

      • Replying to doc and others, my dad’s brother, John, never wanted to be in one either.
        He was living with me and Lovey for a while, off and on over several years, as his capacities deteriorated. It got to point where his continued presence was affecting my relationship and own mental health… So, we managed a difficult transition and he’s been in there for 18 months. Bipolar, frail, bit incontinent and early dementia – is why he’s there. Tried him on his own several times… Didn’t work, so it was TINA for Uncle, when I could no longer manage him.
        I think Gunna’s right, the strories are going to be more horrific and more shocking than the bank RC. I will be watching for sure.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        RM2 had to euthanatize our very old cat, used pure argon gas from my tig welder. Most humane way to go.

    • Buzzfeed and Cohen. Now there are two reliable sources of info!
      “Cohen was sentenced to 36 months in December after he pleaded guilty to lying”
      Perhaps Michaelia Cash will say “It was Trump that got me to do it” next!

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Yep! Anyone who is saying sh1t against Trump is lying and is just part of the conspiracy to remove him, a popularly elected President!

    • interested partyMEMBER

      Here you go becksie, have a good weekend.


      I’m starting to form a line of thinking that Trump wouldn’t care if he doesn’t get re-elected….if he can get done what he needs to get done. The link above lays out a possible pathway to clean out dead wood and long-term swamp dwellers via the shut-down.
      Time will tell if what is suggested in the link comes to pass, but if it is accurate, then watch the dems/rinos/nevertrumpers go ballistic.
      If it is accurate, and it happens……… then mark it down as hard evidence that he is indeed draining the swamp. The necessary glorious basterd. Hated by many, but impervious to the hate. The right tool for the job……I believe it is known as.
      It could also be just a bunch of noise…..time will tell.

      • hahahahaha, you really believe Trump is thinking not only strategically, but long term with the best interests of the country for the long term at the core of his “thinking”?. Fv3k, you’re a REAL optimist.

        Btw, apologies if I’m mistaken, didn’t read the article.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        Dennis……well…read the bloody article before spraying stray chunks of consciousness around the joint…..just sayin;)

      • OMG, the “DEEP STATE” is lazy bureaucrats. Talk about LMAO, in-depth analysis at its best!

        The American Thinker, conservative bullsh1t tank with Israel one of its main areas of focus. (shakesmyhead).

        Why is it that Trump supporters view any attempt at stymying Trumps agenda is viewed as undemocratic, but doing the same with Obama’s agenda (health care) is democracy at work?

      • Draining the swamp. It is true that Trump drained the swamp … to put in a four berth container terminal so corrupt business could front up and drain American assets directly without all those nasty protections. My particular favourite is all those swampy researchers finding ways to control agricultural pests instead of a good healthy spraying program where farmers can continue to contribute to Wall street. Good to get rid all of that.

      • And let’s not forget the organisations our conservative heroes think need to be culled the most of Deep State influence.

        Housing and Urban Development
        Commerce (might actually have something with that one)

        Why is it that Trump supporters view any attempt at stymying Trumps agenda is viewed as undemocratic, but doing the same with Obama’s agenda (health care) is democracy at work?

        Because they, like he, are fundamentally anti-liberal and think democracy is broken in principle. They’re cheering for Trump because they think he’s going to bring the whole system down and bring about the kind of authoritarian feudalism that they crave.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        Haha…smithy….and you had a go at EP about “it’s in your head”……..lol
        No doubt there are some who fit your fearful concerns, just as there are a number of people who worship the flying spagetti monster…..so you might be right a little bit.
        As for the rest…myself included…..we just want democracy to be democracy. You know…..the one without all the corruption.

      • Haha…smithy….and you had a go at EP about “it’s in your head”……..lol

        I’ve basically described Bannon’s – along with all the other Strauss-Howe disciples – ideas. These people are trying to bring about the “Fourth Turning” “Crisis”. And for obvious reasons they’ve got the Rapturists on board as well. They are trying to break the system so they can rebuild it the way they want it to work, and they sure as hell ain’t interested in the welfare of Mr and Mrs Average. That’s why they’re busily disassembling the systems and institutions that defined modern America and mostly made it relatively nice place for Mr and Mrs Average to live.

        Meanwhile, “American Thinkers” like “Thomas Lifson” are screaming at the top of their lungs to keep doing it. Because what they want is a Government that is, to use the colloquialism, “small enough to drown in a bathtub”. That way it can’t get in the way to protect the plebs from the robber-barons stripmining their resources.

        No doubt there are some who fit your fearful concerns, […]

        Yeah, like, say, Trump’s political strategists and policy advisers both through his campaign and into his administration.

        They’re not quite as serious as the Reactionaries who are further down the path and lean more towards “just line up the heathens and weirdos against the wall and shoot them”, but still pretty fvcking scary.

        As for the rest…myself included…..we just want democracy to be democracy. You know…..the one without all the corruption.

        You are going to be bitterly disappointed on Team Trump.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        These people are trying to bring about the “Fourth Turning” “Crisis”. And for obvious reasons they’ve got the Rapturists on board as well.

        Rubbish. They are describing the global yearning for change. If you actually think what you say……..then to me you smell like a pro-existing apparatchik in support of the status quo. How’s your current system treating the homeless? ….you got yours…all good?, How’s your current system treating other countries? war…moar war….all good? Lets move onto the environment, how’s that going….hmm?
        Yeah….this is some system we have here….good enough to protect and cherish….from your camp! It sure sucks to be outside of it, but you wouldn’t know about that I reckon.

        they sure as hell ain’t interested in the welfare of Mr and Mrs Average

        LOL. They/we don’t have the major benefactors welfare in mind…….fixed for you. The 1% are the targets, your owners of the existing system you are so enamoured with. Can’t you see your Mr and Mrs average are being treated as cattle? Are you that blind?
        The worlds population have become aware of the manipulative system that has been in place for centuries…thanks to big data, technology, and some patriotic exposure from within the system. It is no longer a conspiracy theory that everything is owned by few, controlled by few, for the welfare of the few. Enough is enough….and the main reason many of your crew dislike the process that has been started, and will not be stopped, is an intense dislike for the actors involved….or you are a cog in that system and you benefit from it.

        You are going to be bitterly disappointed on Team Trump.

        Lol….this is the really amusing part for me….and I say this in all sincerity……..Trump is just a part of a process, granted he plays a vital role, but I cannot be disappointed in him or his team. I am grateful he had the courage to do what he has done.
        If not for Trump…we would be living in a HRC world, and that thought scares the life out of me. Trump has jumped on the grenade that clinton represented.

      • They are describing the global yearning for change.

        No, they’re exploiting it.

        If you actually think what you say……..then to me you smell like a pro-existing apparatchik in support of the status quo.

        Or maybe just someone who doesn’t subscribe to the “burn it to the ground and hope that something other than weeds grows back”.

        How’s your current system treating the homeless? ….you got yours…all good?, How’s your current system treating other countries? war…moar war….all good? Lets move onto the environment, how’s that going….hmm?
        Yeah….this is some system we have here….good enough to protect and cherish….from your camp! It sure sucks to be outside of it, but you wouldn’t know about that I reckon.

        I tell you what, champ. If you can find a single post on MB from me seriously espousing any of the views in that paragraph, or supporting people who do, I’ll donate $100 to a charity of your choice.

        The 1% are the targets, […]

        They sure are.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        You can’t stand trump, that’s obvious. But let’s look at the big picture. North Korea…..best outlook and chance at lasting peace …in our lifetimes. Who is responsible?
        Iran……no clear outcome yet on that front, but economic pressure instead of military, in my view, is better. Bad idea?
        Removing troops from syria bad?…or you still hung up in that he didn’t follow procedure and inform the very same actors that have perpetuated the damn war that the jig is up; we’re bringing them home = bad?
        Doing something about protecting the border….bad? shutting down pathways for drugs, child trafficking….all good in my eyes…how about you?

        This is the dismantling of a corrupt system that has been centuries in the making….and you want to keep it?……because the system, as it was before Trump, was economic inequality to the extreme, endless wars, increasing poverty and homelessness, increasing health issues, failing political systems….what’s in there to consider worth saving? or not worth attempting to change?
        In the end, it doesn’t matter what either of us think or want…….the ball is rolling and it cannot be stopped. I get your concerns about ‘weeds’ and yes, I have considered this as an outcome. Big change always carries risks, how it is managed is the question. I don’t see Trump burning anything down…..France maybe burning, but that is France.
        The system as it stands right now is taking us over the cliff…economically, environmentally, culturally.

        thanks for the link……and no…….there is no way I will support mb while they continue to have a heavy alignment towards the msm…us based in particular. Confirmation bias around orange man bad……efn echo chamber. We are all capable enough to make up our own mind up about any subject…so we don’t need just one side of the argument….give us both sides. That is what I mean by “balance”…

      • You can’t stand trump, that’s obvious.

        There you go again. Trying to make this an issue of one man’s personality and implicitly belittling the very idea that anyone could rationally disagree with your view.

        Followed up by the usual smorgasboard of fallacies and a bit of whataboutism.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        Nothing about the personality….try wrapping your head around the outcomes implemented instead of dragging the conversation into the weeds. Change is here…..deal with it.

