Weekend Links with DE

While H&H is away I get to play 🙂

  • Anything you can dig up is UP: oremetals
  • I was going to buy silver when it was $US15 Silverprice Doh !
  • Copper can’t stop forexyard
  • Moonlanding with the Aussie. Mostly Up: grains
  • US Congress play chicken CNN
  • Ivory Coast boils BBC
  • Japan won’t stop shaking BBC
  • Hiding the nuke issue NakedCap. If we can just contain it to fukashima.. Ooops…
  • Even more nuke trouble KyodoNews… It isn’t just the the reactors that are in trouble
  • The economy is stuffed too reuters
  • Europe still hasn’t figure out anything EuroIntelligence
  • It is greece all over again Bloomberg
  • and the banks can’t handle the truth Bloomberg
  • Go Corn !! Bloomberg
  • US housing still falling CalculatedRisk
  • They’re not alone Bloomberg
  • Rich old Glenn The OZ 
  • ANZ’s Mike Smith looking for a hike BusinessDay
  • Rio takes control of more coal SMH

and just because it is me.

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  1. Jessica is a lot better today…

    Is that an argument for the Reserve to keep interest rates on hold? Well, no. The Reserve knows its job in coming years will be to stand on the throats of households to make room for a massive mining investment boom. It is not the Reserve’s job to choose whether it would prefer a mining boom as strong as it increasingly seems to be. It can only respond with the one lever it has to ensure price stability.

    The Reserve will not be too troubled to learn that house prices have stagnated and the property market has cooled. That is exactly what it was hoping for. Economists have debated whether it is the job of central banks to ”lean against the wind” of steep asset price appreciation, such as in house prices. The former US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan is partly credited for creating the American house price bubble by keeping interest rates too low. That is not an accusation that can now be levelled at Australia’s Reserve Bank.

    At the end of the day, Australians are taking an almighty gamble that the China-inspired commodity boom will be strong and long enough to deliver rising average living standards, enough to overcome pockets of pain. All our chips are on red.


  2. In the dim, dark past I was schooled, ” When ‘the people’ start buying silver, ( always the cheapest of the ‘safe haven’ assets), the end is nigh’