April 29 Links: AUD rockets for Royals

  • Up: metals
  • Down: grains, $US
  • Mixed: energy
  • Up Again: Aussie new new  new new new record to 1.0947  Business Day
  • Portugal’s turn today Bloomberg
  • Analysis Bloomberg
  • US growth slows to 1.8% in Q1 Bloomberg
  • Weekly Initial Jobless claims increase CalculatedRisk
  • Tornado season in US worst in 4 decades, 259 dead Reuters
  • Syria still boiling CNN
  • Japan’s economy worse than thought The Age
  • Financial Planners $460 mil government hit BusinessDay
  • World Bank urges China to tighten monetary policy John Garnaut
  • IMF warns Oz on inflation SMH
  • and tells Oz to setup a SWF and not waste the ming boom TheOz , who has been reading ?
  • Business uninspired by Coalition climate plan TheAge
  • Suncorp threatens to pull flood cover CourierMail

And finally

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  1. Speculative rise of the Aussie $ through currency carry trade – questionable health of our second largest trading partner – middle east concerns and oil price manipulation – Aussie property teetering on the edge…

    …but don’t worry – there’s The Royal Wedding! That’ll keep the sheeple entertained for a while.

    • Max Keiser calls them financial terrorists whilst others refer to them as nothing more than share trade ‘front runners’, market manipulators and financial vampiric squids sucking the life-blood out of the real economy through their derivative shaped fangs.

    • >”the eventual future of any ETS lies in the hands of Goldman’s…”

      Malcolm Turnbull.

      Chairman GS(Aust) + FAI book fiddle = HIH biggest corporate collapse in Oz history.

      Former Chairman GS(Aust) = rising political star, Howard Govt Environment Minister.

      GS(Aust) Environment Minister = ETS advocacy.

      GS(Aust) Opposition Leader = bipartisan agreement on Rudd CPRS.

      $500M lawsuit FAI/HIH = named defendant former GS(Aust) Chairman / now Opposition Leader = OOPS!!

      GS “confidential settlement” on behalf of Opposition Leader = PHEWWWW!!

      Full story, msm links here – http://bit.ly/ip8FMu

        • LMAO – priceless!

          Here some I got the other day that we can add to the list.


          1. Open a new file in your computer.

          2. Name it “Julia Gillard”.

          3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.

          4. Empty the Recycle Bin.

          5. Your PC will ask you. “Do you really want to get rid of Julia Gillard?”

          6. Firmly Click “Yes.”

          7. Feel better?

          Tomorrow we’ll do Wayne Swan

    • Yes………and no. Trouble is getting it right – my absolute concern and, unfortunately my regress into “…bit late” as you say. I have genuine doubt that this is the government or administration that could successfully construct a viable SWF. Too influenced by interested parties. Most these people have not had a job in “the real world” and look to in the future to further feather the nest. Beholden to vested interests (and not just their own!). For the sake of the Australia, I think a SWF, even now, just maybe better than not. Sadly, just don’t think we can do it…if past performance is an indicator of future ability – we’re shot. Nonetheless, as a long time China skeptic, now a ‘China just might pull it off’, I can only hope that generational national interest surpasses short-term political gain. Am I confident – no.