Green, Left freaks at a party

So, regular commenter, 3d1k (A.K.A Mining PR Bot), has produced a spectacular riposte to yesterday’s “Sell them dirt!” video.

Of course, this surely has to be the final evidence that 3d1k is, in fact, a PR agent for the mining industry but never mind that, the following conversation between The Lorax and some bloke called Mr Holes is well worth a view.

I’ll let the misrepresentations of my position on mining and the carbon tax pass and can only wonder how 3d1k knew what I looked like.

For your viewing pleasure: “Green, Left freaks at a party”:

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  1. LOL.. you must have hit a nerve there with your “Sell them dirt!” video.
    All good fun.. (brings out the popcorn)

  2. Able to get it with subtitles so that I can view this at work?

    Anyway, just because someone disagree’s with your take on mining doesn’t make them a PR agent for mining companies. Nor does opposing stupid ALP policies make them a supporter of the Coalition (not that you said this but it is often implied). Opposing the mining and carbon dioxide taxes can be done on purely a ‘no more tax’ basis anyway. Australians already pay a massive amount of taxes directly to the government and indirectly due to silly government policies.

    Even ignoring the fact that they are both bad policies (miners already pay royalties for the use of publically owned resources and the less said about a tax on the air the better), you can oppose them.

    I’ll watch the video when I get a chance, might be funny. πŸ˜‰

  3. I thought this was a cracker – like Lorax’s avatar, I find myself more and more unwillingly drawn to 3d1k’s level headedness and common-sense reasoning. He is a Zen master of his profession.

  4. Ohhhhh………….Myyyyyyyyyy……….God!

    Risk on……….or Risk off……

    I did giggle Mr Holes

  5. darklydrawlMEMBER

    OMG!! hehehehehe. Awesome. That is very funny. Nice one 3d1k. Very well done – The avatars are well well chosen indeed.

    Very glad that “Mr Holes” has a keen sense of humour too. Keep it up guys. This site rocks.

  6. Yep, Risk on…Risk off. Absolute Comic genius.

    3d1k can move into stand up comedy after his/her services are no longer required by the mining industry πŸ˜‰

      • 1996? You were one of those upstart Gen X smarty pants types who actually understood the “information superhighway” weren’t ya?

          • Well at least you were thinking ahead!

            If the brains at News Ltd and Fairfax had properly grappled with the issue earlier they may not be in such a sad state.

            Media tycoon: “We have a big problem. Alternative media outlets are hurting our sales! How do we leverage the Internet to at least maintain our place in the market?”

            StrategicAdvisor: “Umm… er… we haven’t really come to any conclusions yet. This WWW stuff is moving too quickly for our little brains to cope with”

            Media tycoon: “You’re useless, we’ll do it my way then. Let’s save money by firing editorial staff! Give Gittins! free reign to publish whatever he wants.”

        • Slightly off topic. Reminds me of the story of Borders selling its online subsidiary to Amazon believing ‘online will never take-off’…

          • Sadly many businesses (including university libraries *cough*) still haven’t got their heads around the way their customers use the Internet. Consequently they haven’t adjusted their business strategies accordingly.

    • Thanks for that Torchwood – I’d never seen it before. Looks like Mr Holes, but something wrong with the voice. πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome. Seeing as H&H has a fairly distinctive real name I typed it into YouTube and there he was! Tried the same with myself and found out that a very well endowed B grade actress has my first name and surnames as her middle and last names.

        • ..and next you’re going to tell us you don’t own a chain of Hotels or a Blue Box
          Hey ,Whitney Hilton…The Laugh’s don’t stop…Cheers JR

    • LMAO OMG and I thought HnH was a Baby Boomer – good god how wrong can I be (checks for typo’s) and check out that quiff of hair!


      Nice work Torchwood1979.


      • By which you mean to be flattering, I assume! And no, I’m not a Baby Boomer, which I would have thought was obvious from my pursuit of the “campaign for national ignorance”.

        • HnH, how could you question when surely one know’s it is a compliment!

          Yes, I never quite reconciled the ‘age’ as your words have wisdom beyond your years clearly. (grovel)


          Thank you for a great year and dialogue in MB nice to have some year end fun.


          By the way my vint is 1971 so I guess I am part of this cohort seeking this new truth that MB provides.


          • grovel…you’re maken me sick little you’re thoughts
            Now,come along n brush your teeth it’s almost bed time..n,after all you did say you liked a laugh
            Well merry friend
            Cheers JR

  7. dumb_non_economist


    Have to say very funny.

    Though since 3d1k is the Director of this piece I have to ask; 3d1k, do you secretly have a crush on Lorax? You’re
    the creative genius, so to have Lorax “in love” begs the question!

    It’s okay to come out of the closet, MB has a broad mind.

    Lorax, I think 3d1k wants a cuddle!!

    3d1k, is that a lump of ore in your pocket?

    Very clever vid.

    HnH, your also a star in HK on a number of short films.

    • Lol. Well we do share a range of interests…that miracle commodity iron ore; activity in the resources sector; the environmental movement; survival of Australian manufacturing etc. You could say there is a ‘bond’ of sorts.

