May 3 Links: Osama, Silver and the RBA

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  1. Well if you believe that osama’s death means that the troops are heading home then maybe it would be a fair call, without a new war you do have to wonder what all those troops are going to do when they get home. The US isn’t exactly an economy running at capacity.

    • I havent read anything yet about the impact on defense spending by the US DOD – surely a drawdown of the war would impact these companies and put a dampener on the Dow?

  2. I believe the stage has been set for reprisals. A statement was made a couple of months ago that if Osama is ‘taken out’ the West would suffer. Let’s see what transpires in the next few months.

    Maybe it’s just me, but watching Obama deliver his speech yesterday seemed robotic – lacked emotion.

    • You could tell it was written for him, unlike in the distant past when presidents had emotion, nerve and talent – no offense, but he is no Teddy Roosevelt.

      The “Teleprompter of the United States” or TOTUS instead of POTUS is an apt acronym. Yes, I am disappoint.

  3. I believe nearly all of Obama’s speeches are written by David Axelrod. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but it seemed like he knows something that he’s not comfortable with.

    If history is any guide, what pulled the world out of a depression was WW2. Let’s just hope we don’t go down that path ’cause the economic actions of the US government and the Federal Reserve of late don’t give me a great deal of confidence.

  4. Teachers to get higher pay: Cost $1.3 billion by 2018? And no-one dare criticize because “education” is the new religion. Surely there is a better way to spend this money.

    My opposition to this knows no bounds. Impossible to accurately measure, as any parent will tell you. Teachers are well remunerated (particularly those in the early and middle childhood years) for what they do. In addition, short hours and plentiful paid holidays serve to compensate for any ‘perceived’ stress.

    Most of us can probably cite one or two really excellent teachers throughout our entire education. University is different. That we emerge from primary and secondary education with any independent thinking ability at all is a wonder. (In fact, most don’t.) To link reward with the NAPLAN system is an injustice to the young students – many teachers now only teach to NAPLAN in those years, put a great deal of pressure on kids to “do well” – and not for the benefit of the kids, but the glory bestowed on a teacher that gets ‘good’ overall results. When I was entering university, the only ones that went into teaching (apart from a very small minority) were the one that could get into no other course because of poor grades. Their abilities do not magically improve. They teach via workbook “handouts” – anyone can do it!

    Voting buying and union appeasement, no doubt eventually to be extended to the entire teaching fraternity. The Teachers Union is a powerful beast and has conned the wider community.

    • And unfortunately like all religions, competition and reason will be put aside and squashed in the name of conformity, standardisation and consensus.

      You can call the “top” in education standards when a new national curriculum is standardised across all States.

      More and more I think I might retire and teach the soon to be Little Prince/Princess at home.

  5. Were there any charges laid against Bin Laden? And a trial, even in absentia? It’s looking like an out an out assassination to me which would make it illegal.