    • interested partyMEMBER

      CB…..you didn’t delete your own post now…did you?
      You know…..the one about the accuracy of the buzzfeed footinmouth event? lol

      • No – but my post pointing out the denial by Mueller’s office was deleted! Can’t have anyone who thinks differently to ‘Coastal Smug Liberals’ in here.

  8. A job application from Abul Rizvi to the incoming Labor government for running the newly reformed immigration department.


    Rizvi was THE policy guru for immigration during the Ruddock years and is so obviously arguing that we need to get immigration back under relative control, obviously under his direction. Two things he will need to insist on: 1) that immigration become a standalone agency again – it’s role is simply too big to be lost in intelligence, policing and customs issues 2) that the immigration agency is once again allowed to play out of the crease – it is too late to block non-genuine migrants once they are already in the country.

    Though to note it was under Rizvi’s reign that it was agreed to allow Indian based migration and education agents to verify the bonafides of Indians applying for Australian student visas (so as to save the agency money and to boost numbers of Indian nationals coming to Australia). That was a disaster of a decision, a curious ramification of that being seen at the cricket last night where more Indian supporters turned up than Australian supporters.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      I have made this chart the other day from the ABS data referred to in the header

      made it here…..https://plot.ly/~Kongwak/1/

      Note that the dates on the X axis are US format dates

      I find it inconceivable that we would go (in December 2005) from having gone above a NOM of 50k per quarter, only twice in the previous 99 quarters (stretching back to June 1981) to having 33 of the next 50 quarters (leading to June 2018) go above that figure…….. without some form of public decision being taken by either a politician or the public service .

      There must be something on the public record to explain that.

    • Whilst Rizvi probably created the notion of ‘skilled migration’ with good intentions, the execution is weak.

      We give Permanent Residency to so called ‘skilled migrants’ before we actually test whether or not, by the Australian market, that they are in fact, ‘skilled migrants’ with valuable skills to the Australian labor market. A skilled individual in the third world does not necessarily equate to a skilled individual in the first world. Permanent Residency should only be given to temporary visa holders who have tested their skill, experience and qualifications in the Australian marketplace.

      Let the market test their value when they are here (as in, whether or not they can apply their supposed skill in return for a good salary), not when they are overseas.

      • Chase – yeah but they needed to be heavily vetted before they are provided even temporary residence for several reasons. Firstly, by allowing unqualifed people to come into Australia to work you are depriving someone already here with the chance of filling that job. Secondly, for those employers who were genuinely suckered into employing an unqualifed person – not sure such an employer exists: I was told the going rate for a chef’s job as a rouse to get into Australia is about $100k – it is a burden. Thirdly, once into Australia the dodgey migrant has far greater legal rights than they are entitled to if they have not managed to get into the country. Fourthly, Immigration’s compliance function has always been patchy with illegals being able to stay in Australia working and living for years before they are detected (hard to balance as you don’t want the situation of Immigration officers doing random indentity checks on the street corner). Fifthly, illegals by their very mindset are attempting to get as much as they can from the Australian community – they are not here to contribute but to take (totally different for genuine migrants, many of whom endeavour to participate in the community).

      • Triage, I agree to most of your points. I’m keen to reduce overall PR and temporary visas. I would suggest PR comes off the back of a genuine 457 (where there is a genuine skills shortage, so the person taking the 457 job isn’t stealing a job off a local). The 457 would still be screened. The 457 would then go onto PR, and more likely into a skilled job (given they have already proven their worth as a skilled migrant by doing the 457 job). The 70,000 permanent places that MB is calling for, would be mostly 457 transitioning across to PR. Again, I would be calling for a radical reduction in temporary visa numbers (457s for genuine skill shortages), and also reducing student visas (and work visas for student’s partners) by way ensuring students have no work rights. I would do away with family reunions and sponsorships, and do away with long-term visitor visas (if your Australian children just had a baby, you can come over on a 3 month visa, and should have travel insurance or health insurance, we don’t need long stay elderly people). I would deport anyone who came in under tourist or student visas who then are seeking asylum. Plus, I would give temporary residency to refugees as we are only obliged to provide temporary protection. These temporary refugee visa holders can then transition across to PR if they meet requirements, where a certain amount of PR positions are held in this case (but must be proficient English, qualifications, a good work history when in Australia). Overall, we would have less temporary residents and less permanent residents – much easier to manage.

      • Fair enough, tighten things up, I reckon Abul Rizvi would be right into that as soon as he gets the gig.

        I don’t agree with your idea for refugees though. Genuine refugees are likely traumatised when they get to Australia and are also likely dysfunctional and I think we have the capacity to go that extra mile for them.

      • Triage, re refugees, perhaps the traumatised refugees are better suited to being helped in secondary countries. Perhaps, as Finland has suggested, we could help more refugees in country (or in a secondary, a nearby country) then re-settling them here. It’s because of the trauma and culture shock that we have issues in the refugee communities in Australia – historically, it hasn’t always worked out. Resettling the European refugees after WWII was a different story – they were more culturally aligned with Australia and we had the work for these people ready to go.

  9. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Whatever crime Trump have committed does not matter, Trump won’t be impeached because 5/9 Supreme Court Justice are on his side. Theirs are the only vote that counts when it comes to impeachment.

    • interested partyMEMBER

      Ronin, the senate has control over impeachment votes….ergo….any call for impeachment is just noise…it will never pass the senate. Who controls the senate?

    • IP …

      Many Senators are having dramas with the shut down due to its effect on their constituents, not to mention a growing fear of populist blow back as it hits the back pockets of so many regardless of left or right leanings, lest we forget this does not just effect the government workers, but all the private business that supply goods and services to them.

      All over Trumps child like tanty over building a white elephant wall …

    • interested partyMEMBER

      I hope not to regret engaging you on this skippy, but do suggest you read the link I provided to CB above. The benefits may outweigh the short term costs…biggly.

      You ask why someone from the swamp would go after the swamp…….well… if he can successfully drain it, then what a way to be remembered. He loves the limelight, doesn’t he? A massive narcissistic billboard plastered across history. I don’t see a downside in all of this, despite who he is, and his past.

      • Dennis
        Just for your information – we do deal with all those issues you raise actually. In doing so, let me tell you, we don’t try to destroy a man.
        Frankly, you should have a look at yourself. Your need to continuously abuse people who happen to be different to you, ought be an issue for you. I know it isn’t.
        Men can’t be changed unless they want to change – so the Gillette ads are harmful to the betterment of men. We give men the space to develop an image of who they want to be.
        Frankly, you are just an arrogant pratt. You get joy out of abusing people. Every man, for ALL their faults, who attends our Groups is a better man than you because he is at least, taking a serious look at himself and trying to be better. You should think about that.

      • Frankly, you should have a look at yourself. Your need to continuously abuse people who happen to be different to you, ought be an issue for you. I know it isn’t.
        Men can’t be changed unless they want to change – so the Gillette ads are harmful to the betterment of men. We give men the space to develop an image of who they want to be.
        Frankly, you are just an arrogant pratt. You get joy out of abusing people.

        Probably 3/4 of the posts you make here are aggressively attacking people because you don’t like what you think their opinions are, or where you think they live, or what you think they do for a crust.

        You rarely, if ever, make even a minimal attempt to consider or address any of the actual points anyone you disagree with raises, or understand their position, you pretty much just barrel straight into either some random abuse about city-dwellers, unionists, or for topical issues regurgitate whatever the opinion pages and heads of the Murdoch press say. I don’t think I have ever seen you ask anyone “why”.

        Then when the odd person loses their temper in the face of this childish bullsh!t – or often even when they don’t – you have the temerity to lecture them about being arrogant and abusive.

        You must need a hell of a ladder to get onto that horse.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Too true MB, Give up trying to explain why I went Spearing the next day in the same spot after that guy got thrown out of his kayak by a big White off LR. Told the missus that I would rather cross the railway line after the train had passed than before it had come.
      As it was , felt safe once there were fish on the float line as any tugging would be an alert. Stupid LR surfers thought they were safe moving to DY surf. A couple of flicks of that great tail and DY here we are.

    • Yep, they cruise a fair way. They tagged some off Perth a while back. Watched one head up to Indo, then came back down around the south coast, then off on it’s merry way across the Indian ocean to South Africa. How the bloody hell they navigate that kind of journey is amazing.

  10. There’s an 810 page tome by Philip Soos and Paul Egan available for free download across at Prosper. Print out your favourite graph and put it up in your workshop, at the office, or get it painted onto a wall in Melbourne.


    Here’s the blurb.
    “In Bubble Economics, Paul D. Egan and Philip Soos explore a depressed Australia in the 1840s, 1890s and 1930s. They detail recurrent patterns of boom-bust credit and asset cycles which heralded financial instability, particularly following speculation in commercial and residential land markets.

    A financial instability model is put forward to predict economic downturns which is based on Georgist, post-Keynesian and behavioural finance schools of economic thought, informed by data from 1830 to 2013.

    The trends in Australia’s current trade settings, residential property market and banking sector are ominously similar to the key precursors to Australia’s ‘Great Depression’ of the 1890s. Egan and Soos expose ‘rentier economics’ in the land down under and discard the dominant neoclassical paradigm, bringing a fresh perspective to the intense debate about Australia’s economic future.”

  11. Also looks like the FBI KNEW that the information that was passed onto them in order to start in the investigation into Trump was entirely false – there is very strong evidence for this and the consequences are criminal and treason.

