Who would you short?

Given we received some good feedback to our previous question on hedging we thought we would move on with another one. Again we will leave it posted for a few weeks before collating the answers.

We are currently compiling a list of economists and economic commentators who we feel are making Australias and the worlds problems worse with their daily spruikings. Recently we have noticed a few comments around various sites about personalities people would like to be able to SHORT.

So let us know. If there was a way to short the advice of certain economists/economic commentators, who would be the top of your list?

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  1. Leith van Onselen

    That's easy. Craig James of Commsec.

    Actually, you could throw just about any real estate economist into the mix.

  2. Michael Pascoe. Ross Gittins runs a close second for ignorance, (but Ross loses points for good intent and lack of harshness). Pascoe tops my list for being brighter, sharper and being able to recount all the facts, yet draw completely the wrong conclusion. The combination of his claims of a housing shortage against statements of many empty units in today's Age article is a classic.

    There are quite a few good examples from vested interests (think Raimondo or any other REI(x) representatives), but such people can't reasonably be expected to provide a balanced picture, so many of the usual candidates don't make the cut.

    Someone needs to keep a record of the worst examples from each individual – think "undulating plateau"!