Employment pop

Following today’s ABS Labour Force data for February, find below a series of charts indicating the state by state breakdown of full time jobs since early 2007. Everywhere other than WA had a nice pop for the month. This is raw data, which is why the aggregate increases are higher than the national figure quoted in much of the media of 47,600 new full time positions.

Couple of observations. First, the parasitic eastern states are flourishing, especially Victoria.

That is only fair, I guess, given the heavy lifting they did during the GFC, which clearly only effected WA, SA and TAS to any degree.

Next time someone tells you mining saved us from the GFC, show them these charts. Though certainly, it has saved us since.

Overall, a good month for employment and some welcome respite from the procession of downside economic surprises.


    • Been saying this for years. The discrepancy comes from Centerlink and the constant churning of people from Dolely payments to a Disability Pension and other payments. Once they move the participation rates drops, and BINGO, you have a reduced unemployment rate, at a Govt statistical level.

      But the reality is and I think Morgan proves it, they are really unemployed people and they should be counted as such. More proof this month, 10,000 less jobs, and 500 people came off the unemployment list, But the participation rate also dropped, which kept the rate at 5.0%.

      Its a statistical miracle.!!!

      • The_Mainlander

        Pretty sure they change the way they ‘report’ work and number of hours and participation regularly and include people who work but are unpaid etc. as well… all sorts of ropey attributes and definitions for “Full Time”, “Part Time” etc.

  1. Can you explain the Victorian employment situation? What are they all doing? Building houses? Working for engineering firms that contract to the miners? Social services? They’re sure as hell not getting jobs in manufacturing or education!

    The Victorian numbers just don’t fit with the larger economic picture. Are there more detailed numbers available?

  2. Can’t I be optimistic for a moment, Lorax?

    On VIC, I suspect it’s construction mania. Half the state is working on the desal plant and then there’s the apartment boom.

    If that’s the case then it’s setting up for a nasty bust.

    I’ll try to look into it tomorrow. Gotta dig into the ABS datatcubes…

    • Can’t I be optimistic for a moment, Lorax?

      No, not if it doesn’t make sense, and you have to admit it doesn’t fit with the Dutch Disease economic narrative.

      The construction mania makes sense because we’ve seen the Victorian building approvals go ballistic, but if the numbers were to show (say) growing employment in manufacturing, or professional services unrelated to mining, then perhaps we owe Gittins! an apology.

  3. The Feb figures were good for full time jobs. Pointing that out is hardly violating the larger narrative.

    BHP is headquartered in Melbourne. Perhaps workers are bulging from its windows…

    As for Gittins! Never!

    • BHP are moving their head office to Perth aren’t they?

      I see their rather large building creep up a few metres each day

  4. “Parasitic” isn’t very kind. Although WA’s GST contributions are currently subsidising the eastern states, it hasn’t always been that way.