October 24 links: Euro delay

  • Europe to announce Wed. MarketWatch
  • Banks need 108 billion euros. FT
  • EU report blows up austerity. Alphaville
  • Summit despair. Telegraph
  • Leaders blame Italy. FT They must cut debt and boost growth, as well as launch an all out war for world peace!
  • Measuring US pain. Gavyn Davies
  • US data this week. Calculated Risk
  • The end of cheap China goods. NYT
  • The commodity traders. Reuters Shadowy, bonus driven, unregulated. What could possibly go wrong!
  • FAO cautious on food price correction. FT
  • Housing stress. SMH
  • Big banks to bring home bacon. The Age
  • Union crisis! The Oz
  • Mining says no to local content. The Oz
  • Keating. Paul Kelly


  1. “The End of Cheap Chinese Goods”

    Why can’t everyone get this through their thick heads and start thinking about what it means for the future!

  2. The commodity traders. Reuters Shadowy, bonus driven, unregulated. What could possibly go wrong!

    It seems to me the Reuters article is a thinly disguised attempt to divert attention away from the prop-derievative-trading banksters and hedge funds and on to the real traders who actually take physical delivery of the stuff they trade in!

    Many amass speculative positions worth billions in raw goods, or hoard commodities in warehouses and super-tankers during periods of tight supply.

    uhhh..they actually own warehouses and super tankers with real raw goods inside them.. how evil is that!

    I wonder how many warehouses/super-tankers does JPMs and the Goldmans of world own.