Chanos still short China property

Jim Chanos is still short everything associated with Chinese fixed asset investment, including all things commodities. He reckons the 2012 surprise is Chinese weakness. Gulp.

For the contrary case try CLSA’s Andy Rothman.

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    • …and she didn’t even laugh!

      “We’re short commodity companies that sell into China”. So basically, he’s short Australia.

  1. Talking of China he said, “Sometimes people don’t see the forest
    for th trees”. Hillarious, in the wake of Sino Forest.

  2. Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere or not, but inflation has been rampant in both China and India for the better part of the past 18-24 months.

    The Reserve Bank of India raised its benchmark lending rate for the 12th time in the past 18 months, in response to rising CPI there (Deloitte).

    The Chinese inflation problem is something that macrobusiness bloggers are very aware of as well.

    Given that the United States’ main export to the world has been inflation, I wonder how much of the inflation in China and India is attributable to their domestic economies overheating or due to the US printing money and driving up the prices of everything worldwide?