Inbred tomato delivers photo of the year

Oh dear:


    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Clearly he is just checking out his son, brewing away in there.
      I’m wondering if Vikki wasn’t able, to corner Barnaby into a redistribution of the Joyce family fortune, with this baby closed “relationship”,…we might now, instead be seeing, her cashing in on a #metoo story of her own?

      Probably Not as financially rewarding as her current game plan,…but no doubt a second option to leverage some material gain, out of receiving a load of Barnaby’s”,…”beans”,…inside her.

      Players Gona Play.

      • @bolstrrod
        Yeah if you fancy trashy, cheaply dressed drag man
        Blind men if you can’t see that!

  1. If the shit was to really come out, which will be suppressed.
    There have been at least 5 affairs and an abortion.
    He is only hanging on by a thread because he will be financially wiped out…
    No morals. No scruples. No remorse.

      • adelaide_economistMEMBER

        It’s certainly affordable when a business mate gifts it to you. I don’t get why everyone whingeing about house prices doesn’t just move to a free luxury townhouse in a regional city. Job for the partner? Just make one (or three) up. They need to lower their expectations!

      • Good job prospects in Armadale at the Department of Pesticides and Veterinary medicines – since no scientists will move there and they can no longer perform their job and have to outsource it over seas – this department is considered the most important department for Agriculture in Australia – he destroyed it for pork barreling …..he needs to be skewered long and slow – the guy disgusts me.

        Couldn’t care less about his affairs – his corruption, nepotism repulses me.

      • She could be Chief Scientist or Regulator at the Department of Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines pretty soon.

    • No Bebe brewing in that belly that’s what a uterus is for #moon bump
      BJ looks like he’s in on the gag and the jokes on punter masses buying the crap shovelled at them.

    • Mate! You know full well he can’t look to the left: Conservative LNP is all about “To the right… always to the right… when in doubt, just look down and to the right”

  2. Almost photoshopped, she looks to out of place – straight from vege shopping at the markets or on her way to the beach (too much makeup).

    Who here wouldn’t look!

    • Off topic and a bit of a nothing issue I suppose but I could never understand the difference in dress standards in white collar workplaces. I see in the photo all the blokes are in coat and tie whilst the only female wears a singlet and shortish skirt. Imagine if the likes of George Christensen or Barnyard turned up for work in a jackie howe, a pair of stubbies and some dress pluggers. Dressing to impress but for different audiences.

      • Seems a big assumption that Campion is dressed according to the prevailing standard at whatever function that is.
        My workplace has a less formal standard of dress for men – shirt and slacks but tie and or jacket would be over dressed – and what Campion is wearing that would not be appropriate attire for a female. The way she’s dressed makes her look as incongruous as a turtle on a fence post among the sea of blokes in suits. The blokes are obviously at work, but she looks like she’s come inside after hosting a backyard barbie or something – makes you think she’s got something on her boss to get away with it or he’d tell her to cut it out.

        The blown up version on the front page of the Herald-Sun shows that the lanyards all say ‘Rabobank’ – a business-pollie conference sponsored by a bank doesn’t seem to be the correct place for her choice of attire.

  3. The Deputy Leader of the National Party went on record with her unqualified support of Mr Joyce today:

    “I’ll give you my solid, rolled-gold guarantee here that come tomorrow, come Friday, Barnaby Joyce will be leading the National party” she told reporters

    Yesterday, I thought he’d be gone by the weekend, having seen that I think he may not last the night.

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