November 7 links: Downgrade day

  • US Xmas season looking solid. Calculated Risk
  • Week ahead for the Dow. Calculated Risk
  • Dow volatility at record highs. NYT
  • Earnings warning ratio rockets. WSJ
  • Greek economists debate exit. Greek economists for reform (h/t Naked Capitalism)
  • 2007 again. Tim Duy
  • O’Farrell: teach Asian language. SMH Nah, sell em dirt.
  • Coalition creates$13 billion Budget black hole. SMH, Philip Coorey
  • Access says surplus dream is over. SMH
  • APRA warns banks on cost cutting. SMH I’ll try to clarify this later.
  • Genworth to float. SMH Oh bloody dear, why float when your profits suck?
  • Earnings downgrades flowing. The Oz Market not so cheap
  • ANZ says 21% TOT shock coming down the pipe. The OZ
  • Commodity booms bust. David Uren Iron ore gets a mention!










David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Access says surplus dream is over. SMH
    That is not as a big a budget hole as the opposition have dug themselves into!!
    BTW, Deloitte Access is on a “free” discussion paper issuing spree. They released one on population ponzi skills shortages last week.
    Since there is no such thing as a free lunch, I wonder who is paying for all these “independent” reports? is it the Real estate industry or the usual Mining council?

    • Without knowing their exact motive it is more likely to be just a pure marketing exercise and/or a method of publicly rebutting a competitor’s work.

      I don’t know of any econ consultancies that would release a report as independent when it is in fact paid for by a vested interest.