    Looking at everyone investigated, charged and found guilty so far by the FBI has been entirely on “lying” to the FBI or low level fraud while the “Russians” charged are barely more than nasty tweets.

    The entire thing is looking like becoming unravelled as a Democratic witch hunt (I am far left wing greeny – and this entire thing stinks MORE than the Obama was born in Kenya).

    If the lastest allegations hold water then we may well see a broom right through the FBI and plenty behind bars.

    This thing is going to blow up.

    The re-opening of the Clinton sales of Uranium and $145 Million donation to Bill is also looking very dangerous. Would not want to be a Democrat if this thing swings the other way.

    • interested partyMEMBER

      Welcome aboard the logical express. Plenty of seats still available, no ticket needed.

      “I am far left wing greeny”
      I think you just took a step back towards the logical center…..

    • I think you just took a step back towards the logical center


      If you consider the management of our planet should aim for survival (green) and the best possible lifestyle for its inhabitants (green / left) then there is no alternative – literally none.

      I think you mean to say is – “a step towards logical, impartial observation based on objective facts without being ruled by selective bias and cognitive dissonance into unbridled barracking and subjective political absolutism”

      Then yes.

      The left wing – my wing – has lots its fcn collective mind. For a President to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan and have the left wing call it a disaster is beyond risible. Utterly moronic. And their stance on Trump and Russia is simply depressing.

      Anyone who falls for it is a feckless buffoon of the most boorish kind. There are plenty on here who should know FAR better.

      • Alpha – Damned sensible excellent post. I may disagree on what ‘Green’ means and how to get there but the alliance of the ‘Green Smug Lot’ (note that leaves out people who actually think) with the War Mongering elite is the most astonishing change in the political landscape in my now fairly long lifetime.

    • What a joke, Trump supporters talking about logic! The guy is a MORON and fv3king bare-faced liar.

    • The left wing – my wing – has lots its fcn collective mind. For a President to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan and have the left wing call it a disaster is beyond risible.

      Pretty sure the criticism there was mainly about policy on the run, (consequently) not having any sort of exit strategy and the irresponsibility of seagulling a whole country.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        What Trump proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is just how irrelevant the Presidency is.
        It shows how the Democrats and Republicans are simply 2 different factions within the same Corporate state.
        Clinton, the Wall Street candidate, or someone Clinton like, was supposed to win, but the irresistible Circus of the absurd Donald Trump had the coporate media inadvertently deliver the Presidency to him, through their ridicule of not just him,…but of any deplorable who might dare vote for him out of protest against a lack of any real (to them) difference.
        It was Hilarious and deeply depressing to watch.
        The best thing to come out of it,…is the leg up its giving to Real left leaning Democrats like Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and others.
        Inspite of DNC and coporate lobbiest hugely well funded efforts, Trump won! exposing their own failings, corruptions and contempt for the population.
        Maybe its time for the Democrats to become a real left of Centre party again,…a party that represents Middle and working class interests, instead of coporate lobbyists interests.
        We can only hope.

      • Was it ?

        Or was that the excuse drummed up to simply oppose anything he does. Trump is a disaster – but so is American politics. I, like the EU, British, Chinese, Japanese and everyone else (excluding Australians who are almost always ten years behind everyone) have simply moved on from America.

        The left could EASILY have said “fantastic – its what we believe in, no war – but lets do it properly and make sure its done right” – but they didn’t. They simply lampooned it, discredited the idea entirely – and threw this on the floor as their absurd excuse.

        Afghanistan has zero reason for continuing – absolutely none outside US imperialism. No reason exists.

        Syria for the protection of Kurds from the Turks.

        Really ? Seriously ? This is the Dems position after their obliteration of Libya ? Their obliteration and abandonment of the Kurds under Clinton ?

        Its a straight up political lie – and believing it just emphasizes that you are not about good policy – you are purely about barracking and cheering on your “team” while booing the opposition.

        Its like watching a pissed bogan screaming at the umpire for a push in the back while his daughter quietly sobs all dressed in footy gear at how sad her dad is.

        Its just pathetic.

        End the wars. Thats the point – end them.

    • Yep. Just whip out the old cheque book ( do they still have those?!) and write a cheque for $100,000 or more for the 20% deposit. Easy as!

    • As a soon returning citizen of brisbane, I’m keenly watching the Brisbane prices. That said, Newstead doesn’t have any houses for sale, only units. What a tool, probably trying to build up demand for his dropping invesment ‘portfolio’. As for Rocklea, it’s a shithole..

      Any hope for Brisbane’s nicer house prices to drop, Lads?

      • Any hope for Brisbane’s nicer house prices to drop, Lads?

        There’s a place up the road from us in Chelmer that’s been on the market for a couple of months now. Started about $1.4m and has been dropping about $50k every few weeks. Down to about $1.1m now I think. On Honour Ave, stone’s throw from the station, mid-1900s era QLDer that’s been raised and built under (passable job but they should have raised it higher), pool, big shed (2-3 car size) out the back, approx 1000m^2 mostly flat and flood-free.

        I reckon the area as a whole is at best (/worst ?) static and probably had a 5%ish drop over the last 12 months.

        EDIT: It doesn’t appear to be on realestate.com.au anymore. I’d assumed it was still on the market since the big sign was still out the front earlier in the week, but maybe it’s sold. Assuming the place above has sold for around $1.1, I doubt we’d be able to sell our place for what we bought it for a year ago.

  12. I posted the following yesterday in the Links section so please excuse the repost however the comments intrigued me (especially …Jeebus, how old are you? I’m >60 and I would never dream of asking millennial twerps for advice ) so I thought it worthy of a repost on the weekend.

    Interesting bit of bear &^% authored by none other than the one time LNP leader John Hewson
    Article could be summarized as: It’s time to stop the can kicking….ah but what else are we really good at????
    Given that this is an election year and given that we are still talking about Australia (and not some economically literate country that gives a flying F) I’m left wondering why Dr Hewson wasted his time penning this missive. Is it just a safe time to print such an article knowing full well that the politics of the election will prove you correct, or does he have a broader point?

    I suggest today’s policy challenges are at least as significant as those that flowed from the crises of the early 70s. Moreover, I fear that economists, governments and policy authorities have even less understanding of them, and even less capacity to deal effectively with them.

    Goodness that’s pretty dour stuff especially coming from someone with Hewson’s knowledge, background and experience. The late 70’s and early 80’s (for those not old enough to remember) were very confusing times, with rapid technological are geopolitical changes laying waste to the post war status-quo Industries were confronting the reality of a global market place for goods, services, capital. and exchange rates, everything was in motion at the same time. Computers that could run at 10 megahertz clock rates occupied the whole floor of a building and still used ferrite core beads for short term memory. These massive power hungry IBM and CDC beasts would be replaced in just a few short years by the humble 8086 PC processor.
    Massive global structural changes were simultaneously underway with the geo-political raise of the Middle-East as the worlds Petro-economies flexed their muscles but apparently Dr Hewson believes we’re facing an even less certain future in the 2020’s AND we’re even less prepared for these changes than we were in the early 1980’s…that’s quite an assessment (basically a big fat F grade for Team Australia on all levels).
    Personally I’m not sure that I agree with Dr Hewson, I think the real problem is that as we get older we disconnect from the emerging world and immerse ourselves in a personal space that’s dominated by decay and decline. Our social calendar is dominated by attending funerals, our health is invariably in decline and our personal space is dominated by the (now outdated) things we acquired in our 40’s and 50’s our own personal museum of what was important to us. My point is all of this is irrelevant yet it is the lens through which us old-fellas view an emerging world, this world view will always result in an analysis that focuses on what we’ve lost rather than what we’ve gained.
    As an old fella myself I’d challenge all the young guns out there to open my eyes to the opportunities that Australia offers, which emerging industries will it dominate, where will our successes come from and what will be our inevitable failures (what is baked in that cant be changed both for the positive and negative)??
    So please help this old fella to see.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Fisho, Telling a fisherman friend of the wife about spearing a Blue Fin Tuna off long Reef years ago. True to form he didn’t believe it saying they don’t travel this far North. My answer a Northern Hemisphere crest head duck found in Melbourne.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Looked it up, large Blue Fin do regularly visit Syd so he mustn’t be much of a fisherman.

      • Yea Boom sometimes you catch stuff that just shouldn’t be there.
        recently I caught a big Mangrove Jack just north of Catho Bay of course I wasn’t specifically trying to catch Jacks so it makes one wonder just how many “reefings” were actually Jacks. Jacks basically hit the bait or lure heading back to their hidey hole and they’re very strong swimmers so if you’re not setup to catch Jacks you’ll almost never get one as bycatch and therefore conclude there are no Jacks in this area. It’s similar with other large fish all you know is that you got spooled by something ….probably a big ray or a shark …or a Blue finned Tuna…but it couldn’t possibly be a Blue Finned Tuna because they don’t come this far south / north / east ….

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Thanks for the feedback. Speared a Spangled Emperor at Long reef (shore) after a bout of night diving by self at The Wall 1 klm N East from point.. ( aren’t they supposed to be a Queensland fish).
        and that sting I got from that Box Jelly look alike with flat ribbon tentacles I bet came from up North as well.