      • and you,3d..whats this emotions ,ha,next you’ll try and tell the guests you need to breathe..Like I said ,I should have kept an eye-out..I mean this kind of pretense could make a great-day go south for you…now for the humpteenth-time
        You’re only possible ‘bond’of sorts,is the, power-point you are plugged into via you’re retractable-lead…you’ve only got to look down..sheez..
        ..Man I hope you’re sorted tomorrow..Till
        Cheers JR

    • dumb_non_economist..Yep everything seems ok there ..anyway,Hey,Listen,apart from the fact that i see you’ve got a certain amount of sticky-buttons on your keyboard,alot,n sorry I should have kept an eye-on things earlier,or paid checking actions sounds about right..and i think again,you maybe read alot of Glenn’s broad statements,did i say alot Don’t worry bud,it comes with a name ‘Stickyglennbroadousis’ and passes with time,or you could shave you’re head for quick relief…anyway..that leads me lest and regrettably,and with-out going into the in’s and out’s of 3d’s power socket,and,I’m going to have to request you,put_it_back in you’re pants..sorry closet…that,is,not unless you foresee the numbers getting to big for the calculators and bots alike…in-being and therefore ,our Heads ,one day will/have too, adapt and grow to the shape of a Flying Saucer ,with legs, just to get our heads around the numbers…hey,pretty serious stuff,right there..other than,easy-up on the spreads Bro..n,I’m finished ,
      Call it a cuddle my friend..Merry-Xmas
      cheers JR

  8. I fear the absence of Lorax’s comments on this thread infers he may be “compiling” a video reply.

    This is getting out of hand – next we’ll have Rumplestatskin and Unconventional Economist in a boxing ring slogging it out – “supply!” “credit!” “supply!” “credit!”

    Not to give anyone any ideas…

  9. Got to agree,’re new personality chip inter-phased up-grade is worth it’s weight..inso,giving credit where credit is due,to you,3d..You’re dedicated multitasking computation capabilities are to be acknowledged ..and all most Human,to boot
    Well Done
    Keep up the great friend ,Best mining PR bot of the year….
    Cheers JR

  10. Two points Mine Bot:

    1. Yes, I am very good at hat-tips
    2. I do occasionally watch Fox Business, but only because they have the hottest chicks.

    Now, I really do have to do some more shopping…

      • As in Hilton? The worst case of nominative determinism I’ve ever seen. Call your daughter Paris Hilton, you’ve got to expect everyone to want to stay in her, haven’t you?

        • Right..Sorry to Alex, brief I can see a couple of promotional problems getting lost
          first up and i think I’ll have to put a no-drop reference to the ‘Hilton’ word..for a bit..insofar as 3d’s been getting some fine results,with the new up-grade and all..but throw in a bit of static build-up and..well,’Hilton’..just reads Hill-ton-age with digital flashes of computerized dump-trucks all dressed in yellow ,with Eiffel-Towers,trains and all,often leading to a systems-logic crash,which is when on occasions of late(see below)when,3d computes data by the double digital-effect of foreseeing in such,a Hill-top data read that can be recorded for all the way down,n longer as a Hole,the computations exceed..
          Residually in-leading to further over-loading to 3d’s primary,by in which generating the illusion of human feeling,or the effect known as Mal-modee Mm,an exposing inhibited convection of doubled-down-data over-stream,in making the Mining PR bot programs ,for which 3d loses prime motive…Ineffectually Random-Deposits..Don’t worry the Tech’s are organized..
          and second..I’d rather have discounts to ,Hilton on the Gold coast,than Royal Pines…it’s closer to the beach and Surfing’s better than Golf right
          to be Max-well n,Sorry about that…
          Enjoy the ‘Stay’..Cheers JR

    • ‘I do occasionally watch Fox Business, but only because they have the hottest chicks.’

      ahh. is that the inverse of when you read playboy for the articles…

      • it’s the build-up of residual static electrical charge ,from the drying carpet on your shinny outer casing ,that over-rides the newly fitted personality chip into flux’s of momentary displays of digital-feeling ,or illusions of being Human…Nothing a little fine-tune won’t
        Please be so kind as to wait putting yourself into stand-by mode…n,don’t forget to hit ,reset before you log off,so the technician has a reference point…for when he gets there..Speakin,I’ll get on the phone to him right-away…rest easy 3d..I got your back..or is that front ..anyway ,Help is on the way

  11. I love the quasi Richard Burton voice on Lorax.

    Yep, dig the holes, take 80% profits away and Australia benefits via about 180,000 workers from a pop of 22,000,000. Big boom and we have a house price crash starting its roll off the top, increasing homelessness, its all cool.

    • …I forgot the mining boom benefits ALL Australians not just the 1% of the population employed therein. Accounting for the ancilliary businesses having a win scalping (eg KFC in Karratha or a motel owner in Rocky or Gladstone) so lets go 5% enjoying the boom.

      The other 95% don’t see diddle.

      • When I used to fly in to Karratha late 80s and early 90s the jet stank of KFC as the resident bogans wanted a bulk order…errr thought of coating in seasoned flour, throwing in some spices on your own and deep frying? Rock Ape City.

  12. Raptor

    I think you’re carrying a little baggage. I often take quick trips to various sites. Next week have a Festive Season program. Perth airport is FIFO on speed. What’s the issue. Yeah, a range of personalities arrive and depart, greeted or farewelled by those that care. No problem. I honestly can tell you, I reckon it’s great.

    You have to take and do the best with what life sends your way.


    • what so now you’re a part-time ticket machine at the Perth Airport with a developed lip for drug observations..
      I’m telling you wright straight,3d ,I’m looking through you’re warranty paper’s as we the meantime can you run yourself diagnosis program and let me know if the part number on that new chip up grade is 999

  13. That is very funny 3D1K, I hereby announce you the winner the of the “Cate Blanchett stay out of my life” T-Shirt.