DPRK fires new missile over Japan

Via the BBC:

North Korea has fired a missile eastwards from its capital, Pyongyang, towards Japan, media reports say.

Japan said that the missile likely passed over its territory and has warned residents to take shelter, local media report.

South Korea and the US are analysing the details of the launch, the South’s military said.



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  2. would be interesting what analysts would say about the this missile. IF it is ICBM it will be a game changer.

    • If you took the trajectory of the missiles and traced it south, you will find that the touchdown would be (almost perfectly) Taipei City, Taiwan.

      I think we are about the see the largest land transaction in the 21st century to date. The exchange of North Korea for Taiwan.

      • If China sells Kim why would he want to hit Taipei. I thought he would target Peking of other mainland city before he goes down.

  3. Glad I brought some gold, let’s face it, this idiot is never going to stop until physical force is applied and the head is cut off. Until then gold will continue to climb.

    And if push comes to shove there is a high chance China will block the US from trying anything creating more friction between the two countries. They may not physically fight but they will use all their trade and regulatory powers to high jack each other. End result is the same, gold goes up. Now that bit coin has crashed with Chinese intervention its back to good old faithful, gold.

    • interesting convo with my brother (I am an Au holder of physical too)

      if things rreeeeeeeeeeeally go to sh#t, what good is gold.
      are people reallllly going to value it if things are bad?
      Or will they value
      clean water and purifiers
      borax etc
      decontamination kits and hardware
      firearms (game hunting, protection)
      a means to produce clean food

      • Gold may be your ticket to the guns and ammo and food.

        You don’t have to look very far to find examples of war-torn shitholes where gold is still valued.

      • Fuel is an interesting one.
        Petrol goes off very quickly. Electronically fired vehicles are vulnerable to nukes.

        A real “prepper” would have a mechanical diesel vehicle and a big storage tank of diesel. Immune to EMPs and diesel lasts years.

      • Gold is good when you expect war since it is convertible in another country, but not global nuclear calamity.

    • “Glad I brought some gold, let’s face it, this idiot is never going to stop until physical force is applied and the head is cut off. Until then gold will continue to climb.”

      The issue is that physical force cannot be realistically applied. The US as with all things lately are playing the cards they have been dealt like Mike Matusow (blowing up), when a Daniel Negreanu approach is needed.

      What concerns North Korean “leadership” is a surprise attack on the back of these yearly exercises that would decapitate them before they could adequately respond. That is why they are upping the ante with rhetoric and missile tests. Unlike the silly hysteria over Zapad and Poland being invaded this is actually a real possibility for the North. They would take a cessation of these yearly exercises by the US and the South for a disbandment of their nuclear and ballistic missile program if it was enshrined in a treaty and backed by the UN Security Council. This is also something China and Russia would back. China doesn’t want THAAD right on its border, nor does it want a few million refugees streaming across the same border. They will intervene, it is a red line for them. The US however, wants everything on its terms – i.e. a complete capitulation to their demands. This is not realistic.

      Kim is not a crazy person. What North Korea is doing is perfectly rational if you are a dictatorship and you want to remain in power. They want bribes and concessions, because they know they have the US and the South by the balls. Instead of exerting all of their resources in man power and a large army, they refocused on missiles and artillery – comparatively cheaper and more effective as a deterrent. The South Koreans for their part need to wake up. US actions in THAAD and their bluster won’t endanger anyone in the US, but it could turn downtown Seoul into glass in about 30 minutes.

      Leave the North alone. This situation could dissolve on its own in time, or surely a real opportunity will present itself at some point where intervention of some kind is viable and can solve it. Now is not the time.

      • They saw what Clinton did to Gaddafi and Assad. Dictators who become weak get a knife in the guts. As you say, this is logical behaviour.

      • I think their situation is a bit different though, if Japan & South Korea say they hill now be developing nukes Xi will knife Kim quick time in an attempt to stop them. If I was Trump & I thought it would be better without Kim, that’s what I would do as the last thing China wants is nukes in their back yard, closely followed by Japan arming up. Sorting I think is now much more likely.

      • The birth of the Kim legend and the dynasty’s succesion lies in war with Japan and reunification of Korea according to the Kims’ whim (supported by Russia & China). This militarised modus operandi hasn’t changed in the 70years of NK’s existence, which is now on the cusp of fully realising its maximum might. This isn’t just about trying to attain dynastic security via MAD, and is rightly unacceptable to Japan & SK who would permanently be in the crosshairs and under the whim of Kim and his military cronies.

        If the world can’t prevent NK from being able to work nukes on ICBMs, how can they hope to deter the rogue state from doing whatever it wants once it has them? That’s why this is such an immediate issue for the region (and respective allies), who hold little to no hope that NK will or can naturally evolve into a peace-loving, globally responsible state.

  4. Just for the record…

    It’s bad that it flew “over Japan”. That sounds scary. But if it’s like the other flight, it was further from Japan when it was directly over it than when it was launched.
    The last one reached ~2800km above the earth. NK is ~1000km from Japan.
    Given that, and its’ ballistic nature, it posed zero real threat to Japan unless it broke up at exactly the wrong point during launch.
    As for why fly over Japan at at, the geography of the area kinda dictates that a missile of that type has to fly over another country. Japan is the furthest nonfriend and the safest option (since it will be so far away from it vertically).

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how long the missile survived in tack when it reentered the atmosphere especially given the shallower launch trajectory.
    Dare I suggest they’ve moved on to actually testing heat shields and reentry angles and thermal effects on missile communication/control systems, maybe they’re not there yet but they’re definitely moving in the right direction to acquire this knowledge.

  6. if anyone reads the Council of foreign relation papers on North.K and papers from brookings.edu it’s clear the end goal is re-unification of Korea. how that happens, who knows.

    • Since my previous comment got… suffice to say if most people have even half a clue to what has transpired over decades on the DMZ this currant display of fear mongering would be considered half ass.

      • I don’t claim to know anything useful..just sayin what i read. But I’d wana know more, what you’re alluding to

      • Firstly the split of Korea was due to the Allies [see US] turning their backs on China’s non communist fighters in WWII creating enviroment of the map redraw. US service personal have been dying for yonks up on the DMZ, sometime due to the NK or old landmines floating down the steep hills. SK and US forces hold large annual military exercises next to the DMZ, not to mention the old SR71 flights over NK.

        These are all provocations e.g. the whole thing is kettle – pot.

        disheveled… Tho I did like to occasionally play the intro to the Pink Floyd song that started with the hooter, exactly the same as the one used on base to signal an Alpha alert. That meant around 18hrs of non stop packing up for a retreat and then unpacking it again. The bastards usually did it around 1:00 AM, where I would play it just after 12:00 just for a moment.

  7. We’re booked for a cruise around Japan next month so I’m watching and waiting for any changes to the schedule.

  8. The gold fear trade even tho history denotes that it is not a great means of exchange in a collapse or depression.

    Disheveled… spent my time on the DMZ and this is a huge – YAWN – if people only understood half the shit that has happened up there for decades…. sigh…