      • Many monns ago I was swimming from Bungan around the headland to Mona Vale when a wave broke and washed some sort of stinging jelly fish over me. All I saw was something that was purple colored in the water before it felt like I’d been hit on the shoulder with a sledge hammer. I swam up onto the rocks because I could hardly breath…I’ve no idea what it was but I recovered about an hour later.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Very interesting Fisho.
        Didn’t eat the Emporer as something with a wide mouth beat me to it as I was hauling it in via mono filament, only left me with the head, straight cut.
        Halfway to Berkeley Vale factory atm.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        1/1 Clare Mace, feel free to drop in and check out the machines. Any one else in the area included.

    • @fisho
      Yes. I am +60 now and have become very negative. But I still see contemporaries who are happy as (and mostly with IQs like) clams. Oops, there it goes again. Damn.

      • I’m with you Arthur!
        Those you reference drive big 4WD’s, have produced nothing in their whole lives, own RE and do lots of ‘travel’ All of which is their entitlement after a life of brainless seat polishing.

    • I really wasn’t interested in old guys commiserating with me, but rather I’m genuinely interested in young guns, with eyes wide open to the future, that are happy to show me the opportunities they see.
      I see enormous growth revenue wise in systems like NDIS but I really have trouble understanding how any social system creates advantage for itself through the execution of schemes like NDIS…To be clear I’m not against systems that help those unfortunate souls afflicted with disabilities but with what I’ve seen so far the implementation is so far from the ideal as to make one question what’s the real purpose of the system?
      That’s what my old eyes just can’t see.

      • fisho
        I’d make four observations and I think none of them willl be popular here
        1. The NDIS was a brain fart introduced during an election campaign. Everyone loved it – it SOUNDED so right! Abbott, as the alternativee candidate, had to agree to it or lose. So there was never any examination of the issues surrounding it or how it would be funded. Everyone was in favour of it. Would any of us sacrifice what was needed to make it work? The MMT/Neo-Liberal monetary alliance were as one.
        2. It was just a ‘good idea’ The bureaucracies that result from this sort of stuff are really, at a basic level, not interested in the people so much as their own positions and egos
        3. Young people, in their natural (and necessary) idealism would never question the scheme or its implementation.
        4. Young people have been brought up and educated in an economic system that preaches that there are no limits.

        I’d add another observation. There used to be a role for Elders in communities. Maybe we abdicated in favour of materialism?

      • Ah Flawse …another oldish guy that agrees with this old f4rt go figure
        It’s not that I don’t agree with what you’ve written but rather that these schemes ARE booming, they are the foundations of our future economy. Manufacturing (of which I know a lot) is dying, there’s no growth in revenue, no growth in skills within the population, no willingness to invest capital (human, money or political) we’re probably beyond the point of return so were stuck with a future economy that must be built on foundations like NDIS.
        This means it’s is necessary for me to understand, what through my eyes is an abortion, so I need to see it through the eyes of another because it’s happening it’s real. We have capital investment in this sector, we have a population that is developing a greater/ deeper skills base in related social/health sector, in short we have everything in place for the sector to boom basically everything that’s lacking from the Manufacturing picture is present in the health/social sector.
        For me this all suggests that if I wish to contribute (and be suitably rewarded) than I need to get on board and see this as a thing of beauty. Unfortunately my eyes don’t see it that way, my intellect is offended by its presence, my experience suggests that it should be the industry in decline but that’s not reality….and above all else I’m still a realist…hence the call out for young eyes to help me see.

      • Well Fisho, I’m a little younger (early 50’s) & as you likely know have been in the engineering field all my working life. I don’t think living in a sector in permanent decline has been healthy even if it has been my passion – I think it narrows your view & adaptability. Types like Arthur, Flawse, (myself) & others in here probably always tend to look too intensely under the hood seeking to understand rather than just getting in & mindlessly driving for the joy of it? I think that road less traveled, while often more enlightening, may preclude the habit of joy from entrenching into us as deeply as those who just seek the easy way. I’ve little doubt a lot in here have been told they overthink things on occasion. If you can see an opportunity in NDIS, maybe it’s just that! I see a lot of younguns heading to uni & the health sector or building trades down this way….. They’re the only choices they see…. well that & the generality of “something to do with IT, or coding apps”. My nephew is 3rd yr Electrical Engineering & while he’s being well supported, people have asked him why go for something so hard……. & TBH while he’s got the smarts to excel in it, I can eventually see him back on the farm because he likes that lifestyle. (I’m going to try to collar him to help me make a hillclimber EV with all the fruit if I can – for starters…….. between the 2 of us there shouldn’t be a lot in the mechatronic field we couldn’t do well, we just need to find a niche to fill with a product…. story of most frustrated manufacturing types lives.). For mine it has to be tech, biotech, health, pharma….. & be prepared to go OS once you outgrow this non forward thinking zone. (Ever heard you’ve got to live in the now, a couple of times too many?)

      • Thanks Colin,
        I’m guessing you’re also not a huge fan of these new social engineering schemes but as you say, it is the future if for no other reason than because it is what so many young Aussies have trained for (it’s what were skilled to do)
        As I’ve said before my own son graduated with a Mechanotrics degree and is currently working in Germany for ZF group so maybe I’m seeing the insanity of the path he took. I suspect my lack of understanding of that which is booming in Australia influenced his decision re what to study, so now he is sort of locked out of the best opportunities that Australia offers.
        In a way I need to better understand Australia’s opportunity space because my own limitations adversely impact the choices that my kids make.

      • If NDIS health care et al is needed then OK, & some would be. People with poor health do fall through the cracks & are lost & once they’ve got a chronic condition, Every aspect of their life is affected! perception to execution, physical, mental, emotional, relationships, financially. Depending on their situation & how quickly they’re caught some can be helped to various degrees, others are just write offs unfortunately. I’d be interesting to know the stats of material improvements to see if it’s just a ‘make work’ deal or real. But I suspect overall the government is just desperate to dig & fill holes or if they were thinking about the country’s future they might take a fresh hand in educational directions & actually foster that ‘smart’ country meme & encourage entrepreneurial forays. Even rebuilding TAFE would be encouraging for a start, but they’d rather weaken it, & dilute degrees. Unfortunately I think they’re totally myopic & are just as reliant as they ever were on Quarry Australia – without charging properly for it. Perhaps all the western world is just as stagnant? There seems to be some kind of dead zone until the next good idea arrives & takes hold. When millennials take the bit between their teeth, maybe(?) they’ll show their hand at change. I can see it being more experience oriented, more service & person oriented…. perhaps steering away from materialist saturation. Maybe even addressing energy, GHG etc.

        I would’ve thought in a manufacturing country your son would be doing well. Although hardy transportable back here for mass production levels at least…… (Subs or Space in SA?) There is niche if he can find something that suits, or make his own. Currently I’m seeing a race to make a better Oyster sorter, but it’s a small industry & they perform well enough, according to budget. I can see demand for waste management/reduction & recycling. If you stumble on the right thing there, there’d be a market easy to convince they need it. Energy efficiency. Production efficiency, anything efficiency….. But I’m looking through my manufacturing lens…..

        Flawse, maybe elders went with materialism, or maybe due to the safety net? Maybe promoted Individualism is another division?

    • imo there is too much optimism. Optimism especially in Anglo American countries is marketed as the necessary ingredient of success to join the executive class.

      There should be more philosophical pessimism. Relentlesss pessimism emphasising just how much of a public policy disaster the last 40 years has been.
      Optimism means believing in market forces as that’s all that’s left. As Munchau said about a month ago, everyone is now a shareholder or a landlord and there is nothing left to privatise. This is the apogee of neoliberalism. You can either be optimistic and think that market forces will stop wrecking the world or pessismistic and recognise the need to roll back the disaster epoch with higher taxes, more state control and less market forces.

      • That’s the thing I’m not generally speaking a pessimist and I’m not usually scared to invest if I can see the direction that a market is heading.

  13. Re: that erotic capital article. Very early in my career I heard about the “three H’s”

    And as a truism it had been around for decades.

    No doubt it applies to women as well.

    • I have seen it work both ways. A young (24yo) attractive woman with zero management experience landing a management role. An attractive 30yo who is actually very good at what she does being excluded by other women and now close to being shown the door.

  14. Is there a way to ‘dob’ in businesses that are cash only and that may or may not be paying their respective tax share?

  15. Well, we’re fvcked. Siddle was sh1t last night. Finch is cooked.

    We’re not going to make the semis.

    I never liked the brown nosed gnome but was willing to give him a chance. His selection is sh1t.


    PS Bring in that bloodnut freak for the world cup? How can we do any worse?

    PPS Warnie was going on last night about D’Arcy Short’s bowling. Why isn’t he there?

    • Add Stonis to the list as well. Bowled the crucial second last over of the last two games that could have won Australia the match on run rate but instead bowled pies to Dohni and got spanked accordingly. All that was required was tight bowling and we could even manage that.

      Finch needs to stand himself down if anything for his own sake. Kawaja should stay, putting in a reasonable effort with the bat that he’ll hopefully build on and generally good in the field.

