Links Oct 14: Ship’n steel

We’re rich. Econompic.
And here’s why. Econompic
Ore spits upward from cup and handle. Bloomberg
Rio at capacity. Reuters
Fortescue not. Steel Orbis
Port Headland powering. Steel Orbis
For how long? Reuters
US bank CDS foreclosed. ZeroHedge
More on ForeclosureGate divergence. Abnormal Returns
More ForeclosureGate than you can handle. Barry Ritholz
Emerging market bubble. NYT and Henry Thornton (from recently)
No bubble. Yes bubble. Yada, yada, yada. Jessica Irvine
BOQ enters the Twilight Zone. Adele Ferguson
PotashCorp. Give us more! SMH
Parity porn. SMH, Age, OZ, OZ, BS

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  1. I've been reading about the China steel glut, steelmaking overcapacity, iron ore stockpiling etc for two years now. But they keep buying our iron ore, prices keep heading skyward.

    P.S. what time do you get up? 5am?