Links Oct 19: Gold rush

ROK joins gold rush. FT
Gold over the long run. Econompic
Gold’s bull market. PragCap
When the gold bubble bursts. FT
Fed wants equities bubble. David Rosenberg
And from 2009, when Greenspan confessed the same. FT
But can only get it through emerging markets. Doug Noland
Who’s buying the US Treasury’s in the UK? (take a guess) Zero Hedge
ROK rocked by currency war. Joongangdaily
UK QEIII. Bloomberg
yuan will not rise. Reuters
G20 coming. Reuters
Australia gets QEII boobie prize. Peter Hartcher
“Show me the note”. ForeclosureGate crux. Zero Hedge
Frozen by fear of ForeclosureGate. Baseline Scenario
Steel squeeze. Global Times
Vale at full throttle. Steel Orbis
More parity porn. Peter Martin

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  1. David Llewellyn-Smith

    Well, Lorax, you seem to have inspired Peter Martin to even greater heights of FX folly…

  2. I abuse him daily on his blog. I've responded here already.

    Poor Pete, he's a bit of a lost cause, he likes to quote Adam Carr and Craig James. Enough said.

  3. I like to abuse everyone on an equal basis, always arguing the other side. I mean, where's the fun in agreeing with everything a blogger says?

    Now then, tell me when exactly this commodities cycle will turn? Adam Carr and the permabulls have been right for 18 months now. I buy your arguments. I buy Pettis' story, but the reality is, China keeps buying our dirt in ever larger quantities and for ever higher prices.

    Are you still going to be posting about the inevitable commodities downturn 10 years from now?