One graph to rule them all

Say no more !! ( from the RBA )

Hat tip to traveller.

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  1. Leith van Onselen

    Wow. Great chart. Let's see the RBA try and explain this one.

    Which RBA document is it from? It would look even worse if log scaling wasn't used.

  2. it's been out for a good long while. we were using it on GHPC around the time of the endpoint — 2007!

    we had lots of other similar charts also — can still resurrect them if desired…

  3. I'm a bit lost on this one. I really did find it on my desktop at work so I have little idea where it came from. It would be reputable if I was looking at work. 😉

    Guesses would be Steve Keens blog as he did occasionally use other sources. Possibly it came through bubblepedia.

    I'm sorry. 🙁