Weekend reading

Contagion slowing. Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece.
European polity turning nasty. Bloomberg
And the global systemic risks of Ireland. Naked Capitalism, Alphaville, Zero Hedge, Baseline Scenario
Iceland vs Ireland. Paul Krugman
Why equities are falling. Bloomberg
Someone else is breathing. DataDiary
No oversupply coming here. FT
No housing bubble, banks strong, no issues with deficits. Gittins is asleep.
The soft landing for housing. Michael Stutchbury
Bank barf. Matthew Stevens
Capesize down 10% in two days. Dry Ships
Speculation Q1 ore contracts to rise 7%. Different to this blogger’s guess. BusinessWeek

Weekend special: Financialisation of commodities (h/t Bear Feller for help)
ETFs are the new CDOs. TWN
Controlling speculation. IDEAS, IDN
Energy market manipulation. Zero Hedge
The copper shortage lie. Mineweb

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