Weekend Reading: Currency war, but not here

Currency crisis is now. Alphaville
And how. Michael Hudson
Roubini agrees. Nouriel Roubini
Now it’s bovine shrinkage. FT
Don’t worry, keep eating, little sheep. Barf. Ross Gittins
2008 redux complete. Banks smashed. All else up. Bloomberg
Bill Gross telegraphing MBS bailout. Zero Hedge
But baby steps on QE2. FT, Calculated Risk
Physical-backed metal ETFs. Be afraid of this. ETFdb
Quarterly ore contract down 10%. People’s Daily
Sinochem abandons Potash bid. Bloomberg
BHP to bid for Rio in 2013. Good luck. Bloomberg
As in any duopoly, one lazy effort deserves another. Irvine then Hewitt
Delusional from Mordor. Delusional Economics

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