Links March 16: Risk hydra

Monstered: metalsgrainsenergy, AussieOre eases. $US pop.

Trouble at all six reactors now. FT

Foreign nationals, companies, flee. FT

Reactor core cooling. All Things Nuclear (h/t Naked Capitalism)

Excellent Al Jazeera description (all those years of Curiosity Show paying off, though spelling is a problem):

Economic fallout. Alphaville

China to get hit. Alphaville

Ireland will threaten default. Naked Capitalism

PIIGS : GreeceIrelandPortugal widen. SpainItalyBelgium ease.

The laugh that is a Libyan no-fly zone. Bloomberg

Bahrain violence. Telegraph

My God. Someone reassesses nuclear. Leon Gettler

Japanese ore demand slumps. Reuters

Faber is a bit nutty. But this captures my view of the big picture:

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  1. Marc Faber is my favourite nutter and contrarian. Although he breaks one of my “Rules of Chris”: don’t trust a grown man with a ponytail. (or someone who drives a white Camry – they have no soul…..)

    • Faber makes me laugh out loud every time gets started on money printing…

      “The money printer will continue to print, that I’m sure”

      Do you agree with Faber’s “ultra bearish view” that “everything will collapse and we’ll have World War III”?

    • Lorax – I don’t necessarily agree completely, but as an avid student of history (my first major) I can see where Marc is coming from.

      I fall more in the Niall Ferguson area of impact of future events – i.e the collapse of America, but the rise of other powers – but I just don’t know to be honest. And neither does anyone else.

      I must admit I am an uber-bear when it comes to Australia – I have many doubts about the future of our country, even so far as to think about emigrating in the near future, which makes me UnAustralian I suppose.

      The “Chimerica” argument pre-supposes that the two greatest superpowers (if China can be called that….yet) who are each their source of prosperity would ever go to war with each other.

      One could argue that France and Germany “suffered” the same relationship before the WW1….

      I have many mp3’s of Faber – and he is a great source of fun to watch on Bloomberg/CNBC Asia (he and Bernie Lo are a fun pair at times!)