Weekend Chartfest 7-8 July, 2018





Australian Gas




Australia Money Growth & Credit




Australia Building Approvals




Australia Dwelling Price to Household Income &  Interest Rates




Australia Temporary Migrants




Australia Underemployment & Wages




Victoria Real Compensation per Employee




United States – Americas




Brazil – Economic Activity, Business Confidence & GDP




United States – Corporate Debt to GDP




United States – Federal Reserve Funds Rate




United States & Argentina – GDP Per Capita……divergent paths….




Trump Tariffs on Chinese Goods & China Trade




United States – Average Credit Score by State




United States – Corporate Cash Repatriations




United States – Dollar Trade and Yield Differentials




United States – Unemployment & Wages




United States Employment Jobs & Participation




United States – Federal debt held by Public








The 6 Cohorts of Chinese Consumers




China Corporate & Household Debt to GDP




China New Credit, Construction Starts & Steel Production




China Current Account




China Exports to EM Asia and United States




China GDP – Sectoral Contributors




China GDP by Demand Source




China RMB, Non-Financial Credit & Nominal GDP




China Business Surveys & Copper




China Offshore Energy Investment




China Economic Growth & Debt




China Personal Income Tax Threshold 




Asia – Exports as Percent of GDP








ECB Balance Sheet and Interest Rates 




GDP Growth 1Q 2018 – Selected Eurozone States




Eurozone GDP, Unemployment & Credit




Eurozone GDP




Germany – 10 Yr yields & real GDP plus Inflation




Germany Industrial Production




United Kingdom – Productivity




Eire – Implicit Taxes on Labour and Capital & Corporate Income




Italy – Budget Deficit




United Kingdom – Real & Nominal Wage Growth








Iron Ore price – Physical and Paper (great chart)




China Pig Iron Imports & Domestic Scrap




Gold Reserves – major nations




Silver – Use




Crude – Prices, Major Producers & US Rigs and Inventories




LNG – Supply and Project Final Investment Decisions




Crude – Major M&A Activity 1H 2018




Mozambique LNG – where it goes




OPEC – Member Production Share




Canola – stocks of major exporters




Corn – Global Supply & Demand




Rice – China & India Production




United States – Soybean & Corn Acreage




US Agriculture & China Tariffs




Coffee Price




Wheat – Major Producers 2018-19 Change in Exports




Capital Markets




Global Monetary Expansion & Contraction




Global Tightening 2




Major Global Central Banks & Rate Outlooks




EM Debt Maturities and Credit Ratings




EM USD Debt Maturities




Non US USD Liquidity




Investment Grade and High Yield Spreads




Non Financial Corporate Issues




Developed 10 Yrs




UST 3s




Global debt and Negative Interest Rates




USD & RMB v Basket




Global M&A




US Dollar and Global Reserves




Global Macro




OECD GDP 1Q 2018




Major Developed – Hours Worked




Economic Growth & Credit Expansion




Advanced Economies – Investment, Maintenance and Net ….and how much is amortization or tax write off…..




Wages growth – Major Developed




Major Emerging Markets – Central Bank Target Rates




United States – Eurozone Trade Balance




Policy Rates – US Fed & PBOC




Goods & Services Exports to GDP




Global Manufacturing




Global Industrial Production & Manufacturing PMI




Global Trade and Manufacturing PMI




Major Developed Labour Force Participation




Major Developed – Long Term Unemployment




South Africa GDP




United States – Life Expectancy & Retirement




Global Trade, volume growth, selected exports to GDP




…and furthermore…




Employment Income and Education (United States)




Workforce Skills, Automation & AI




Inequality by Region


The Longest Bull Markets




The Worlds Largest Islands




London Moped Crime




A Plate of Food




The World Cup – a Productivity risk

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  1. Interesting graph under “Workforce Skills, Automation & AI”

    To recruit the people they need for a new era of automation, companies say they will:

    hire away from competitors, offer more attractive wages, broaden recruiting efforts including from non-traditional sources

    That is precisely what was happening in 2008 and that is what would happen if a massive tax is put on work visas.


  2. Ahh…1st chart is stomach turning…Australian money supply growth shooting for negative..currently lowest in 20 years.
    Safe to say the bust is on…Give it 12-18 months for the gnashing of teeth to start

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Pretty much how I see it. Broad money at generational lows, from there it is simply a matter of time before credit slumps,

      that brings houses down,
      that brings the household ATM machine to a sad end,
      that knees our retailers and service providers in the gonads,
      that pummels employment
      and on and on and on

      The government (IMO) will try and run the extra receipts from a little Indian summer of commodity prices – which they still dont tax – into a narrative of fiscal prudence which will last until the day after the next election campaign is over.

      If the Torynuffs win they turn the ship around slowly by backing away from everything they’ve said as they rediscover the joys of fiscal prudence, and double down on the gouging of ordinary Australians – so rinse and repeat the above.

      If the ALParatchiks win they open the books after the day they stroll in and discover sufficient bullshit to allow them to walk away from a lot and cast the rest as a national emergency (not that far removed from the Hawke era – where they definitely did the right thing – and rejig the national vested interest club accordingly. This could work out well, but contempoary ALP looks like we will simply get another batch of self entitled representatives of another entitled batch of vested interests who dont care that much for everyday Australia)

      • “where they definitely did the right thing” Sorry mate! Nup!!! Hawke/Keating dodged the real necessary macro reform and instead, opened the debt floodgates. Where we find ourselves today is the result of what they set in motion.
        Hmmm those preceding them had made the reform necessary – H/K just facilitated the debt process infinitely (almost).

    • Couple that up with the United States – Corporate Cash Repatriations chart and it looks very grim. Capital flight, capital destruction and capital drought all in the one forthcoming crisis.

      • The money to be made in the wreckage of a crisis is often more than you would possibly imagine.
        One of the abiding lessons of the past few decades of booms and busts is that the sell down following the bust does not discriminate between good and bad companies.
        To partake in the upcoming feast you are gunna need cash. Credit, letters of credit wont cut it
        Cash could have 3 to 5x its current value in the crisis.
        Aussie cash cos import restrictions may be in force by then
        This is about your last chance to get those acorns squirreled away.

      • Check Wiley. Plenty in waiting, looking for a place out your way and a nice low hour SR22 or A36 to get there in!

      • Mate, my next ac will be a helicopter with auto hover
        so I can park it over the house of some of the a holes here
        stand out on the skid, and piss on their roof
        Am really looking forward to that.