      Watching the WBBL at the moment, the blokes can take a few lessons away from the ladies about playing with purpose.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Who would be a selector ,eh ?
      The 3 day tour game between the Sri Lankans and a CA side filled with discards and recalled test batsmen of the 2 games in late Jan
      Score board reads; M Renshaw 7, J Burns 4, M Labuschagne 6, K Patterson 157(N.O.) W Pucovski 23…
      Only trouble being the test squad was announced before the tour match and K Patterson was ommitted.
      Funny game , cricket.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        there was no reason to announce the test team when they did. it didn’t have to be announced until this afternoon.

        doing so early was incompetence or hubris on behalf of the selectors.

      • Trevor Hohns should be made by CA hold a press conference when they announce the teams to explain why they continue to dumbfound the nation with their weird ass selections.

    • The recall of Siddle will be a mystery for the ages. I saw the second game and he didn’t seem to pose a threat. The ball was a nice speed for the batters. It wasn’t quick enough to worry them yet was fast enough to give them something to work with. His line is good. It’s just mostly dead straight. If he is one of our top three white ball bowlers then we are in more trouble than the housing market.

    • Jeepers. They are having a crack at white women now. As if the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna have never flaunted it.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Its the volume of utter shyte articles like this that stoped me from subscribing to the Gurdian.
      They have a lot of writers I like to read, but im not paying money to a publication that supports such a hate full and sneering attitude to Me! for simply being a white male!
      Fk em.

      The comments section was funny and on the money,

      “Why is Avril Lavigne posing naked with a guitar?

      Why not? Far be it for The Guardian to question a woman’s agency, right? I like how you managed to blame the patriarchy for this shot, that must have been quite a stretch.

      Share Facebook Twitter Report
      JimdiGriz6 knifey

      Gotta love the Graun’s double standards and doublethink too.

      Share Facebook Twitter Report
      ID631136 knifey

      Come on! You know perfectly well that the money female artists make as a result of portraying themselves in a ‘sexy’ manner goes straight into the Grand Patriarchy Fund that we share out amongst members every Christmas Eve.

      No female artist has ever made a penny by using sexual allure.

      BTW If the author thinks this is bad, she should try typing the words ‘Nicki Minaj’ into Google.

      Share Facebook Twitter Report
      Skore711 ID631136

      I mean, Madonna has existed for how long now?”

      Id have to say at least a hundred years.

  16. and again
    or heavens bloody sake – even Mueller’s office said it was BS – but hell don’t let that get in the way of some anti-Trump propaganda!

    • Reddit has gone into meltdown.

      Had to delete half the threads in /r/politics, /r/worldnews, /r/news – including several megathreads. They had already called it that Trump would definitely be impeached – some time this afternoon no doubt.


    • interested partyMEMBER

      flawse, I reckon it’s bloody fantastic that the msm are stuffing up so badly. They can’t help themselves, they must destroy Trump, but they just keep shooting themselves in the foot and exposing who they really are….fake news. Even the thickest observer is starting to see reality for what it is…..lol.
      Just remember who owns the media…..

      • Dang! I was not aware of that!!!! That was the point after which I trusted nothing that came out of the American state. I thought the crowning glory to follow was the complete destruction of Libya. Nuts!…….And then came Syria!!! There seems to be no end to the evil these pricks can commit and not be called on it by the MSM.

      • That’s a bit of a stretch. Mueller was FBI, it would have been the CIA and perhaps the military that prepared the primary analysis and the FBI would have worked from there to prepare secondary analysis on the ramifications for the US “homeland”. Mueller would not have had people on the ground in Iraq so he was hardly in a position to reject CIA analysis.

        There’s a reasonably entertaining spook show on SBS ondemand, Berlin Station, that likely gives a sexed-up version of what CIA operatives get up to. It all looks a bit too much Jason Bourne-ish to me but it does show that the CIA is an outreach organisation.

    • …And then came Syria…lets not forget about Obama / Clintons Libya.

      A war crime that makes Laos look like UPS delivering Christamss goodies.

  17. Anyone else notice the daily fake news about Trump in Fairfax recently? Why is US politics making headlines in Aus all of a sudden? We have our own problems. People must be crapping themselves that this upcoming fed election will be a wipeout for all the major parties and fringe parties will gain control, hence the constant fake news to persuade people not to vote for a Trump like person this election aka PHON or Palmer. I can’t think of any other reason.

    This is headline again today. https://www.smh.com.au/world/north-america/we-are-at-impeachment-trump-hit-by-most-damaging-story-of-his-presidency-20190119-p50scm.html
    If Trump is impeached Hillary and co will probably also go to jail. I don’t believe any of it.

    • And of course, Muller himself has suggested the story is indeed fake!
      Buzzfeed – where all the best fake news come from!

    • Janet – that in itself is puzzling. This is the first time that Mueller’s team has denied a media story, and this denial is somewhat qualified. It’s doubtful that it is the first media story that has gotten something or everything wrong so I’m not sure why they bothered responding to this buzzfeed story. It made Trumpy happy though.

  18. Selling houses Australia. Boomer couple in Alice Springs wanted $1M for a horrible house. So funny when the valuer tells them the house ain’t worth it. They complain about the market and how neighbours sold their houses for more etc..

    This is their retirement money they claim. Sold for $830k reluctantly. This country… I thought it was Gen Y with the sense of entitlement.

    It was live just now. No link yet. I suspect it was a few years old too!

    • This was the episode (2012) I know Alice Springs has a giant rock in it. But do the folks living there paying that much have rocks in their heads? How on earth do homes cost that much in butt feck nowhere?

      • The big rock’s about 470 km’s from Alice Springs but still, a million quid for a house in a place that I’m not exactly sure what makes it worth so much beyond proving beyond reasonable doubt that people aren’t rational.

      • Must be a hangover from the Darwin price boom. it must have spilt into Alice Springs.

        With Darwin getting smashed I think Alice Springs will too!

      • Locus of ControlMEMBER

        I wouldn’t mix Darwin up with Alice Gav. They’re very different towns. Darwin ended up with too much ‘spare capacity’ (an excess of residential & commercial real estate) due to the gas (Inpex) boom which has brought prices down. People built from 2012 – 2016 as if they expected the population to increase by 15% or 20% permanently. That never materialised & temporary (Inpex) workers left town.

        Alice is very different & reasonably diversified. It never generated any “spare capacity”. There’s tourism, agriculture (yes, I know everyone thinks its desert, but there’s some big stations around that need stuff: mechanical, transport, etc.), essential services (health, etc), mining & a small contingent of Americans who do something at Pine Gap. The only way it will be ‘in-sync’ with Darwin is due to NT Gov’t spending – & there’s only so much they can pare back from essential services on offer.

        EDIT: that said, that’s still a ridic price for that house

    • Gosh I saw that lol. If they were selling that house for 30k I still wouldn’t move there. That is sheer madness for a desert town with millions of sq kms of free land surrounding it.

      • Dan my friend, I would have to be paid some serious money just to contemplate living there. I know it sounds arrogant…

    • Gavin,
      the housing market in Oz is long time part of the retirement system. My question for you is: whose retirement is more important to you, yours or someone’s else?

  19. I used the term “born to rule incompetent Tory muppets” referring to T May & co the other day at work.

    Didn’t go down too well.

    • “Theresa May has left European diplomats in a state of “disbelief” following a series of phone calls to EU leaders in which she made no change to her demands despite her Brexit plan being voted down by a 230-vote margin this week. Senior EU diplomatic sources said that Mrs May’s unchanged stance was “greeted with incredulity” following a call with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday night. “It was the same old story – the same set of demands – all unchanged despite the defeat,”
      Love it! Translated as “Take it or Leave it, Angela. And we both know who really has the most to lose if you don’t take it!”
      Thatcher might be proud of Theresa today.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        Janet, if you haven’t already, the “run down the clock” linked piece in this weekends links is a good read. Hopefully everyone other than May are already working to this plan

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        “The lady is not for turning “ …………what ever one thinks of TM ….it’s nice to see a politician ( even if perhaps against their own beliefs ) trying to carry out the will of the people in a referendum ….howevermuch people like John Major and Tony Blair may bleat otherwise as they collect their nice stipends from the big corporations that say ….stay ….

        .whatever happens I have great fait in the stoicism of the British …….they will band together ….show their stiff upper lip ….and find away … Fcuk those krauts and frogs they fought many wars against them …..they know their mettle …

      • In the globalized world, only two questions are asked:
        1. What do you have to sell?
        2. How much that cost?
        This time globalization is not going to stop. Weapons are too destructive for another WW.

    • The new daily is worse than Fairfax on property cheerleading. I would take anything they say with a huge grain of salt

    • Who the fark really wrote that? Propertology? Hotspotting? Isn’t the new daily funded by super funds who have massive investments in property? makes sense now

  20. HnH needs to check-in on his relo – maybe he’s taken up the bottle?

    Undoubtedly the Coalition’s best chance at the next election would be to pre-select Peter Costello in Higgins (albeit worsening their gender problems), make him leader from outside the parliament to fight the next election while contesting Higgins. #auspol

    • Sounds reasonable to me. Most oldies have fuzzy memories and tend to think fondly of the Howard era with a quaint nostalgia. Higgins has some of the highest usage of negative gearing in the country. Think they were within the top 10.

      Figured LvO – Unconventional Economist is the relo of PvO rather than HnH?

  21. I went to a couple of inspections in Baulkham Hills today. Apart from us there were about 4-5 other parties at each place.
    I believe the market is not completely dead.

