Links March 7: Double Dutch

  • Fog of war. BBC, FT
  • Mapping Arab unrest. Le Monde Diplo
  • Week ahead for the DOW. Calculated Risk
  • US considers tapping oil reserve. Zero Hedge
  • Saudi bans protests. Zero Hedge
  • Financialisation and instability. PragCap
  • Gittins! goes the full barf. SMH
  • Only three days late. Gillard’s Dutch Disease makes news. SMH
  • Covered bonds cap to go and small lenders to pool. SMH
  • Johnny Symond wants to keep exit fees. The Oz
  • RBA and oil. David Uren
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  1. “all you’re showing is your economic ignorance”

    Seriously, that guy needs to go against the wall when the revolution comes!

  2. Doug Noland fearing the creditworthiness of the US government sector:

    “I would argue that the government’s (Treasury and Federal Reserve) reflationary policymaking is fomenting systemic risks that actually ensure that the marketplace will lack the sufficient future appetite for private financial obligations – a prerequisite for a Credit creation “handoff.” Federal Reserve liquidity operations have been fundamental to the marketplace’s accommodation of escalating federal borrowing requirements. And each passing year of rising federal deficits ensures an even larger gulf between the total amount of system Credit creation required to sustain the boom and the limited capacity of the private-sector to begin carrying the load. Furthermore, the longer the government finance Bubble is prolonged, the greater the systemic dependency for this type of finance both from a financial and economic system perspective. Or, explained somewhat differently, the larger the government finance Bubble the smaller the potential private sector Credit impact.”

    “In the final analysis, when it comes to gauging the probability of “ultimate success,” I fear that our policymakers have pilfered our nation’s assets for the perpetuation of problematic – and in the end unsustainable – Bubble dynamics.”