Links January 21: Ratcheting up

China’s loan cap. Caixin (h/t Naked Capitalism)
China’s illusory decoupling. Asia Times
China overheating. FT, Michael Sainsbury
Ore price drivers. FT
China can beat inflation. Gavyn Davies
Ore price record. Bloomberg
Ore volume record. The Oz
Indian exports the key to rally. Reuters
Chinese sabre rattling. Washington Times
More US homes. Calculated Risk
Financialisation of cows. GMM
Ramp mining tax to pay for flood recovery. Ian MacilWraith
Levy instead. The Age
Oh dear … Minerals Council decries vested interests. (The Oz)


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you for for creating this blog. It is the site about Australia that I have wished I could create myself, if I were Australian. Anyway, Australia and the Aussie bulls should enjoy the ride, however long it lasts. At the end of it is a net international investment position of -70% of GDP and growing, and perhaps many tears. Excellent work.