    I told agents not to call me but text instead. I know those fvckers will call my anyway.

    • Have you ever thought about handing out the numbers of other agents? If everyone did it then the agents would get the idea.

    • It’s not the interest that has evaporated it’s the amount of debt the plebs can access and vendors with a religious belief that someone should pay them more than what they paid.

      I’m going through this now. Offered same as 2017 price on a place but they want $200k more than they paid for it.

  22. There are starting to be some beautiful price drops

    Every drop in asking price of more than 20% in pages 1-12 of 21 tracking price changes from 1 Jan 2018 on the Mornington Peninsula. There’s residential land, apartments, homes for normal families, rich people, a caravan lot etc.

    • I think that site is being generous, we had a offer accepted on a place in NSW Central Coast, owner wanted 780 then 750, then 725, then 715 and then just under 700, we offered 690 when it was at 750 and waited, and eventually got it for just above 690 !

      The site showed it at one of the last prices before owner capitulated.

    • The ass end had fallen out of Frankanistan. People were paying $800-$900k for bigger blocks not long ago. Now struggling to get $650+ for the same homes. I’m seeing more and more of them in the $400k range. I haven’t seen that since 2013.

    • Don’t bother with that. Look after your job and visit that site in 4-5 years time. In the meantime, have some life.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Originally it was 16-18 as a package now it’s 18 on its own.

        Musta given up hope of a developer buying in very early.

      • Yeah the timing on that one was weird, went on market early summer obviously with a fishing for idiots price (or someone who has fallen in love with the peninsula as a Melbourne bolt hole) and then before Xmas drop basically 50% in price. Lots of Chinese go to the hot springs around the corner but not sure if they’re buying into the area. Surely you’d keep your fishing price for the first half of summer at least?

  23. Hey Burnsie. Still no fvcking badger.

    Perfect skunk, many perfect fvcking squirrels and rabbits and musk fvcking rats and GOOD fvcking badger pelts but NO FVCKING PERFECT FVCKING BADGER for fvcks fvckin sake.

    • Toby price is like a god damned honey badger. Remember seeing a pic of him from years ago at the Fink. His top had rubbed his nipples so badly there was blood stains on it. The guy is unstoppable.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      What a sad day it Is for straya when such a beacon of effective talent ,integrity and all round wholesomeness leaves the parliament…….
      ………and to think that by leaving she has hugely increased the LNP chances of retaining her seat …….such selflessness is rarely seen these days ………..
      ( announcement Monday NAB has taken her back on a whopping great salary ? )

      • I’m hoping that Mrs. O’Dwyer ends up in the superannuation industry. It would highlight how mercenary the political class has become as that was the only aspect of our giant rentseeker based economy that she seemed to think needed to be reformed.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Like Mike Baird, crocodile tears from our Kelly?
        Also, I hope ScoMo and Mrs ScoMo had something better on the agenda for the use of a VIP jet to Melbourne than “a so long, farewell” media conference for Kelly?

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      She made the right decision. She’s a mum and needs to look after her kids. She has let them down long enough. Politics aint the place for women of reproducing capability and nurturing requirements.

    • Gillette: a best a man can get and the b•tch better pay up twice!

      Although, I had that in reverse: riding jodhpurs: for women: $45; men $110. Same material, same make, same quality. The only difference: women’s pants clasp is right-over-left, men’s is left-over-right. Whoopteedoo!

      I bought 3 in women’s … no one gives a sh•t, you look as part of the tight pants brigade regardless what you wear!

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Anatomically speaking womens hips are wider ……..you must be out of the norm shaped …..no offence intended ….just an observation …..

      • @TailorTrash Yeah – I thought so too – but – keep in mind that a). they do come in different sizes (find one that suit) b). they are stretch pants (think lycra-pants but with a lot better material) and c). just like there are men with wide hips, there are women with narrow hips.

    • Aaaah, for the good old days when men were men and women were just unlucky.

      p.s. I think that little chap with the two dogs in the painting’s a bit “how’s your father”. Wouldn’t have him on the living room wall. No sir.

  24. That nice religious chap Bakar Bashir is being released six years early from his “cell” on humanitarian grounds. Poor old guy is apparently a bit frail. Would he even be capable of defining “humanitarian” let alone acting in such a way? He was the mentor of the sub-human filth that killed 220 people. I wish him an agonising, long, slow death.

  25. Lost a best mate last week, he died in my arms. How all this BS seems so insignificant when you realise all this is so fleeting and temporary.

    • I know, I felt the same way when my father died early last year. Life is too short really. Over before you realise.

      • Makes you wonder what it all means, desires and objects of desires don’t really satisfy for long, getting some makes you only want more, or get bored with it after a while. As I get older the true joys I am finding are those of giving and loving.

      • My mates Dr dad would say the guy making $25k is looking at the guy making $50k thinking wow and the guy on $50k looks at the person making a $100k and is wanting that and so on and on…

  26. I’m playing the Town Hall Hotel in Newtown tonight if anyone wants to come down.

    We’re on at 12.

    I’m the larger gentleman with the black yamaha.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Talk about soft targets only.
      That “Centre link bludgers” clip really riled me.
      Pack of Scummy cnts on that A current Affair.

      • You’d be surprised how many mugs get influenced by this crap. Mate of mine was telling about these bludgers the other day and I managed to turn him around by asking him one question. I asked him when was last time he saw on any of those msm programs exposing corporate crimes committed by large corporations? I pointed out how the current affairs programs only chase some impoverished citizens who stole few hundreds or at best thousands of dollars but never show how billionaires hide their wealth in tax free heavens.
        Why we never see reporters following Rupert or Malcolm or Gina asking them about their money in Cayman. Same for some of our sports stars and “legends”, a retired tennis player comes to mind who is considered an icon but has millions in safe heavens like the cayman. I even read an article while ago that we should not bother these celebrities like him because they will stop raising money for charities. FFS if these cnts pay they taxes we will not need charities at all.

    • Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

      Great talk, provides detail on why manufacturing exports shouldn’t be classified as a ‘cost’.

      “It was never the act of making things but the control over superior productive knowledge that has been the key to economic prosperity”

      “knowledge intensive services such as finance, design, and engineering, sell mostly to manufacturing firms…countries can export these services…but overtime they are likely to lose their competiveness… because they need close interaction with the customers in the manufacturing sector to improve their quality and productivity”.

    • He’s a bit of an enigma from my perspective he accepts that none of the current economic systems/theories actually work properly stand-alone so what we need is some sort of mixture of ideologies to properly describe how real economies function, yet in the same sentence he suggests that the systems/definitions need to be simplified.
      My ears always hear that simple historical ideas/models dont just preform poorly they’re provably wrong, which from my pov suggests that any accurate model will be considerably more complex than anything that we’ve considered to date. However that’s where he takes a U turn and says that maybe the solution exists in us embracing simple systems….huh what??…cognitive dissonance alert …that’s about as far as I ever get before I pause the video. I really like the fact that he acknowledges that Singapore is such a standout example of an economy that functions very well but fits no known model I only wish that other economists were more willing to consider outliers like Singapore when developing their policies/ theories

      • He’s a champion of economic literacy, and a promoter of the idea that it is attainable. At the same time saying that professional economists are often putting on airs and aren’t as clever or insightful as they make themselves out to be. It must be highlighted that literacy and expertise are often taken to be the same thing. Crudely, literacy is being able to call BS on your mechanic, expertise is actually knowing how to fix the thing. In ‘Economics: The User’s Guide’ he fleshes this out well.

        Another idea he promotes is that economics is messy, not pure. You can’t just say “Marx.” or “Milton” or “Keyenes” and leave it at that. For a range of different reasons different combinations work in different countries at different times. If you want perfect answers go and read Euclid, don’t pop the bonnet on an economy.

        I don’t see any of that to be inconsistent. He’s interested in the real world and if the models and claims of economists stack up against it. That, to me is refreshing and insightful. It is also a good measuring stick against the claims of people who promote a school and believe that all would be dandy if we just went all in.

  27. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s first speech from the House floor has set a minor record with C-SPAN.

    Ocasio-Cortez slammed the Trump Administration over the partial government shutdown in her remarks. A C-SPAN tweet of her nearly four-minute speech garnered 1.16 million views in a little more than 12 hours, setting a record for the most-watched Twitter video from the outlet of any remarks by a House member, according to a tweet from Howard Mortman, C-SPAN’s communications director.

    By Friday morning, it had surpassed 2.3 million views, with more than 13,000 retweets and over 46,000 likes.

    First House Floor speech from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC): “The truth of this shutdown is that it’s actually not about a wall…The truth is, this shutdown is about the erosion of American democracy and the subversion of our most basic governmental norms.”


    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Clinton, Party eliets and those wall street/Washington lobbyist won’t be happy another Sanders like, Social Democratic candidate is on the rise, esp one who is younger, female and Hispanic (not to mention having just as much charisma and sex appeal as JFK!)

      Shes got the trifecta all right, I hope she can ruffle some Clintonite feathers in the Democratic Party.
      It’ll be hard for them to give her the same treatment they did Sanders.


      “The agreement — signed by Amy Dacey, the former CEO of the DNC, and [Clinton campaign manager] Robby Mook with a copy to [Clinton campaign counsel] Marc Elias— specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised,” Brazile wrote in the story under the headline “Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC.”

