April 19 links: Sovereign default

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Borrow today to buy something that tomorrow someone else wont be able to borrow against to buy from you? Surely, the last gasp…

  2. Now it is HIA’s and REIA’s turn at strategic capitulation:
    “Andrew Harvey from the Housing Industry Association says a spike in prices in the major markets last year was caused by the Federal Government’s stimulus package for first home buyers.”
    “And as for claims that a housing shortage exists in Australia, David Airey says the opposite is in fact the case and there is a significant oversupply of houses in the market.”
    Who are the last men/women left standing now?

    • Wow…that is some capitulation from the HIA – i’m pretty sure they were still crying “undersupply”, even up until last month…maybe even this month in one of their newsletters?!?!?!

    • He obviously had help.

      That article looks just looks like he read an article by UE and another by DE and glued them together.

      Looks like this site has a powerful readership.

      Maybe we should just ask BS to tell the spectators to go home and hand over the keys to the MB crowd.

      At least then I wouldn’t have to spit my coffee over my keyboard when Gotti does a 180 very very late in the game. 🙂