Phat Dragon examines Chinese house prices

The 70 city house price series improved very slightly in January, from already healthy levels at the end of 2012. The net proportion of cities seeing prices gains from the prior month rose from 65.7% in December to 71.4% in January. In terms of the breakdown, 57 cities are seeing rises (up by 1) and 3 fewer are seeing declines (7 from 10). The market troughed in the June quarter, and with the odd wobble, has been improving consistently since. The healing is evident in the finances of developers, relief among those industries providing inputs, measured sales growth, the bottoming out of new starts, the rising optimism in the flow of anecdotes and the rising chorus
of alarms among the offshore bubbliophiles (which is right at the top of Phat Dragon’s favourite neologisms list for 2013)…



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  1. 3d1k says:

    That’s what I think!

    • 3d1k says:

      ie Lean on excessive speculation but don’t kill it – and get on quick smart with the building of those 30+ million affordable homes – plus continue the much lauded and so important to growth drive to urbanisation.