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        The elite party leaderships and Careeist politicians of all parties are “Scummy” to a degree. A scum that can only be cleaned up by the common people finding their power, banding together in Solidarity and demanding their rightful majority of seats at the decision making table.
        Go to see we are on the same page Reusa.

      • In days gone by the accurate nomenclature for the DNC is blue dog corporate democrats, Bill Clinton ushering in the full bore “pay – too – play” model of democracy …. where as Sanders and AOC are more akin to pre-neoliberal democrats.

        If it were not for the Monica thingy the Grand Bargain would have more than likely gone through, seems some die hard Rep’s took exception to having their thunder stolen, bit of pig wrestling over who serves their masters better. Some great old story’s about Bill published back in the day, something about an American South Eastern Tribe looking to develop an energy play on their reservation and getting the treatment from some private energy c-corp. So they attempt to take it to the Democratic party leader thinking he would be sympathetic, only to find out, once in close proximity, that some gatekeeper asked how much they had or were willing to give to the political fund behind the Bills good works e.g. assess is determined by tribute.

        All largely irrelevant now that the revolving door serves both parties equally and both parties spend more time on campaign funding and district gerrymandering than actually formulating policies which would make everyone better off and with that society as a whole.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Hey Emo, just like our own great Liberal National party, the Americans must vote Rebublican if they want their freedoms preserved especially the most important freedom of all – the freedom of enterprise to maximise profits!

      • …where as Sanders and AOC are more akin to pre-neoliberal democrats.
        That’s a pretty broad brush to use on a political party that’s been running on a broadly ‘populist’ platform for almost two centuries, Skip. Especially in a nation as large and diverse the US. The Democrats just grew and grew like Topsy – and as a result, it’s just as valid to say it’s the party of the Indian Removal Act (1830), Jim Crow laws, and ‘three strikes and you’re in’, as it is the party of progressives and democratic socialists. Bill Clinton was born and raised in Arkansas, and that probably says as much about his political worldview as his party membership. The same would be true of registered Democrats all over the US.
        I find myself bemused by the Aussie take on US politics. When our commentators and journalists try to cast the Democrat-Republican divide as a simple Left and Right dichotomy, I can tell they have no real understanding of the complexity of situation. The GOP took a big lurch to the Right in the mid-Sixties, but Log Cabin Republicans (for example) are still a thing. Similarly, the New Deal of the 30s and the Civil Rights agenda of the 60s seem to have cemented the Democrats’ reputation as a ‘progressive’ party, but a closer examination of their Congressional voting history is at least equivocal. The ‘Chicago Machine’ could be described as quasi-fascist.

      • LabDrudge ….

        Native born American here, democrats went neoliberal with the Third Way – Washington consensus. To make matters even more surreal Sanders would be seen on the right of Eisenhower back in the day and AOC would be more traditional labour democrat.

        Sure you have the moderate republicans of both legacy parties [Hillary is an ex Goldwater girl] and the evangelical Republicans have been a feature of American politics from day one, got a leg up from Bush Jr though.

    • Why ?

      Why can’t we just have an intelligent well considered person who understands the issues rather than some borderline intellectual road kill who is nothing more than a left wing populist like Trump is a right wing populist.

      As you said – young, pretty, social media savvy, latino, woman.

      Oh look – could you tick any more “identity politics boxes” ? I doubt it.

      How about “political philosophy master class from economic genius who understands the dichotomy of debt and wages”, instead of “TRUMPS A BADY WHO IS GOING TO KILL THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT – CAN I GET SOME LIKES AND RE-TWEETS |||”

      The utterly INANE drivel that falls from her mouth is going to totally destroy her. Its borderline psychotic half the time and it will only end up blowing up in the Dems face BADLY. Its borderline Savant syndrome for narcissism.

      Here’s a tip – STOP with the identity politics. Everyone hates it, everyone is over it. Its a dead end and it only brings out huge numbers against it.

      The issue is the Gilet Jaunes – THE CLASS WAR.

      This woman is setting up classes for Democrats to “learn how to be popular on Twitter”.

      Thats her schtick. Its embarrassing and Trump will win again because of it. Despite what the US media is saying – he is growing massively in popularity.

      • I think the level and amount of projection embedded in your comment speak more about yourself and what ever group you might affiliate than anything to do with AOC.

        Persoanly I’m only interested in policies with concrete material benefits, albeit I do find the whole virtue signaling and other identifiers curious as it has been a stock trade of the conservatives for eternity, so its a bit hypocritical as as complaint.

        Pretty funny considering the propensity of some to say competition is the palliative for everything … until its not …

    • AOC is a Soros apparatchik. Open borders, pro-war neoliberal dressed as social democrat. She’s like Macron.

      Watch her stance on Wall St, War and Russia. It will be the tell.

      • Well here comes another label afflicted comment, seem everyone not some nice little ideological pigeonhole is relegated to being part of some grand international world dominance agenda … McCazzzypants part is neoliberalism aka the global market thingy was a conservative project and unleashed unrestricted capital flows.

        Now it seems an epic case of buyers remorse and better yet decry free [tm] moment of labour on par with capital … can’t make this stuff up ….

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Hes a prize winning breeding stud bull that Barnaby.
      No greater mark of success than having over 30 grand kids, so one of my Lebanese customers often tells me, I reckon Barnabys going for similar gold.
      And No doubt Vicky wants to squeeze out just as many as the first wife.
      Im thinking the future weddings of his kids should be fun,…heaps of amusing photo ops for the womens magazines.
      Maybe even a cat fight,….between Barnaby and his daughters step dad.

  28. Even College Graduates Can’t Afford a Home on the (United States) West Coast … Bloomberg


    College graduates earn a lot of money in San Jose but are still $100,000 short to afford a roof over their heads, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    Soaring home prices, student loan burdens and slow wage growth are delaying many college-educated individuals from achieving the American dream. About a fifth in the decline in homeownership among young adults can be attributed to the increase in student loan debt alone, according to a recent report from Federal Reserve researchers.

    Bloomberg used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Zillow Group Inc. and Bankrate.com to quantify the annual income a college graduate would need to purchase a typical home in the largest U.S. cities. … read more via hyperlink above …

  29. Happy new year to all. Surprised there aren’t any comments yet on REA’s auction results and new format: https://www.realestate.com.au/auction-results

    There were hardly any auctions to report (Domain’s report is on leave till Feb), but REA have now gone with reporting all private sales as well for all cities. This will be handy in monitoring price drops this year though there are lots with the price withheld indicating soft prices and meaning a bit more work and waiting in finding out the sold price. For Canberra, weak prices appear to be spreading from the top end down. I’m sure there’s still demand in certain areas and for certain properties, but this one in Phillip sold for 437.5K, which is a decent discount off the asking price of 465K and only about 15% up on the previous sale price of 385K 10 years ago. Really demonstrates what poor investments properties can be.

    • Gee this is a welcome surprise.. someone in the real estate industry wants to provide more visibility!
      Good callout. It makes it much easier. I was having to track the non auctions separately individually.

    • Yeah – its fantastic –


      51 auctions

      16 sold

      Clearance rate 50%

      Just risible, absurd junk.

    • Things are not looking good. My guess is that the stimulus will be epic but not all announced in one hit. There are issues of face at play. Announcing big stimulus would be an admission of weakness at a delicate time. Stimulus will be delivered but quietly and in pieces.

      But it will add up to something big. It is what the CCP does.

      • I don’t understand as America issued or backstopped to the tune of 34T – ish all whilst liquidating millions of RE with heavy layoffs and reductions = destruction of demand.

  30. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Off to work at CC factory, can’t put it off any longer thicknesser for young Egyptian guy who fell apart from the heat when we loaded it on my truck as he had no lifting provisions.(1 ton).
    Suppose, should be on a pension but its like paying insurance (tax) all your life but only the non payers get the benefits.

    • Taxes don’t pay for the pension boom, even in Americas case FDR couched it in terms of taxation to get it done e.g. they payed for it ideological tripwire …

      P.S. same sort of ideological views are what instigated compulsory super and 401K sort of retirement plans i.e. hay isn’t it great that everyone has their end of work reality tied to the market e.g. anything you might do to stop the looting is like impoverishing yourself later in life.

    • I dont know how you get yourself into a position where you have to repair every single floor of the building and still apparently have no structural issues.

  31. “This present moment must be to language something like what the Industrial Revolution was to textiles.”


    But human subjects are vanishingly small beneath the tsunami of likes, views, clicks and other metrics that is currently transforming selves into financialized vectors of data. This financialization is complete, one might suppose, when the algorithms make the leap from machines originally meant only to assist human subjects, into the way these human subjects constitute themselves and think about themselves, their tastes and values, and their relations with others.


      • Strange isen’t it that westerners can’t understand, say the cultural nuances of the Japanese, because the language has meanings which can not be translated into western word or thought.

        Anywho Bernays pretty much unpacks the prospective above, with the observation that now its the model dictating to humans. Do try Lars blog for a more granular perspective about how that case has devolved over some decades.

  32. Looking at corelogic daily and it points to Adelaide going into red for the quarter by end of this or next week and negative over 12 months by end of Feb. then we will have a sea of red, when Thursday midnight report comes out.

