Coalition chaos isolates Straya at G20

Josh Frydenliar isn’t going, at the AFR:

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has pulled out of this weekend’s G20 summit in Argentina, opting to remain in Canberra amid parliamentary chaos for the Coalition.

Mr Frydenberg had been due to travel to the annual leaders meeting in Buenos Aires with Prime Minister Scott Morrison after Parliament rises on Thursday, but the defection of Victorian Liberal Julia Banks to the crossbench on Tuesday has rocked the government.

And nobody even wants to meet Scummo, the placeholder, at The Australian:

The Prime Minister was left off the president’s final list of bilateral meetings for the summit with national security adviser John Bolton saying the president’s schedule was already “full to overflowing.’

The decision means that Mr Morrison is unlikely to meet with Mr Trump before the next federal election, which polls suggest the Coalition will lose.

This despite India and Japan attending a meeting together for the three corners of the Quad.  No meeting with China, either.

Why would you want to meet somebody so fleeting?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Their world is falling apart. They don’t control the narrative … and look like a bunch of sloppy semi-professionals running a club that no one wants to be part of.

    What is going to happen next to further entrench their incompetence?

  2. What’s the point in meeting the interim leader of a 25m population south pacific mine when there are real players at the meeting?

    It’d be like the ASX20 CEOs chatting to an acting 711 manager.

  3. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Does parliament (Reps) sit whem PM Morrison at G20? i/e could a vote on High Court referrals be bought on in his absence. If MHR sitting, is Labor pairing for him?

  4. proofreadersMEMBER

    Poor old Josh is going to miss out on hobnobbing it at the G20 and building up his rolodex of contacts for the future.

  5. If you think it’s unacceptable under “dim-sim Dan” to sign MOU’s with the Chinese Government (a communist dictatorship), Australia will become “chop-suey” under a Shorten led Government. As such Australia’s navy ships will be able to picnic all they want on those island-reefs in China’s, South China Sea. A shorten Government will also back a Chinese security pact of the Pacific which will pretty much destroy the 1951 ANZUS treaty. Afterall a new generation of liberal left Australians will be at the helm with almost complete reliance on “The Magic Money Tree”; how else will they be able to rescue all their devoted victimhoods? Besides Bill’s new mates the Chinese should be able to rescue the Aussie $ with an even larger stimulus package money-tree requiring even more iron ore for their Belt-Road initiative. Australia’s 50 Billion submarine deal with Macron’s France could be transferred to China, especially if the Chinese offer to make them for significantly less.
    The point: Australia is at cross-roads and the importance of next years election is understated because it will determine where the next generation of Australians want to take our country as never before.

    • Wait… are you suggesting the Chinese infiltration of labor extends further than the state level…!

    • well done. Normally racial fear-mongering is no more than 1-2 sentences of barely coherent english. You’ve at least made an effort to completely align Labor (obviously not your team) with the yellow peril; and completely ignored all the actions of the liberal party (your team) in selling everything not nailed down to the chinese and everyone else.

    • They’re not of sober mind to be driving this careening bus. They don’t deserve a seat at any international table let alone the one they’re fighting over. A Total embarrassment inside & out!

      Mods, what’s in that that triggers??

  6. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    I think it’s funny how the people our PMs try to ingratiate themselves with most are always so keen to avoid interacting with them.

    Trump has ScoMo on hold, the Queen was seemingly free yet ‘unavailable’ to meet Abbott, Obama went out of his way to make Turnbull look stupid at one of their meetings and who could forget Bill Clinton pronouncing Kevin Rudd’s surname as ‘rude’ (although to be fair I don’t the latter was intended as a slight but rather reflected the American penchant for having trouble pronouncing Australian names correctly).

  7. Looks like Dick Smith is going to run for Parliament. Sadly it is in Mackellar and not Warringah.

  8. All focus on winning the next elections and kill Fed ICAC.. Libs know if Labour wins and introduces ICAC that half of them will be behind bars, joining their NSW Lab mates.
    They can play question time for years there.

  9. – I thought it was a bit overblown all this talk of a crisis. But when Frydenberg stays here at home then there is a REAL crisis.