Chart of the Day: Apple is iPhone

Today’s charts comes from SplatF (h/t to Kiera) and explains why the iPhone is so important to Apple’s (AAPL) bottom line:

And here’s Apple’s (AAPL) share price performance rising from the mid $80 per share range to just over $400 from March 2009 to now:

Weekly chart of AAPL - note pre-GFC high was surpassed in late 2009


  1. Will be interesting to see what affect the iphone 4 S has on revenue. IMO it should be a flop. But the brand appeal to customers can’t be underestimated.

    • I don’t see why it should be a flop?

      The iPhone4 was revolutionary in many ways, especially from a hardware point of view. Being an electrical engineer, and having designed elements of similar kinds of devices, I understand how much has gone into it. I’m baffled when people seem to think that it really only takes a year to go from iPhone 3GS to something like the iPhone4. Trust me they had guys developing iPhone4 pretty much as soon as they were done with the first iPhone.

      They’re still miles ahead of the competition anyway in my opinion, for having the total package.

      • What? Apple is obsolete foxcomm manufactured hardware. Competitors always have better specs and more features for a cheaper price.

        • Not sure if you’re deliberately baiting, but I’ll answer as if you were being serious.

          The problem with your post is the phrase: “better specs and more features”.

          This shows a complete lack of understanding of why people are buying these iDevices. Jobs knew that the user experience was what people cared about. The tech is only a means to achieve that experience. Apple don’t even market specific tech specs.

          They marketed iPhone 3GS as “2x faster”. Nobody knew for ages what processor was even in it. And Apple customers didn’t (and still don’t) care. They called their high dpi screen “retina” to let people know that the resolution would be higher than they could see. Thats it!