    • When China eventually slows, its gonna hit us hard. If it happens in the next 12 months, goodbye to commodities export money, uni money, the poo will finally be flushed big time and the housing market will go into freefall. We wont know what hit us.

      • Yep, it will be disastrous but it will also kill big Australia dead. In the long term Australia will benefit but the short term won’t be pretty.

      • China is already slowing and it appears everyone is betting on another 2016 style stimulus this year. Will be interesting to see if it happens and if China will continue building empty sh1te quality apartments or start to use the stimulus in smarter way.

    • Xi and the CCP will need something to maintain internal unity when the economic transition can no longer be deferred. Get ready for war.

      • There’s a great deal of nationalistic and military posturing by China but even they would be well aware than any war, even if limited to conventional weapons, will not end well for them or anyone for that matter.

    • https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-17/forget-the-trade-war-china-is-already-in-crisis?srnd=premium-asia

      If China really is at this point then I would also expect them to start forcing their citizens to take holidays in China and parents to send their kids to domestic universities in order to stimulate domestic spending. It is low hanging fruit that can be implemented with min costs and effort.
      They stuffed up real bad with previous stimulus packages by just throwing money without having any strategic goals. And I think they did realise that now. Hence why I doubt Xi will do same with the new stimulus.
      As long as China manages to further tighten their capital exodus they may be able to get away with smaller stimulus in order to get going. Bad news for Straya though.
      Another area that Chinese stimulus will target is renewable energy – especially storage. Will have huge impact in terms of cleaning air pollution, keeping people employed and at same time wins the harts of people who are sick and tired of living with so much pollution.

    • SEE TJN for a complete unpacking ….

      Some are befuddled about 30T+ in tax havens, would also suggest Richard Smiths works on the infrastructure that enables it.

  33. Melbourne overhead sign fell due to missing steel plate, investigation finds

    VicRoads confirmed Transurban’s preliminary findings that the 4m by 5m sign was weakened by the missing steel “stiffener plate”, which is designed to strengthen the sign’s connection to the gantry.

    Mr Clements said the stiffener plates were not visible to the naked eye and therefore could have been missed during the final inspection of the signs.

    “The stiffener plates are inside the gantry, so they’re inside a steal box, so it’s not visibly accessible,” he said.

    No visible sign that its not there, so lets sign off on it anyway?

    • I keep saying the key for compliant and safe structural steel is INSPECTION. In this case their the head contractor CPB failed to ensure the steel was fabricated to the engineers design drawings.
      The bug bear I have is we have allowed rent seekers in Australia’s engineering and steel industry make Australia’s codes one of the most stringent in the planet. It is not done out of safety in the interest for you and me but acts as an artificial trade barrier to prevent cheap fabricated steel coming into the country. The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) reminds me of the Property Council of Australia, they don’t care two hoots about the small Australian fabricator with low margins, they look after the more and more concentrated upper end of the market those members write these strict standards. Only problem with that logic is when you make things expensive here to protect the few, people start looking over the fence and are attracted to fabricators in China, USA and on one project I worked fabricated structural steel was sourced from Germany.
      Australian, Japanese, Chinese, German, and USA fabrication codes (American Institute of Steel Construction codes are the global standard) are all safe.
      What the problem is INSPECTION. People don’t want to spend the money on inspection.
      There should be a Productivity Commission investigation into Australia’s steel fabrication industry, and groups like the ASI and the big end of town who fund the ASI.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Too true ….sat on some standards committees
        and the battles fought for big players
        commercial advantage over small operators and between those big players for an edge over each other were epic ……but same standards further down the chain are disregarded …..as increasingly is Australian law

  34. https://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/he-should-be-a-billionaire-but-jack-bogle-chose-to-make-others-richer-20190119-p50sd8.html

    The disparity between business leaders and workers is shocking. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, is the world’s richest person with a net worth of $US139 billion. Meanwhile, the median annual compensation at Amazon was $US28,446 in 2017, according to the company. That’s below the 2018 federal poverty level for a family of five.

    There are numerous other examples. Jim and Rob Walton, heirs to the Walmart Inc. empire, are collectively worth $US91 billion. The median annual compensation for a Walmart worker in the 2018 fiscal year was $US19,177, which is below the poverty line for a family of three.

    Yes, founders, innovators and corporate leaders deserve to be rewarded for their contributions. But as wealth disparity grows, and with it skepticism of free markets, Bogle’s legacy will loom ever larger, reminding everyone that a free market crucially depends on business leaders’ willingness to look after the well-being of all constituents – in their ability to say, “enough.”

    • It boggles the mind the greed of these people. Do they have any sort of compassion for others? Id say no. Like Trigoscum, he not only has to keep making more billions in his 80’s, but he is happy to ruin the country in the process.

      • It boggles the mind the greed of these people. Do they have any sort of compassion for others?

        Libertarianism is best summed up as “me want, fvck you”.

        It is the philosophy of children and psychopaths.

  35. The more I look at these price falls you are all watching in the bigger cities, the more I come to the view that, either our AUD drops to 50 cents or, the prices are going to fall to 2008 levels. For some, that’s going to be half what you could have sold the place for 12 months ago. Regional Australia will be largely ok. The hot spots, Noosa, Sunshine Coast… will be hit and hit hard. Unemployment is coming. A Labor Government might kick the can further with infrastructure, more school halls and so on, but unemployment is still coming to Australia. We are no longer as wealthy, or unwealthy, as we thought we are.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Oh Flower of confidence
      When will we see, your like again
      That over paid for
      Yer wee bit hill and glen
      And then the crash came
      Against all held belief
      And sent us homeward
      Tae think again


      And that cohesion of singing and lack of diversity needs correction too ……

    • The Labor Party in 2008-9 lite the fuse under a property boom that was already out of control. I hope they win the next election so they can pay the price.

      • Yeah let’s forget it was at the height of the GFC when the original decision was taken and that the conservatives have been in power for the last 5 years when it became increasingly, blindlngly clear that the housing market needed to be throttled back. But it’s entirely Labor’s fault of course.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        +100 Triage.

        I actually know people saying they have been expecting a housing crash since circa 2005.

        And while I dont think either side of mainstream politics is blameless – and they both certainly have their culpable issues to acknowledge – it would be remiss of the electorate to let the LNP off after they were the ones who cut the CGT concession to make NG such a delight, and they are primarily responsible for the SMSF related housing speculation, and they had a shot in the locker on foreign illegal buyers of residential RE (that would be Kelly O Liar and her long lamented ‘review’ which did sweet FA) and while with Kelly it would be most apt to remind ourselves of the sheer credulity defying nonsense they came out with to avoid having a bank RC.

    • And then some are confused about a JG and ending NAIRU … but self flagellation has some antiquarian appeal to some …

      • Skippy, comment is out of order, mate.
        Job Guarantee, non accelerating inflation rate of unemployment? Confusion? On my part?
        Wrong is wrong. Don’t do it, mate.
        And, how are you still commenting if you haven’t paid your subs? Two weeks is the trial period… or are you part of the MB package?

  36. Property price falls could double: Morgan Stanley
    [By Duncan Hughes
    Property price falls could double previous estimates as weakening sentiment, tight credit and oversupply continue to hit residential markets, pushing falls to their largest since the early 1980s, according to Morgan Stanley.

    House price falls are steeper than thought as key indicators, ranging from rental conditions to credit supply, weaken, the investment bank’s analysis shows.

    Peak-to-trough property declines are expected to be around 15 to 20 per cent, compared to previous estimates of 10 to 15 per cent, which means the most benign best to worst-case scenario has doubled, it concludes.]

    Morgan Stanley annualizing like a true and proper Tard 😉

  37. December house price drop the last straw on rates for Capital Economics
    [By Sarah Turner
    December’s 1.3 per cent drop in house prices has proved the tipping point for Capital Economics, with the economics forecaster slashing its interest rate forecast as it braces for a deeper housing downturn.

    Marcel Thieliant, Capital Economics’ senior economist for Australia and New Zealand, said he made the interest rate forecast downgrade — to now anticipating a cut in the cash rate to 1 per cent from his prior expectation it would stay on hold — as the housing market correction in Australia “seems to be deepening rather than abating”.

    December’s drop was the largest monthly house price correction since 1983, when the median house price in Sydney and Melbourne was $81,000 and $52,000. The slide during December 2018 pushed the annual drop in house prices to more than 6 per cent.

    “Australia’s housing slump is intensifying,” Mr Thieliant said. “House prices fell by more than in any month in December since the current downturn started and our sales-to-listing ratio fell to a fresh record-low. That suggests that prices will keep falling at a similar pace in the first half of this year.”

    As for the future, the economist said “given that prices are still overvalued by around 20 per cent, it’s hard to see when the bottom will be reached.”]

    • December’s drop was the largest monthly house price correction since 1983, when the median house price in Sydney and Melbourne was $81,000 and $52,000.

      I like this bit… might go have a cold shower now.

  38. TailorTrashMEMBER

    White tee shirt is going full retrospective bear for 2019 …..” just like I said “ …….poor chap has no idea……but he does have a lot of debt on this multimillion dollar property empire …2019 will give him the squeeze …….this should be fun to watch ….also the comments are a bit more disbelieving than usual …

    • Looks like he can’t afford a video editor anymore. The audio is terrible and the whole thing is visually too bright.